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Live Feed Discussion-September 5

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  • Notes and questions from tonight....

    No way Austin really wants Vanessa F2, but he wants her to get him as far as she can. So at what point does he think he cuts her?

    No way Steve wants Vanessa F2, but he knows that he can't side with Austin and the twins yet. But at what point does he think he cuts her?

    No way JMac wants Vanessa F2, but at what point does he cut her?

    The twins. Sigh. They want to sit by JMac F2 (according to tonight's conversation) but somehow I don't think they're going to get to pick.

    Vanessa has so many irons in the fire that she's making everyone suspicious. But she's got them all thinking hard for sure. Who does she really want to be with going forward? Maybe whoever wins next and can keep her safe. (Although the conversations with Austin tonight wear me out. She knows for sure. Her gut is telling her. It's a fact. Gracious.)

    JMac is still the JMac that I thought he was from the beginning. He's smart. He's a bit socially awkward. He's pretty honest and blunt. But he keeps most of his thoughts really quiet and that makes it harder for him in the game (and harder for us to know what he's thinking). I believe he's willing now to do whatever it takes, even to the point of being cutthroat. He, Steve, Austin and Vanessa are all playing the same game: Tell everyone that you've working with them. His problem is that Vanessa beat him to this particular group of people, so he's at a disadvantage with Austwins (even though he has Steve).

    Is there anything that can happen this week to trigger a shift that causes JMac to gain Austin and the remaining twin's trust? Probably not, but it will be interesting to see.

    Good night, friends! Fun feeds tonight for sure


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      'nite nono.

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      I think Jmac needs either Julia or Vanessa at F2, if he wants a shot to win. He may think Steve is easy to beat, but with Shelli a split vote potentially, Austin and Vanessa advocating for him with the twins, and with James/Meg, he probably loses to him. To overcome being evicted, he has to bring either the hated (Vanessa) or the weak (Julia). JMO.

      I think, right now, Austin wins in F2 against anyone. He obviously wants Liz with him, if he can do it. The easy 3rd is probably Jmac, since he was evicted, and was not viewed as actively playing in the beginning.

      I think Steve really wants Vanessa/Jmac as final 2, and believes Jmac pulls him to F2, and Vanessa will pull him to F2.

      Jmac wants Vanessa out, I think, next round if he is HoH or F4, if he is PoV holder, to claim the scalp, and overcome his eviction problem. I just don't think that is actually his best move, especially if Julia goes out this round. That puts Vanessa, in a non-house environment with the jury for a week, advocating for anyone but Jmac. I know you think she has no influence, but she does have influence with Shelli, and James (both from things he said, in the house, and post show), and she will remind Austin of the promise F&G made to each other, if one of them made it to the end.

      I think, trust is not the issue here. Other than the twins, Steve, Jmac, Austin and Vanessa have a pretty clear handle on their self interest. It is what will make the end game so fascinating for me. Not just how they make decisions, but the factors they are weighing, as to where their self interest is. But, none of them are going to make a decision based on liking someone or trusting someone else.

      All the above is unknowable, and JMO.
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  • Wow looks like I missed a fun day on feeds.......I don't do a lot of flashing back so I'll catch up on live feed updates.


    • Please Take A Moment To Read This ...

      You guys see me asking for support of BBU throughout the season. It's not an easy thing to ask for, I do it because I want this website to continue to be the place that it is for everyone.

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      We ( the moderators, Rob and I ) all volunteer our time here at BBU, to make sure that everyone has a place to come and talk about Big Brother.

      We are not funded by a company, we do not have deep pockets, we struggle to make it through season after season. We do not require you to make a donation, to be member of the website, we do not exclude anyone from anything... and that's because we above anyone else, understand that it's not possible for some people to make a donation.

      We do not treat anyone differently, whether they make a donation or not. The website is available to everyone to post on, read, lurk, whatever makes them comfortable.

      We do not put up the pop up ads that slow your computer down or make you jump through hoops, just to read at BBU.

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      Here I am again ... asking for any support you can give to help for this month and the month ahead.

      Thanks for your time : )


      • Yer almost there 1954!!! Another day gone so that's one less ya got to live. So there ya go. Drive safe. Tomorrow is a short one!!!


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          You don't have internet at home eh???

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          With all my money? Of course I do, but I don't spend a lot of time on it away from work....

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          Nite Braxuh!!!

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