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Live Feed Discussion-August 28

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 28

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    Morning all. Looks like summer camp is over. Well at least we will see some hard core gaming now. As much as I like James and Meg, I can't feel too bad for them because they just didn't play well and didn't cover themselves as well as others did.


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      Good Morning sdkgeo
      I am one of those people who does feel bad for James and Meg (and I do agree they should have played harder all along). I don't think Johnny Mac plays a much better game either. Nono will be glad that he is back! I am sad because he has said he wants to take out Meg. Vanessa will probably do the predictable and put James and Mac up. I think it would be better for her game if she started working on splitting up the Austwins. And speaking of Austin- 2 minute at best shower last night and he didn't even wet his hair!! Eeew!


      • nonobadfish
        nonobadfish commented
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        Thank you for being happy for me, Ladychef. I VERY much wish that Vanessa would split up the Austwins. It's a very long shot, but JMac breaking the F8 curse was a long shot too (well, he has to last through this week to break the curse, but at least he's here now).

        I think it'd be much better for her game if she broke them up while she can. There's a lot of game to be played, so maybe something will happen that makes her turn on them this week instead of waiting.

    • #4
      Good Morning Geo, Ken, NoNo, Fellow Mice Lovers Seeking Trap Releases & All Who Follow,

      Vanessa Likely Just Won BB17
      Although I’m happy for NoNo that JMac returns and my double jeopardy theory kicked in, I’ve spent the night licking my wounds since James will likely be the first man in jury.

      Gotta hand it to Vanessa she sure whipped that house into shape quickly:

      -Confirmed her Final 2’s with Austin (who says if Liz/Vanessa/him are F3 he’ll throw HOH), Steve and new one with Julia. AND JMac told her she is his ride or die this week

      -F3: Rock Stars will target Austwits & based on F2’s she has with everyone but Liz so I’d say she will be who Vanessa points to taking out first (via Rock Stars OR James if he stays)

      -F4: with the Hairy Twits

      =F5: with Steve & Hairy Twits

      Goblins showcase why we love them with both saying they’d go up as pawns over the other, but won’t matter b/c they are both going up with James as the target though there is some discussion on Meg being a worthy out as well.

      IF POV is the card game TPTB are tipping their hand on wanting Vanessa to win the season & if it’s How Bad Do you Want It then it’s geared for James to have a chance to win & for Vanessa to get ticked off at the twins who’ll just take reward/prizes.

      Didn’t take much (as per usual) to convince the twits of targeting Goblins over Rock Stars though Vanessa embellished what really happened/was said

      I give Vanessa credit for being an intelligent game player, it’s no wonder she wants to keep these twits around as they are so easily manipulated. I can’t lie it annoys me how she so easily forgives major treason/lies/plotting from her true alliances, but can turn someone not congratulating her into a major issue.

      The true disparity of the house is shown simply by looking at Vanessa & Steve’s fight last week over being the pawn compared to James and Meg fighting over protecting the other to go up instead. Hey, that’s why I love the mice.

      Vanessa also continues to discuss this disturbing strategy of sharing the F4 income via gambling with the Austin/twits. And she got Austin to admit he wants to win not just hand the money to the twits.

      Other Eviction Night Observations:

      *I wrote in chat I thought I saw someone shun Vanessa and it was Shelli so she knows people feel she’s done them dirty in jury

      *Liz tells of Becky calling her a coward!

      *Julie Chen did something I’ve never seen her do with a jury member when she demonstratively questioned JMac targeting Meg next by saying “Meg ….. (long pause) Meg? .. Really?” I’m not sure JMac caught that in what is likely a whirlwind situation.

      *The twits are furious with JMac calling them out and were sisterly bickering all night intermittently arguing about Julia’s poor performance, Austin being annoying, worrying about Vanessa, jumping back on the Vanessa train etc… I just can’t with them.

      *Though Steve has locked in F2 with Van & F3 with Van/JMac says he’ll take JMac

      *The only drama which could erupt is if James wins POV forcing Vanessa to show her hand. Surely JMac /Steve will see she is playing all sides still if she puts up JMac as she says she will as the renom. And she can’t guarantee the pawn safety b/c how can she control the twits to keep JMac over Meg? Would you? AND at that point if he felt danger he would out Vanessa asked him/Steve to target the trio.

      *So obviously from my perspective I’m praying for a “How Bad Do You Want It” POV win by James as I think it’s the only way things have a chance for an alternative outcome.

      *The only other thing I think she needs to be careful of is talking too much. Case in point Austin telling Steve some info Vanessa shared which shows she’s still playing both sides AND if (or maybe I should say WHEN) Julia tells Liz about her F2 with Vanessa & she tells Austin about it.

      * Watching the interaction of the hamsters on BBAD I don’t know how the Goblins aren’t nervous b/c everyone else is extremely calm so they must sense something is up.

      * Not sure if he was kidding, but Steve said he’ll probably win AC b/c of his speech tonight (wtf?)

      *Once both goblins go on block today they’ll know James is the target.

      * I do still sense Austin isn’t completely buying what Vanessa is selling, so I’m hoping he’ll have an honest talk with James who’ll tell him what was REALLY said in the morning & how she’s still playing the house & that JMac/Steve also have a deal with her!

      Moving forward it kind of feels like the season ended last night with a very high likelihood of Vanessa, getting to F2 and winning. There is a slim chance that can shift via 4 actions:
      1. James winning POV will show who is the lowest on Vanessa’s affinity list which will then result in someone being angered. Should she put up JMac there’s a good chance he leaves over Meg & then Steve could win DE HOH & take her out in retaliation.
      2. Hairy Twits will shift again led by Austin especially if James remains in house
      3. I did think JMac had just begun to play, so I envisioned him coming out like gang busters & gunning for Liztin, but him telling Julie he'd target Meg has me wondering if it's more a matter of me wanting an opponent for Vanessa to finally show up this season.
      4. Special power is unleashed to save Goblins who get to replace nominations putting up Liztin & taking her out. And then gun for DE HOH to take out Vanessa

      All of which seems extremely unlikely.

      So big congrats to Ken for picking the best horse, happiness to NoNo for keeping JMac and empathy to my fellow mice lovers! Let’s get James that AC in support of keeping us smiling.


      • #5
        Good morning all,,,,I am sorry, but I am very happy Vanessa won HOH. She knew she had to win. I do not think she will put Johnny on the block as a replacement because he would go home. She is still playing with Austin, the twins and Steve but she does not trust them. I really do not see her making it to F2 but will pull for her until she walks out the door.

        I am sorry for the James fan this week. I like him and think he would have been a better player without Meg. Meg just does not see or understand the game. How can you if you sleep all the time. She is a sweet lady and I know I would like her outside the house, but in the house, she is a waste of space.

        Johnny, Johnny, I just do not get his game or his laugh. I am glad he is the one that won. It was so much fun watching Austin and the twins after the comp.

        Have a great day all.


        • #6
          Is flip-floppiness contagious? I think I have caught it! I keep going back and forth over liking/disliking Vanessa. I have no problem with her winning. She came to play, theatrics and all. There are times when she has a meltdown I just can't believe her to be a world class poker player. She is trained to read people, look for their tells, her theatrics plays into that. Who does is effect and how tells her a lot. She is a highly intelligent woman and it dawned on me last night that what she has tried to do all season long is dumb herself down. I think the charade wears on her.

          I'll miss James. I think he has it in him to be a good player but just couldn't hook up with others that he could ride with. I'm really hoping he wins PoV and Meg is the one to go.

          Overall, even though the Austwits have made me shudder, scream and feel the need to shower, it has been a good season for me.


          • Luanne
            Luanne commented
            Editing a comment
            I agree , a very good season. At times the house is boring, but the ones on the block have fought till the end to stay. Some times we do not know who is going until the last day.

          • TTOTambz2
            TTOTambz2 commented
            Editing a comment
            I'd agree, as well. At season start I was drawn to DaVonne b/c of how easily she saw through people. Then Jason's quips made me laugh and after he left James grew on me. Although the odds don't look great for James at least they've kept us guessing all season.

            Twirlly I'm very much like you in my roller coaster view of Vanessa, but there's no denying she is truly the best player in the house. She literally whipped that house in shape so fast last night it was awe inspiring. As you can see I had a major diatribe this morning about it. LOL

            Luanne - I'm happy for you that your favorite is safe - congrats on her HOH win, I got so caught up being happy for NoNo re: JMac staying I forget to send that out to you. In fact if the Goblins stay on the block I think she's mint for the next few cycles!

        • #7
          Morning all,

          Vanessa got dealt a pair of aces last night, and is turning it into a full house. First, Jmac, her ideal returnee, made it back into the game. That is a huge plus for her game at this point. Second, she won HoH, and with that power all the children came running back to mommy. She went from almost the worst position in the house at the start of last week, to the best. She now has a clear target that she has no active deals with, Steve/Jmac on one side, and the Austwins on the other. Neither side can afford to take a shot at her, while the other side exists as a force in-being.

          An added bonus for her, was the public shunning by the jury, allowing her to make the case in the short game, that the jury hates her, and she will lose.

          My funniest moment: Austin throwing the girls under the bus (gently, but they were definitely pushed off the curb into the street), while at the exact same time, Liz and Julia were throwing Austin under the bus (again gently, though Julia a little more forcefully than Liz). Julia feels vindicated, and was afraid, since she knows Austin dragged them into conspiring against Vanessa, and she was never for it. The Final 2 deal with Vanessa, combined with Vanessa being the best competitor in the house, on her record, will ensure that in a matchup on the block against Austin, Julia will boot Austin every time. Combined with Steve and Jmac, she should be relatively safe on the block against anyone but Liz next week. And, her major risk, James escapes and Meg gets booted, is actually a minor risk since James has a very low probability of winning the DE HoH, which will be questions.

          This has been a remarkable climb out of the hole she dug in week five over the Jason boot. As geo said above, summer camp is over, even Austin realizes it. He will make nice with James/Meg, but they are not going to fall back into Meg's social game.

          Meg and James are pleasant, but they do not know how the game is played, and now have to pay the summer camp bill. The good news for them, they are likely to end up in the Jury house on the same day, allowing them to keep the band together.

          Getting Jmac back, gives Vanessa a clear edge to make it to the final 2. Austwins will have to target the Rockstars, even though Vanessa knows on Jmac's end he is done with it, and the rockstars will have to go after the Austwins, leaving her alone for at least 4 evictions, assuming Meg or James is not the double eviction HoH.

          Not much game this week, unless James escapes the block. Otherwise, all the competitors left are on standing on Vanessa's left and right.

          It will be interesting to see what she tells James and Meg after noms.


          • nonobadfish
            nonobadfish commented
            Editing a comment
            Ken...Vanessa has an active deal with James. She mentioned it last night. She said that James is going to call her a liar because she can't keep the deal. She stated it clearly, 'I have a deal with James that my next HoH I would keep him and one other person of his choosing safe. Who knew it would take weeks before my next HoH.'

            She's breaking the deal WHICH IS OKAY. It's Big Brother. She said she's going to tell him that there are just too few HGs for her to keep the deal. I hope openly breaking a deal that everyone knows she made will finally make her stop claiming to be the only honest one in the house. It will be much easier to cheer for her if she drops that facade, and truly? The 3 F2s and the deal broken with James should force her to acknowledge she's playing the game the same way everyone else is.

          • KeninVA
            KeninVA commented
            Editing a comment
            She told Steve, she knows she broke her deal on dark moon, and she has finally, to me, started lying up a storm, last night. But, I said in the beginning, preserving the appearance of honesty, and being a straight shooter, is a tactic to allow you to tell people things, and have them believe you in the end. She lied completely about the James/Meg encounter prior to the show, but Austin and the twins bought it hook, line, and sinker, and then outed all the dealings they have had with James/Meg. Plus, bonus for Vanessa, the twins will be done with Meg, and if she stays in the house, won't be as susceptible to any of Meg's manipulations. She really has broken the hold James/Meg had on them.

          • nonobadfish
            nonobadfish commented
            Editing a comment
            Your comment that you can now see her lying means the world to me, Ken. Of course she lies...and that is really, really, really okay! And now that she acknowledged to Steve that she breaks deals (James will know soon that she breaks them), then she maybe can stop trying to preserve the appearance of honesty because no one in the house (except maybe Julia) really buys is. They all talk about her lies...I'm pulling for her. I will like pulling for her a lot better if she stops the pretend honesty talk.

        • #8
          It's amazing how crazy this show can make you, how passionate everyone is on their favorites. I had to tell myself last night, with Vanessa's win, that's all it is, a show. It is not going to have any bearing on my life. I like Meg but she does nothing to deserve to win, IMO. After James and Meg were wanting to be the pawns instead of the other, I realized I'm ok if they go, not because I think they don't care about winning. James wants to win, I hope he saves himself with veto win, to have a chance. James may be a little crude at times, but he is a good person. These two will be ok if they are voted out. They, I believe, will have a friendship that will last longer than any prize money. They will be the same leaving as they were entering the house. They haven't sold their souls for the chance at ''fame'', the others can't say the same. Even JMac has sold out to me, I've heard him talk normal, but because BB wants him to talk that way, he amps it up.

          I don't like Vanessa but it's more of her game playing style, not owning it. Thinking she hasn't compromised her integrity, has played a honest game. I think she actually believes it too. The ones I dislike the most, however, are the twins. They are just mean girls who seem to take joy in kicking others when they are down. I can't remember when I disliked two people on this show this much. You can tell they are selfish mean people outside the house. They make themselves feel good by putting others down. Every time they go in to vote, I want to smack them, lol.
          Last edited by PipelinersWife; 08-28-2015, 08:19 AM.


          • #9
            Short and sweet this morning. First, to Nonowonderfulfish, my birthday wish trumped your curse. Glad to know Jmac is safe this week. Vanessa is in a good spot right now, however, she did make what could be a critical mistake last night. Steve has some powerful dirt on her in regards to JMac that he can use to his advantage at the right time. Steve knows that Vanessa is the one who ratted out Jmac first to Austwits, Meg was second. Vanessa swore Steve to secrecy and never to use that against her. Hehe. Well, it is Big Brother, so we know how that goes. Meg and James: you should have listened to Jmac yesterday. He told you both the truth about everything but your summer camp mentality overshadowed actual gameplay. You both should have woken up sooner and played the game. Too little, too late. I think Meg goes this week. And I'll call it now: I think one of the Austwits goes in the double.


            • nonobadfish
              nonobadfish commented
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              I remember that your daughter always watches with you, Head...and HOW GREAT that you got Mr. Head chanting too! I'm pretty sure the slapping of the knees was the clincher.

            • cutencuddly
              cutencuddly commented
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              LOL ... you two are cracking me up. bahahaha

            • nonobadfish
              nonobadfish commented
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     can chant with us.

          • #10
            So I woke up this morning, doing a happy dance about JMac.

            Then I remembered that the Austwins are not the target.

            Then I also remembered that James and Meg ARE the target.

            So my happy dance isn't as happy.


            • Blogzie
              Blogzie commented
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              Ouch! Funny, but ouch...

            • nonobadfish
              nonobadfish commented
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              Pretty much how all my happy dances end, Blogzie. Klutz, I am.

            • Raineyc
              Raineyc commented
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              Yep, this about sums up how I feel Nono.

          • #11
            I forgot to say Good Morning!

            I think Vanessa's F2 deals from last night (F2 with Austin, F2 with Julia, F2 with Steve) pretty much make the case that she doesn't plan on always keeping her deals no matter how much of a straight-shooter, full of integrity, never lie, never break a deal person that she claims to be. I actually am glad to see her be so out there with each of them because maybe that means she's going to stop with the "holier than thou" act and simply own the game she plays. I sure hope so, anyway. I don't dislike her, and I won't be sad if she makes it to F2...but I do want her to stop with the pretend honor stuff and just play.

            As for James and Meg, I really want James to stay so I hope he wins PoV. Meg is NOT playing the game. She is not aware of what's going on around her, thinks she can trust everyone, and blabs everything to everybody to ensure that she's not seen as playing a sneaky game. That's not the way to win, and I think she pulls James down. I think she's precious, but if one of them has to go, I'd rather it be Meg because she can't play like James can.

            I'm still hoping that there are more secrets to be uncovered (I know the secrets are out there) and somehow, someway, we can get an Austwin on the block. Just because Vanessa said they won't see the block doesn't mean she will keep that deal if she decides she wants one of them to go. I know it doesn't look good for that right now, but it can happen.


            • herms is here
              herms is here commented
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              I hope your right nono. I would give anything to have Meg and James survive the week. But I know that is highly unlikely. I am just bummed that they are now going to be treated as though they have some kind of plague. I guess that will be okay, because then I will get used to what the house will be like without one of them in it. Whatever happened to the revolving door for the returning player?

          • #12
            Good Morning.

            Reposting RyGuy717 's post from yesterday. That pretty much says it all. Might need to repost it later too. It's the theme for the week:

            My final thought of night. I have been watching this show since season 1 and there have been a lot of people that I have not liked and there have been a lot of winners I couldn't stand and hated how they played the game but I could deal with their win because they owned how they played the game and I respect that. Maggie and Derrick knew they manipulated people, ED knew he was an a**, Andy knew he was a rat. I don't like Vanessa but I just wish she would drop the honesty and integrity B.S. so I can at least respect her game play. If she was really playing that why she wouldn't state her move first and then have to spend hours or days finding or make up a reason to justify it. Vanessa manipulates, deceives, and exaggerates everything and there is nothing wrong with it but I just wish she would admit to playing that way. I hope she is playing me and knows she is playing that way and will admit it in a an interview after she wins or is eliminated but right now I think she truly believes she is playing with honesty and integrity.


            • cutencuddly
              cutencuddly commented
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              Nono, my guess would be that she is delusional. I don't think she was making that up when she was crying about people always letting her down, not giving back to her the wonderful integrity she gives to everyone. If she was making that up, she is a hella good actress, and I doubt she could be that good.

              But hopefully you're right and she'll treat us to a confession that she is intentionally playing a serpent game. That will immediately improve the season.

            • emptysuit
              emptysuit commented
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              I think she is delusional. Last night she was telling Austin that she could not understand why anyone would want to evict or attack her. She said she was the nicest and most considerate person in the house. She said this to AUSTIN, who had to grovel for 2 days to elicit her forgiveness. I think she is an emotional wreck with many issues that affect her personal life. I would not want to work around this gal in real life. When they believe their own lies, watch out! Of course she will claim that she was merely playing the game. Yeah, and Meg is throwing all of the comps.

            • nonobadfish
              nonobadfish commented
              Editing a comment
              Wow....well, maybe she IS delusional. What an interesting way to live life. But she KNOWS she's breaking the deal with can she actually break a deal and then STILL tell herself that she never breaks deals? It seems so foreign to me...

              I do agree, cute, that I felt she was being real when she cried and said that people always let her down in real life too. So maybe she simply can't see what she does. She is SO smart....a very gifted human being.

          • #13
            The Roar of the Greasepaint - The Smell of the Crowd

            Johnny Mac steps out onto the stage like the true Rock Star Dentist he is. The crowd goes wild. There is thunderous applause.

            He's acing his interview with Julie Chen. Punctuating every sentence with his trademark goofy guy laugh. The audience laughs along with him. They are eating it up. He's giving them full-on Diary Room Johnny Mac.

            Suddenly Julie Chen asks who he will target if he gets back into the house. He replies: Meg. Julie Chen falters and stammers. She has pre-written answers on her cue card should he say Austin and the twins or Vanessa, but for Meg she has nothing. So she simply says: Meg? And Johnny Mac the Rock Star Dentist replies: Yes, Meg. You can hear a pin drop in the crowd. They are stunned into silence. They, along with fans watching from around the globe, are all thinking: Meg? She isn't a threat to anyone. She can't win the game. If she were in the Final Two with Gronk the inflatable shark, the shark would win. And suddenly right there on the stage, before our very eyes, Johnny Mac the beloved and adored Rock Star Dentist, becomes simply John. John McGuire the dentist from Scranton, PA. A nice guy. Somewhat of an introvert, really. But not a guy who fully gets the game of Big Brother. Even after 71 days in the house, he's still sort of lost somehow. It's sad really. Now his infamous Diary Room confessions won't be the same. Oh he will still give us Rock Star Dentist. But we will see through the façade. He's been unmasked.

            We used to wonder when he was laying on his bed in the Comic Book Room or out on the patio eating his bowl of cereal: What's Johnny Mac thinking? And now we know the answer: Not a whole heck of a lot. Because all along, he has just been John, the dentist from Scranton. And that's okay. He's going to be okay. And so it goes. Another day in the Big Brother house.


            • painfullyaware
              painfullyaware commented
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              I didn't mean any disrespect to you Nono.....I know that you have been rooting for him and all the more power to you
              I just don't think he has played a good game....IMO
              When JMac and Vanessa were talking last week and he didn't give in to her and told her some truths....I was excited that he didn't fear her like Steve and others have done....but I just don't think he has enough knowledge of the game to come to his own conclusions.....he is sweet and I think he is a good guy outside the house but in the house....he has a narrow view of his position in the house.

              Now Vanessa has played a good game(although I could do without all the tears and paranoia) but she is playing the game. Do I like her brand of really but at the end of the day....she has played....gotta respect that.

            • nonobadfish
              nonobadfish commented
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              I didn't take it as disrespectful in the SLIGHTEST!!!!!!!!! I promise. I totally get why people don't like his game and I, as usual, have no idea why I like him. It's always that way with me....I like who I like and I'm not sure how they all tie together. They must all share some personality trait that draws me to them, but it really doesn't bother me in the slightest if others don't like him. I'm just so glad to see you....hope you've been doing well!

            • Raineyc
              Raineyc commented
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              I painfully have to agree. That moment made me want to jump through the screen and slap him. I literally screamed in frustration when he said it. No, I'm not kidding. I ACTUALLY screamed out in my home. Lol

          • #14
            Morning all. Just checking in real quick. Late night on here!

            First thought upon waking was I hope they gave Vanessa a new mattress! Now I'm thinking they had to have fumigated that room!


            • Blogzie
              Blogzie commented
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              Hazmat trucks were seen driving away from the BB house late last night.

            • BettyBoo
              BettyBoo commented
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              Cleaning staff were put into isolation wards to be sure the contagion was contained.

            • Walleye
              Walleye commented
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              Tee he he he he. I don't know why this is so funny riiiiiigghhtttuh?

          • #15
            Originally posted by KeninVA
            .... She now has a clear target that she has no active deals with, ....

            No active deals?

            She reiterated within the past couple of weeks that her deal with James was still on and that she considered Meg his #2 --- you know, the second player who was covered by her promise to James.

            She is breaking an active deal.

            In addition to confirming that she has had an F2 deal with Austin all along, so her F2 deal with Steve was a lie. And now she has how many F2 deals?

            Well, this post is still on the same page as my quote of RyGuy717's post from last night, so I don't need to recopy it.


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