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Live Feed Discussion-August 19

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 19

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  • #2
    Good morning BBU

    I'm not understanding Steve and JMac game play.....surround yourself with a voting block of three? SMH. Steve even coyly mentioned how many votes there will be next week and I don't think it rang any bells for JMac. IMO, Steve wanted to lead JMac into going after the twins and it just wasn't happening.

    I gotta say that this is becoming one of my favorite season just for the fun they are having....not necessarily game play. This group plays well together and it makes the feeds fun to watch. If you haven't seen BB Court check it out at about 10:00 P.M. BBT.


    • Luanne
      Luanne commented
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      Thanks, that was fun to watch.

    • ^Tamz^
      ^Tamz^ commented
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      Thank you Twirlly, I really enjoyed that.

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    Morning, geo, twirlly and all who follow,

    In a the strangest boot week in my memory, Becky and John continue to collaborate, and do not campaign at all. Becky is resigned to her fate, and banks all, on coming back in to go back at Vanessa.

    Jmac finally reveals his strategy, which is actually sound, if high risk, especially since he does not actually see the board that clearly, and thinks he has more allies than he does. His plan, get Vanessa out now. The returning Juror will either align with Meg/James to create two threesomes (he assumes Meg/James would work with Becky. Not being that bright, they are all in with Austwins at this point, and will work with austwins to send either Shelli or Becky right back out the door). If Shelli returns, he will have cut off any chance for her to fall back in with Vanessa, bringing her on board with him, and Steve, to create a new threesome to tackle the austwin threat, with Shelli being the number one target among the John. Steve, Shelli group as the better demonstrated competitor, and as a threat to James.

    His reasoning is sound, but does not account for the "miss" factor of Shelli escaping the block, making him second best to boot. Steve has worked his social game, such as it is, to maximum effect, and is now viewed as the 4th among Austwins, usurping James/Megs spots, 3 days after Austin had declared his undying loyalty to them in discussions with Liz. Steve's strategy, align with Vanessa, to create an organic group of three to oppose the Austins, with Vanessa target one of the group actually makes sense, and would allow James/Meg or even Liz, to be the fall back 2nd choice boot, depending on who is HoH would be my preferred strategy, especially since Jmac must know, he has very limited knowledge of how the house is configured.

    I really think Steve's social game was on point yesterday, and in a matchup against Vanessa, he could easily get the Austwins votes, giving him 3 votes. Along with Jmac and potentially Shelli, that puts him over the top for a win. But, there is a lot of time left and Steve will have to stab someone out before then, which for emotional players like Liz and Austin, could easily swing them away from him.

    Becky's plan, come back into the game, and exclusively target Vanessa, seems a very weak play, and if Vanessa follows her out, will make her the next Vanessa, should she return.

    No game to speak of today, other then to continue to paint a target on Vanessa going into the next HoH. Becky resigned to her fate. Maybe the first boot of the season with no drama in the house.
    Last edited by KeninVA; 08-19-2015, 10:17 AM.


    • BBhead
      BBhead commented
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      Morning Ken. Actually Jmac sees that Shellie coming back is worst case for him, because it would make him, Shellie, Steve a perceived 3, which increases his target. I still hope out of who potentially comes back, it's Shellie first, Becky second. At least either of those can win HOH's and keep him safe. I have zero desire to see Jackie again. The combo of her and Meg and their game play consisting of personal, catty, remarks is too much.

  • #4
    A small addendum: Likely winners:

    First the not very likely to win: Meg (seen as a ride along), James (his strategy is likely to make him a short game boot), Becky, Shelli, Jackie (returnee's have a huge hill to climb).

    Middle tier: Vanessa (has to get there, but there are paths for her), Julia (only if she is sitting next to Meg), Jmac (if he next to Steve, he will lose, against Vanessa, he might lose, against Julia or Liz, he has a shot).

    Top Tier; Steve, Liz, Austin. Depending on who they are up against, these three have the highest chance, right now, to actually arrive at a F2 chair, and to actually defeat any of the other likely second seats. Austin is the lowest of this group, Steve the highest. If Liz is up against Austin, girl power, and Vanessa sense of betrayal might very well give Liz the win. Against Julia, I think there will be no question Liz wins. Against Vanessa, I think only Steve beats her, and it is even money. Against Jmac, all three are likely to defeat him in a vote.

    I would like to add that the middle tier, and top tier, are not that far apart, so at the mid game, for the first time in ages, 6 players could easily end up the winner, and throw in Meg, and of 8 potential players, 7 of them are potential F2's (Meg could easily get a final 2 chair with Jmac or Steve). It is very much a wide open game.
    Last edited by KeninVA; 08-19-2015, 10:03 AM. Reason: ETA: Austin is in the top tier, not Julia


    • Twirlly
      Twirlly commented
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      Oh my gosh! Ken and I agreed on something....... Steve being the only one with a chance of beating Vanessa at F2.

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    Morning everyone....

    So the HGs were told that indoor lock-in was starting at 5:30 am BBT today. They kicked them out of the backyard at 5:10 am to start preparing. That is a LONG lock-in. If it's not endurance, it's a really big set-up of some kind of comp.

    It almost has to be endurance, doesn't it, with that long of a lock-in? Even when they are going to give them a skill to practice later, they don't lock them in that long.

    It makes me wonder if it perhaps is endurance and they're going to let the jurors battle to come back in tonight with only 3 jurors instead of 4. The only reason I think it's a possibility is because they need to have another DE on Sept 3, and they usually give the returning HG at least two weeks back in the house before they throw a DE in (just to be fair and to make the DE more suspenseful, I guess).

    The only reason that I think they aren't bringing a juror back tomorrow is because I feel like Julie would have told us on Thursday's show so people would tune in. So maybe it's just a regular endurance this week, and then next week they'll have a skill comp for the only the 4 jurors (like they did with Jocasta/Nicole/Hayden/Zach last year) to see who gets back in.

    I wonder, if it's endurance, what it is? The chicken wire/egg comp doesn't require this long of a set-up. In years past, they have waited until late afternoon to lock down for that one.

    We'll see. Go JMac!


    • #6
      Go endurance!

      Go James!

      James needs some of these Olympic-class floaters to float back to him and give him some of intel on Austin's alliances.


      • #7
        The triplets should survive another week intact. If Vanessa wins HOH, she goes after John 1st, James 2nd. If those guys win, they go for Vanessa. If Steve mistakenly wins, he goes for James. If Meg wins by default, she goes for Vanessa. If Julia or Austin win they go for Vanessa or James. I think an Austwin only leaves in a messed up Veto.

        And if Vanessa does leave, she and Shelli will have a week to discuss their wisdom in keeping Austin and allowing Julia into the game so THEY would have the 'numbers'. In a few weeks they may well pick which one to give the 1/2 mil to. I understand in the short term game it made sense, but wonder if a master like Dan or Derrick would have made this long-term mistake to leave a trio in that they didn't control?

        This is a unique season of unconventional moves with players who have fun with each other all while making cut-throat moves. No heroes or villains, no brilliant Dan funeral moves, no genius undercover agent like Derrick, no Chima explosion, and no Brittney wit. We just don't know what will happen next and much head scratching after each decision. Audrey's cocoon of passive-aggression, Jackie evicted during DE, Clay begging to be voted out had us all asking, Say what?

        Tomorrow night will be another hour on Mr. Toads Wild Ride.


        • belle1
          belle1 commented
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          Love Love the swap out !

          I thought JMac told Steve he would put up Vanessa directly with one of the Austwins or Steve as a pawn. He saw the chances of Vanessa playing in Veto great because of the numbers so why not. Also if he put up one of the Goblins, the Austwins could decide that keeping Vanessa for numbers was better for their game and vote out the Goblin. Of course Steve did not like this plan.

        • Ladycop
          Ladycop commented
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          I am a bit confused....aren't the juror now kept apart until after they have a chance to reenter? I know in previous seasons they were each kept in a different location so that they could not swap stories and bond.

        • KeninVA
          KeninVA commented
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          Ladycop, before the return or jurors, they did keep them in sequester. After Canada introduced the return of a juror, the U.S. started. They are in jury, so are not separated, and can share stories, and experiences within the game, as well as campaign to get votes, should they get back in and make it to a final 2 seat. Canada had a returnee get to the end. We have not seen that. I personally, don't like the return player twist, as it really changes the dynamic of the game, especially if you have a skilled manipulator, who has zero blood, until the departed start to figure out what happened. With returning jurors, Boogie and Will would have been gone at F7/F6 in season 7.

      • #8
        Good morning all--- I have excepted that Vanessa is the one being booted this next week or the next at the latest. I wish there were some way she could work it to stay, but everyone is against her. I do not think she has a chance to win the buy back against Shelli, Jackie and Becky.

        With Vanessa going out, I hope James manages to stay in the game. I want the two sides, James/Meg and Steve/Johnny to find out that the threesome have two final 5 deals which protects them to the end. None of the players are great players so I do not see that happening, but a girl can dream. The four of them against the three is what I would love to see.


        • cutencuddly
          cutencuddly commented
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          I'm not ready to give up on Vanessa.

          She can see how comfortable the triplets are. Hopefully she'll turn on them and persuade the other side to unite against them. For as much as 'everybody' says that they're 'on to' Vanessa, they are also persuadable by her perspectives on the house.

        • ManaDee
          ManaDee commented
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          She still has the slight chance of being able to VETO win her way through another couple of weeks, giving her time to re-position herself. Of course, if the house doesn't shift target to Austwins/returning player by then that doesn't work, but if that is how it's going to go they'll all be preceding them out the door anyway.

      • #9
        The year Judd came back was an endurance comp for not only a juror return but HoH. With lockdown this early, I wouldn't be surprised if that is what we may be looking at. In fact, I'm hopeful it is. Jackie, Becky and Shelli in an endurance should be GOOD.


        • OutOfTheDarkness
          OutOfTheDarkness commented
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          If it's a combo comp with the returning HGs AND endurance .... Depending on the endurance comp.. James, JMac and the three returning have the best chance to win the HOH. Austin, Julia, Steve & Vanessa suck at endurance comps.

        • herms is here
          herms is here commented
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          Yes it would. But wouldn't Julie have told us? I believe that it will be next week.

      • #10
        I don't think that they are going to bring a juror back tomorrow. I think that they will wait until next Thursday when they have 4 jurors who can compete to come back into the house. That would be my guess anyway. I think in past years they have had at least four people with the chance to return to the game. And after tomorrow's eviction they will only have three jurors with the possibility to return.

        The year with Jocasta (was that last year or the year before?) the 4 evicted HG with the chance to return had to compete against each other in a competition before the HOH competition for the chance to come back into the house. However, they have also let the 4 evicted HG compete in an endurance comp and the last one standing, among the 4 evicted HG, was the one who won the chance to go back into the house. And they were then competing to be the next HOH.

        Regardless, I don't expect a returning HG tomorrow night ... I would expect it next week. So the possibilities will be Shelli, Jackie, Becky (or Johnny Mac), and then next week's evicted HG.

        However, depending on who wins HOH on Thursday, someone in that house needs to think about getting rid of Liz (or at least Julia). The Julia/Liz/Austin trio are now 1/3 of the house and their power voting block is only going to get stronger the longer they stay in the house. Using them for numbers is ludicrous right now. They hold too much power over who stays and who goes at this point. The other HG need to break that up very quickly. And their best bet is to try to evict Liz as she is the glue that is holding that trio together.


        • #11
          Mmmnnn, Oh Great TPTB, if it another endurance comp, is it designed to help John or James? Please speak to us, so we don't get our hopes up (once again). Please destroy the behemoth that is Austwin. Even the odds in the house.

          I have lit the incense before my home temple to the great Lord OTEV. Please bless us with joy this Thursday since we had to suffer last week with the DE. We have earned some happiness this week.

          And, if you can thoroughly zing Austin this week, we'd be so pleased too.


          • amj0715
            amj0715 commented
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            The best case scenario would be then for James to win HOH this week. Then if there is an endurance competition NEXT week then James will be ineligible to compete in it. We didn't see Vanessa in the endurance competition so we don't know how well she would do, but I would say it would be between Johnny Mac (if he survives this week and next week), the returning HG and Vanessa to win the endurance competition.

            Of course, we are all just speculating that next week will be a true endurance competition. I miss the endurance comps that went all night long like the pressure cooker competition in BB6. I would prefer something like that over who can hold onto a leaning wall the longest.

          • KeninVA
            KeninVA commented
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            Given Heath's (the games producer) comments on twitter, I don't think that is a possibility. He has been throwing a little shade at TPTB, and with his contract up this year, has made it known he is going back on the market.

        • #12
          Yesterday we heard JMac's game plan. As KevinVa wrote a high risk plan. He is low man in any available grouping and does not see Steve as the sneak/manipulator that he is. I do wonder if Steve is indeed his ride or die guy. He is hoping that either Becky or Jackie return. Is so, then does he see that either one would be the counter to Steve.

          Glad that he recognizes that the Austwins could have the same F5 that they have with him and Steve. He wants the HOH win to get out Vanessa but also thinks the Goblins will add to his information base.

          He has a tell. When giving an agreement to something someone else says, if he truly agrees his yes is strong, if he does not agree his yes is weak.


          • cutencuddly
            cutencuddly commented
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            I wasn't aware (or didn't remember) if JMac was thinking about Austwins having a deal with Meg and James.

            Hopefully this info keeps percolating and he can do something with it. And hopefully Steve doesn't cut JMac's throat to stop JMac from acting on this info.

          • belle1
            belle1 commented
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            He talked about it with Steve yesterday.

        • #13
          We're getting revved up here more than the actual inmates and WE don't have a shot at the half mil! Love all our chatter trying to handicap the play, the players, and the playground (ie the coming game). Love the way everyone's minds work.

          Now we need to set up a pool for the regular Vanessa freak-out tomorrow. My money is for 4hrs before showtime. Let the games begin.


          • belle1
            belle1 commented
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            I will go with 3 hours prior and immediately after HOH comp if JMac or James win.

          • Shan
            Shan commented
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            I'm in in this at 2.5 hours before showtime!

          • RUSSELL
            RUSSELL commented
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            I bet a dollar to a dog turd that it will be 5 1/2 hours prior to.....

        • #14
          Hi everyone

          Just popping in with a quick reminder for my Fantasy Game players..

          Don't forget to get your answers in for our next Round! You have until tomorrow's LIVE show begins to get them in!

          You can do so HERE


          • #15
            I think my favorite part of this season, is that they all really like each other and spend a lot of time saying that they can't put so-and-so on the block someone else has to. It's a fun season to watch without a lot of "gack" involved, (I'm looking at you Austin & Liz and your under the covers activities).


            • Shan
              Shan commented
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              LOLOLOLOL ew.

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