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Live Feed Discussion-August 23

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 23

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    Morning all. We have a veto winner. Now the question is whether she is going to twist things around and make chaos this week.


    • #3
      Good morning to all. I hope Vanessa doesn't use the Veto and they vote Steve out. I have a feeling whoever gets voted out will be the one coming back into the game.


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        Good Morning Geo, Pumpkin & All who follow....

        Vanessa wins POV & immediately turns Meg's crying over being bad at comps (and Zingbot's zing pointing that out) into one of her paranoid theories ending up with the conclusion that the Rock Stars and Goblins have teamed up. I'm not shocked at Vanessa, but for Austin & the twins to even buy into that is ridiculous. More than ever I want the trio ousted from the house b/c of their idiocy & this is a prime example. Austwins know Steve was pissed they wouldn't consider putting up the Goblins, Steve attacked the Goblins in DE & both Rock Stars pointed to the need to take out James. I mean COME ON USE YOUR HEADS!

        Regardless, Austin will talk to James today or "grill him" as he says & afterward will return to believing Vanessa is just a mastermind manipulator. James is likely to tell him the only time we talked to JMac was following DE when we said Vanessa had to be targeted & Meg/I were all in with you 5. Our target was Vanessa, JMac & Steve and nothing changes. That will appease Austin & the twins BUT this questioning could actually work against Austin as it will pinpoint to James/Meg even more so how flip-floppy the trio are & whether they can truly trust them.

        I called the power struggle between Steve & Vanessa & now the perfect setting is in place for some fireworks this week. Vanessa appears to have shifted her focus on Steve & while she is still pushing for a JMac oust Steve needs to be careful as she could just as easily go to the Goblins and change up the vote to take out Steve instead. Regardless, Steve may actually have moved ahead of James in boot order especially if Vanessa wants to have the Goblins (or more accurately James) be co-conspirators to break up the trio.

        We've only heard Vanessa's verbatim zing: "you've been playing a masterful game, a masterful crying game".
        Meg's zing was tied to how poorly she's been doing in comps
        James zing had something to do with Meg putting him in the friend zone
        Steve's zing had to do with his Mom
        Austin's zing had something to do with him smelling
        Liz's zing was something about Austin's girlfriend (his ex I assume)

        Moving Forward:
        The Austwins are tiring as they have no true game sense & the fact they flip-flop so much while enjoyable for drama is now becoming monotonous as they may as well be handing Vanessa the money. Austin has vowed if James is off on anything today they'll take him out so I hope he's on point today & that the DR work him to not go in that direction as it would literally suck if the only 2 players who get ousted this season by true blind sides end up being Jason & James. I'll be pissed!

        Vanessa stated she wasn't using the POV right after the comp, so surely she at least will recognize splitting the Rock Stars is more important than splitting the Goblins just based on their comp ability. Plus she'll recognize Steve will be gunning for her over the Goblins which should make her logically see one of Steve/JMac need to leave this week.

        The Twins are panicking it will come out about them trashing Vanessa and worry Steve will out them if veto isn't used, but then reason they could say it was Vanessa choice not to use it to deflect.

        Until we hear more about the zings it's hard to see what if any fall out there will be. Likely Vanessa's zing was to continue the house focus for her to be the target, but now that she's won POV that won't be the case.

        Possible Actions:
        Vanessa has vowed to talk to Rock Stars/Goblins to get to the bottom of where their heads are. (so far both Rock Stars told her she was not the back door plan it was James) Stupidly the Austwins told Vanessa not to believe anything the others say which points out for Vanessa they were complicit in something fishy (plan to take her out). If I had to guess I doubt the Goblins will share any info which will only serve to show the trio how loyal they are to them. Steve may try to reconnect with Vanessa & either push her in the direction of James or sell out the trio. If Steve is completely forthright & tells Vanessa of the F5 deals the trio made & that they were the ones focusing everyone on Vanessa there is also a possibility Vanessa will use that to realign the house, but not likely until the next HOH when she knows who is in power.

        If the Goblins sense the trio's shift & change back to Vanessa as their 4th I wonder if this will serve to push them away. Depending on how Austin approaches James it could be what everyone externally is hoping for which is someone FINALLY looking to target the trio.

        Vanessa plans to "be fake" with Steve so we will have to see if the DR pushes her toward ousting him in an effort to keep the higher ranked popular players in the house (Goblins/JMac). It's not unreasonable to assume this given the DR already did this earlier today with Austin to plant some seeds of doubt. He was told or it was hinted at someone is deceiving them (logically, that points to Steve IMO, but there are too stupid to see it).

        So, today should be a bit more exciting on the feeds and we'll possibly get some blow-ups after POV ceremony if JMac decides to tell Vanessa what's up or Steve & her have a fight.

        I've been on the Vanessa vs. Steve situation since he won DE HOH & then Vanessa went on block in next cycle with Steve turning away. Repeatedly I've pointed out things were headed towards this power struggle and IMO that is what will more likely keep noms the same. I think even if Austin starts to shift towards James that Vanessa will focus them on breaking up the Rock Stars. She has seen the other side of Steve & is mad. Steve became too confident & didn't handle the pawn situation well (prior to noms) & made a crucial error telling Vanessa pre-noms he would vote to keep her "if she hadn't lied to him". It seems implausible with all the angst between the 2 currently that she could be swayed off Steve/JMac who'll both target her to take out James so I do feel 95% certain the veto won't be used.

        HOWEVER: Vanessa has caught her second wind in the game & I'm anxious to see how she uses it this week to make the trio the target instead of herself. (KEN: I bet you are a happy man today!.... I was going to say camper, but given the recent analogy in the house I chose to say man instead tee hee). I still think with the right amount of DR pressure & if Steve makes any slips ups (or JMac/Goblins give Vanessa any important intel) we could see her shift the target to Steve instead of JMac. One would think whoever stays is going to have to see the 4-some needs to be targeted & one of Liz/Austin need to go next.

        For those not on the boards last night go check out podcasts by Nick Uhas/Kevin Campbell (Audrey/Jason) specifically are really good. Jason told why he hates Austin & revealed a SHOCKER: Austin spent the first week (no feeds week) hitting on Jason! Then he hit on Jackie ... so Liz was his 3rd showmance target! (& I viewed a YouTube video between Jace/Austin where Jace called Liz super hot & Austin says he "doesn't think she's hot, besides he's in love & has a girlfriend!" GROSS... Plus the smelly Austin poster can be credited to Jason who said Austin REEKS & he was complaining in DR about it. LOL

        Vanessa has had a great rebound week not only winning POV to save herself but also reclaiming power from the idiot trio who if karma works correctly should be targeted next. Saturday Austin was claiming how he & Liz control the house & basically implied nothing could be done to stop them.. that's BB suicide! PREDICTION: it might not happen pre noms or post noms but I bet next week all of the trio's plans will be outed & all the back stabbing of Vanessa comes out. Austin (stupidly) already told Vanessa they saw her as a shield so when 1 of Goblins/Rock Stars (or all of them) spill their guts it will only serve to give credence to it's authenticity.

        I'm actually glad Vanessa is safe at least she's playing (and happy for Ken), but I really, really want the idiots targeted & split up next (ideally Liz). If that occurs at least we'll get another round of game playing instead of this current nonsense. I'm hoping Vanessa will shift to taking out Steve so it wakes up JMac & drives him to work with the Goblins & I'm hoping Jackie returns (at worst Becky) b/c as much as Shelli said she'd go after Vanessa I don't believe she won't just fall back in with the SS.


        • Spooka
          Spooka commented
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          Who are the Rock Stars? There are so many groups ive lost track...

        • TTOTambz2
          TTOTambz2 commented
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          Rock Stars are Steve & JMac

      • #5
        Morning geo, pumpkinpie, TTO, and everyone...
        Wow, what a late night for them and I missed it. And it was Zingbot AND Morph? Cool. So Vanessa wins, assuring that The Curse of Nonobadfish's Favorite Never Lasting Past F8 will claim its latest victim. Poor JMac. But hey, if you want to stay and play, you gotta win, right?

        I haven't seen any feeds but reading about Vanessa's post-veto discussions already makes my head spin. So Meg cries, and Vanessa (after much ruminating over and over and over) has now decided that SHE KNOWS FOR A FACT the tears mean that James/Meg/JMac/Steve are all working together against Vanessa and the Austwins. And she has convinced the Austwins that she's right. And now the Austwins are wondering how they didn't see it before, but are patting themselves on the back for now knowing about this vast conspiracy where the rest of the house is against them. Sheesh

        Actually, it's fun that Vanessa has a brand new conspiracy because it may stir the remainder of James/Meg/JMac/Steve into finally making the Austwins a target. We know that they weren't working together, but maybe after enough Vanessa meddling, they will become a united front to get out Austin/Liz/Julia next week.

        I hope this is dangerous for Austwins since they are the actual HGs who were working with each group. They've now told Vanessa that the others were against her. And they've tried to lay the ground work for Vanessa not to believe what James/Meg/JMac/Steve say about the Austwins. But if James or Meg or Steve or JMac decides to tell Vanessa everything that Austwins have said against Vanessa, will Vanessa believe them? I think there could be some drama ahead soon, even though I'm pretty sure it's too late to save my JMac, especially since he's fallen victim to the above nono curse. Sigh.

        I no longer want Vanessa out. I fully and completely want Austin or Liz out with Julia as a third option (but I want Austin or Liz first). There are two reasons for this:

        1. The twins have brought down the BB Game IQ to its lowest point ever AND they are simply obnoxious.
        2. Austin/Liz back to back HoHs have ruined live feed watching for me for two solid weeks. I am sure they are both nice people, and I am not a prude. But their sexual antics are simply gross. I can't risk either of them winning HoH again, so they have got to go.

        I'm out for the day....hope when I return Vanessa will have stirred up more fun.

        The second Double eviction is usually the week of Sept 3 (that's not this Thursday, but next). Here's hoping they keep that schedule this year, and Austin and Liz are the two sent to the jury house together that same night (where the cameras can't see them.)
        Last edited by nonobadfish; 08-23-2015, 09:37 AM.


        • TTOTambz2
          TTOTambz2 commented
          Editing a comment
          I'm 100% with you NoNo.....

          As for JMac leaving I'm not sure it's a given. Vanessa is really mad at Steve and has been for some time, so the DR could shift this.

          If the idiots convince Vanessa to target James he & Meg will blow up the Austwins & Steve/JMac will confirm THE TRIO are the ones who pushed all 4 of them to target her. I can't believe how idiotic the trio is & the fact they don't see it was all their actions that put the spotlight on Vanessa is incredible. I just hope she can stay focused long enough to recognize Austin & the twins are the ones that can't be trusted.

          The Goblins recognized the Vaustwins met for a long time & that Liz looked angry when she finally left the HOH. James surmises that Vanessa made a deal to remove Steve & back door him (incorrect) & also that Vanessa seeing Meg cry led to her figuring out she was the back door so Austin squealed (not completely correct but close enough).

          James further said they want to keep Vanessa as a meat shield to take out them & the Rock Stars (correct...UNTIL one of them wins HOH).

          Today should be interesting as Vanessa & Austin both plan to try to trick the 4 into outing "their NON EXISTENT Alliance".

          I really don't think the noms will change as even if one or all of the 4 turn on the trio Vanessa will still see not playing the veto is better since Steve/JMac are overall better competitors. What I would like is for Steve to be the one sent home which could still happen. The other factor is James is someone who has always been straight up with Vanessa (remember her calling him out on the Clay lie & he told her straight up & went right to JMac) if Vanessa does that today he'll do the same thing & she'll know he's being honest. Though I think he'll protect the trio I kind of hope he doesn't & tells her go ask your boy Austin whose plan it was to BD you b/c all we (Goblins) said is we'd do what he wanted!

          More than anything I can't wait until Vanessa finds out everything the Austwins have been saying about her b/c at some point when the Goblins/Rock Stars figure out how shady the trio is they will finally tell Vanessa the entire plot to take her out stemmed from Liztin.
          PREDICTION; 1 will rat and my money is on Steve (but it might be James ... post noms) and when Vanessa confronts Julia she'll see the opportunity to break apart Liztin & blame Austin for everything. Let's face it the twins are potentially the worst strategist ever & the biggest flip floppers in the house: I love-uh Steve-uh , I hate-uh Steve-uh etc.

          NoNo... I hope we break the curse & Steve leaves AND I hope this finally makes JMac realize he can't work with the trio. I'd love for James to be able to make Vanessa see how shady the trio are and that Steve needs to go. Can we PLEASE get Jackie (or at worst Becky) back so we can break up that trio via either a James/or the returnee winning next HOH

          If we can get 1 of James/returnee/Meg the power I think that's when Van will finally break down how powerful the trio is if not broken up in order to save herself. If nothing gets outed prior to that point I also think it's when the Goblins will finally out to Vanessa all the things the trio has said about her.
          Last edited by TTOTambz2; 08-23-2015, 10:13 AM.

      • #6
        One more thing before I go...
        Vanessa surely, as smart as she is, knows that her chances to win are vastly lower if she sticks with Austwins to F4, right? Austin wouldn't take her over Liz, and I don't think he'd take her over Julia (family allegiance). Liz wouldn't take her over Julia or Austin. Julia wouldn't take her over Liz, so Vanessa would have to win herself there.

        Vanessa's not good enough at comps to win herself into F2. I guess there's a possibility, but it's slim. So surely she has a different plan that I don't know about, right? It makes no sense to be Vanessa and stick with Austwins to F4. (I'm not trying to look out for Vanessa here, in case y'all didn't notice. I'm trying to keep the Austwins from winning, and I'm afraid that if Vanessa is F4 with them, the Austwins win).

        Starting a new campaign for No More Austwins On My Feeds


        • kokomogirl
          kokomogirl commented
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          I'll join your campaign! I'm all for getting out Liz, then Austin. Julia can go too. I've wanted Austin out every week but not one of those house guests has listened to me. I'm shocked that they haven't because I've given them good, solid advice. I'm hoping Vanessa stays true to her word about not using the veto ('cause she doesn't lie and is a straight shooter and all that, youuuuu knowwwwwuh). Sorry JMac may not be safe but, hopefully, they realize that Steve is the sneaky, unstable one who will do the most damage to the trio and then he will be going to jury. We may get some drama this week as Austin and Vanessa both try to interrogate James, Meg, Steve, and JMac. And I don't want to see any more of the HOH pictures of Austin and Liz. I'm sure they are going to ramp things up this week in anticipation of not having their own room to share intimate body fluids.
          Last edited by kokomogirl; 08-23-2015, 11:36 AM.

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        Oh the Vanessa conspiracy theories are in full force. Now Vanessa and the Austwins are on a witch hunt. Hope Vanessa uncovers that the Austwins are the witches.


        • #8
          Morning, y'all. As I went to sleep last night I really thought Vanessa would win, mainly because she knows only wins will keep her safe and at this point in the game, Veto wins are most important. I doubt she'll use it since she knows John is after her and Steve broke her trust (meaning he thought for himself).

          Loved reading the conversation between Liz and Julia thinking they controlled the votes. Guess they're assuming Vanessa will vote the way THEY say? Hee hee, don't they get it, they're HER puppets (at least in Vanessas eyes). Also roared with laughter that Liz said Zingbot was rude. Ah, you twit, if you'd ever seen the show, you'd know that's his job.

          Things can change, as we know, but I see Steve being voted out. I would love Jackie to return, but I think it'll be either Steve or, depending on challenge, Becky coming back. Becky would go to James and Meg, while Steve could only default to John. The triplets would use him to finally go after Vanessa, which at this point everyone will be in agreement to do.

          The HOH or Veto will be absolutely essential for Vanessa this week. But if she wins HOH, I don't see her breaking up Austwins since their unit is her only protection. The returned HG could be an easy target, but James or Thursday's vote survivor will be OK too. The only game for a non-Austwin HOH is who to put up next to her, probably wobbly Meg, and make sure Vanessa doesn't win Veto. No surprise back doors any more. Liz and Julia become stickier since Vanessa has muddied the water with her bribes. Although they would be OK with someone else taking her out, I doubt they want to be the ones to do it.

          My twisted sick fantasy is that Vanessa goes out next week not only by unanimous vote, but at the hand of a twin. I cannot stand the twins and I believe bringing Julia in was the fatal flaw of Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa' s games. I would love for Vanessa to have an 'et tu, Brutus' moment, despite the nausea a week of them as HOH would cause me. (A Julia win would be better since no gross sex shows in HOH room.) Appropriate punishment for creating a voting block she doesn't really control.

          But, actually a Johnny HOH would make me smile the most. James would be good too. I think their first target is Vanessa, but John would be OK breaking up Austwins as a default move. James would more likely leave them together.

          I'm sure Vanessa is feeling the heat and well she should be.


          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
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            It's gonna be interesting to see how it plays out. I'm as ready for the Austwins to be broken up as I am for Vanessa to depart. Wish this was a DE so Liz and Vanessa could both be gone with stinky Austin following the next week.

          • OhThisHouse
            OhThisHouse commented
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            The other day, someone asked, is veto winner safe from eviction if they use the veto to pull someone off. Answer was yes. If Austin and Liz are put on block next week (please let this happen) and Austin wins veto, uses it on Liz, will he be safe as winner of veto?

          • abraxas1954
            abraxas1954 commented
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            OhThisHouse commented
            Today, 04:16 PM
            ''The other day, someone asked, is veto winner safe from eviction if they use the veto to pull someone off. Answer was yes. If Austin and Liz are put on block next week (please let this happen) and Austin wins veto, uses it on Liz, will he be safe as winner of veto? ''

            No in the case where the veto winner is still on the block come Thursday - they can be voted off...

        • #9
          Good morning all- my posting is hard due to computer trouble. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't. I was very happy to read that Vanessa won POV. She is safe for another week. I wish she did not voice all her conspiracies out loud. Yes, Austin and the twins should know they are not true as they have been tight with James and Meg. Looking at it from Vanessa's eyes, it is not 100% crazy. Johnny and Steve did go to James/Meg after the DE and acted like they wanted to work with them. James and Meg think they are ok with them. That is what Johnny was talking about last night when he asked Steve if they should tell Austin. I know he said about back door Vanessa but I think he was talking about their going to James/Meg DE week and working with them to BD Vanessa. So she is not crazy, it did happen. If James had won HOH, Johnny and Steve would have been on their team.

          She has a real good feel for things, just should not voice them out loud. She knew something was off last week and this week. She knew they were thinking about BD her last week and she knows the idea was out there this week. She knows Steve has changed and has been throwing her under the bus. She knows Steve and Johnny are working together. She knows that Steve's act of needing a hug is fake. She knows he is not that innocent socially awkward boy he is playing. She knows James/Meg are against her since she tried to work something with James and it did not work. She has no other choice but to work with Austin and the twins. I do not know how she plans on getting to F2 but I hope she does.


          • #10
            Heads up, Texas peeps: The Cowboys game is being shown during prime time here in Austin. BB is scheduled here for 12:30 am. Check your listings to make sure you get the show recorded.


            • #11
              Guess what's on today @12:15pm EST on Encore Suspense, Steve's life story: The Usual Suspects.


              • #12
                I don't want James or JMac to be voted out this week. Steve need a to go. He seems to be a very smart person but like I tell my grandson, he has no common sense. Steve is no Ian for sure.


                • cutencuddly
                  cutencuddly commented
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                  From your lips to BB production's ears.

                • key4bb
                  key4bb commented
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                  I literally been saying Steve is no Ian since Da's eviction

              • #13
                No matter what Vanessa finds out about the Austwins, she will not act on the information immediately or perhaps at anytime. She has no choice but to continue with them in the game. None of the other HGs will team with her. The interesting thing is who she chooses to go with in the end and how she divides up the Austwins. My only hope now is that she decides that Steve is the better one to target this round.

                Very interesting talk between James and Meg early this morning. James sees the changing tide between Vanessa and the Austwins. True some of his thoughts are off but he has the picture. Now what will he do about it? He knows that being truthful with Vanessa has benefits. His dilemma is what does he tell her during her interrogation. Aside from the game talk, I just love their relationship. Their trust and respect for each other is a breath of fresh air.

                Waiting for the interrogations today.


                • TTOTambz2
                  TTOTambz2 commented
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                  April, I'm not sure it can't happen at least in the short run. I highlighted the same convo in my recap. James tends to focus on the social aspect of the game, but he has shown himself to be capable (especially during his HOH's) when it counts. Hence why I'm pulling for the returnee or him to win HOH this coming week.

                • PumpkinPie
                  PumpkinPie commented
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                  aprilshowers: I wish the same. I am hoping something happens this week to bring those two together and they work to get out Liz, Austin, and Julia. If Vanessa aligns with James, they have a better chance to survive. I want Steve gone on Thursday night.

                • herms is here
                  herms is here commented
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                  I have always also hoped for James and Vanessa to work together. Maybe it is not in the cards because James is not as gullible as the twins.

                  I to hope the they flip the script and that Steve is the one evicted.

              • #14
                I wasn't able to watch any feeds post POV last night. So if I am reading this right. Austin thinks that James/Meg/JMac/Steve are working together. He is going to interrogate James to try to get him to admit that they are working together, and when he doesn't (because they are not), then he is going to say he is lying and it will give him a reason to possible target him.

                I can't wait for them to get out of the house to see how wrong they were about so many things.

                I am hoping that Vanessa does not use the Veto, Steve is voted out. Jackie/Becky come back in. JMac joins up with the James/Meg/returning HG of Becky/Jackie and breaks up the Austin/Twins trio. At this point, I do not care of Vanessa stays I just want Austin and Liz off of my feeds. We have had two weeks of grossness. We deserve nice things this week.


                • belle1
                  belle1 commented
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                  This whole Austwins buying Vanessa's theories is simply to cover their behinds with Vanessa. No way do they want her to know that they are the root cause of throwing her under the bus. The most idiotic thing he said to Vanessa was: I'll ask those four if you were their target this week and if they say yes then I will know they are working together. Ludicrous!

                • TTOTambz2
                  TTOTambz2 commented
                  Editing a comment

                  You are reading it correctly, but don't worry b/c Vanessa is the one with the POV in hand & she'll steer Austin toward the need to break up the Rock Stars. Out of the 3 (JMac/Steve/James) I think Van will feel she has the best relationship with James who has always respected her & trusted her deals with him.

                  In some ways I can't really blame Vanessa for all her conspiracy theories as she seems to have adopted a certain Audrey type element to her game. Given how idiotic the trio is they'll buy whatever she sells so keeping them off kilter with her wild assertions allows Vanessa to retain the power.

              • #15
                Well, it seems like all BB fans are on the same page for once. I don't think anyone is on an Austin/twins train or Austin/Liz train. I have been saying for 2 weeks that ANYONE including Meg or returning HG would be my pick to win over Austwins. Vanessa knows that Johnny Mac wants her out and that Steve is no longer on her side, so I'm thinking she leaves the nominations the same. And I really, truly think that if anyone other than Austwins (& maybe Johnny Mac) gets HOH next that Austwins will be targeted. 'Bout time!


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