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Live Feed Discussion-September 5

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    Very cute, Cute! Also, makes me miss Wolfie. Was that baby used by Mudd, maybe, I think.


    • Connor
      Connor commented
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      I recall Wolfie where is she this year?

    • aprilshowers
      aprilshowers commented
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      I miss Wolfie too......

    • lisains
      lisains commented
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      I know none of my business But is Wolfie okay? Miss reading her posts

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    Cute you are just to cute!


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      Please Take A Moment To Read This ...

      You guys see me asking for support of BBU throughout the season. It's not an easy thing to ask for, I do it because I want this website to continue to be the place that it is for everyone.

      Whether your post count grows each day or you even have a post count at all. Whether you are one of our wonderful, couldn't do without you donators or someone who loves the website and just isn't able to donate anything right now, we want ALL of you to enjoy this website not only this season... but for as many seasons as this show continues to be on the air.

      Those of you who have been with us throughout the years already know what I'm about to say... but since we have a lot of new members and a LOT of new lurkers/guests ... I'm just going to take a moment to give some background on this website....

      We ( the moderators, Rob and I ) all volunteer our time here at BBU, to make sure that everyone has a place to come and talk about Big Brother.

      We are not funded by a company, we do not have deep pockets, we struggle to make it through season after season. We do not require you to make a donation, to be member of the website, we do not exclude anyone from anything... and that's because we above anyone else, understand that it's not possible for some people to make a donation.

      We do not treat anyone differently, whether they make a donation or not. The website is available to everyone to post on, read, lurk, whatever makes them comfortable.

      We do not put up the pop up ads that slow your computer down or make you jump through hoops, just to read at BBU.

      The Moderators and Rob work tremendously hard to ensure that everyone's time at BBU, is a pleasant one - and again - they volunteer their time ... without reservation ... because they are devoted to the BBU members. We offer our devotion hour after hour, day after day, month after month to bring all the updates to those who can't afford to watch the live feeds - due to money and/or time constrictions.

      So, that's why you'll see us ( me most of the time ) making posts like this one, asking for any support that you can give.

      The bulk of the traffic at BBU, is during the 3 months of Big Brother, but as a website, we remain up and running for the entire 12 months each year. So, the expense of keeping the website up and running, doesn't end when the Big Brother season ends.

      We offer discussions on Survivor and other reality shows, but it's Big Brother that the majority of members wish to talk about - which leads to us having to remind members - that we need support to help keep the website going- since the traffic is there during that time - that's when we try to remind people that we do need the support to make it through to another season.

      Last season, we fell very short and through our own pockets, and a handful of members who did step up and make donations, we were able to keep things up and running, but barely. The expense of the new website has added to what it takes to keep things going and so ... as much as I don't like doing it...

      Here I am again ... asking for any support you can give to help for this month and the month ahead.

      Thanks for your time : )


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        I will just be thrilled if either Austin or Liz leave...just wish it were during FF. And that Julia had left right before that. Oh, well! It rarely ends the way I like. Except for Dan


        • Blogzie
          Blogzie commented
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          Hang in there! You never know what could happen in this crazy game.

        • belle1
          belle1 commented
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          So true Blogzie. I now enjoy watching how my least favorites get taken out of the game. BTW my least favorites are all but JMac

        • herms is here
          herms is here commented
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          I agree Bell1. I am now routing for JohnnyMac, o Bjorn lynch because I think it would be great if a pawn and returned player wins the game. But on game play alone I would give the win to Vanessa.

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        I actually detest Austin, but I hope he wins the veto today, and the twins end up side by side. Liz needs to go this week (breaks up sibs and a showmance at the same time). Then I hope Jmac wins HOH.


        • augie33
          augie33 commented
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          If it is better for JMAC I am all for it.

        • BBhead
          BBhead commented
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          Ken, you can have Liz. If Austin wins veto, the twins will be expecting him to use it on her. Plus, I want the McNasty sisters sitting side by side. I demand more tears from the little pit vipers.

        • farmergurl
          farmergurl commented
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          I was just getting ready to write the same thing BBhead. Think about how betrayed the twins will feel about Austin taking himself off the block. Then we get to see a double meltdown and campaign between the twins. Fun times.

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        I could live with Austin winning. Even Liz, to watch Austin try to get her to pick him over her sister, hah! But would feel most safe with a Steve or JMac win, it's a holiday weekend, don't need the stress!


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          I've been thinking about it while I watch football, and I think I most want one of the twins gone. In fact, I want Liz gone so there are not two twins and there is no more showmance. So maybe Austin winning HoH would be a good thing!
          But that's for my own personal wishes, and most of all I want what's best for JMac. So I'm pulling for JMac first and Steve second, but won't be upset if Austin wins.

          (Brax, if you are out there anywhere....I'm a Steve fan as well. Don't want you to feel alone in that. I like JMac the very best, but I've liked Steve from the start. He's a bit different, but I think that's more lack of any type of people skills.)


          • KeninVA
            KeninVA commented
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            @Nono, in my opinion, Austin winning PoV is actually better for Jmac, even though he doesn't know it.

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          I want Austin, Steve, or JMac to win. They are the ones who love the show and wanted to be on it. I can't remember if Vanessa was or not. But the twins can go because they were just recruited from another show. They can just go away.


          • nonobadfish
            nonobadfish commented
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            Vanessa claims to be a fan, Border, but she's never seen a live feed and I don't count her as a true fan....I'm not even sure she ever watched an entire season when it was on. She wasn't actually a recruit, though, because she got her agent to help with casting, but I think she wanted the exposure for her new DJ career since she's tired of playing poker. She does love games (game theory is her specialty) so I don't doubt that the idea of playing this size of game was a intriguing to her as well.

            She's a quick study. At the first of the season I commented that she knew strategy but she didn't know the actual game of BB and it was hurting her. But she's learned it fast and now that she knows how it works, her game has gotten very much better.

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          Wouldn't it be funny if the POV comp was Rock/Paper/Scissors/Lizard/Spock... lololol


          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
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            Booger Boy wins.

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          Please please please let this scenario happen. Id love to see Vanessa walk out that door.

          Originally posted by nonobadfish View Post
          Morning geo, Ken, Ladychef, and everyone! On my way to my Saturday breakfast group, but wanted to stop in to emphasize something that Ken just said. I didn't realize it until Julia and Liz said it yesterday, but if Julia wins PoV and takes Liz off, Julia and Liz control the vote. They get to decide who goes home. THAT IS HUGE.

          I was so focused on laughing at the idea that Vanessa thinks she could talk Julia into not using it that I totally skipped over the fact that if Julia wins and pulls off Liz, then the Renom goes home. Is Vanessa not worried about that? Does she think she's not going to be the Renom?

          Liz and Julia won't send Austin home no matter whom he's sitting next to, I don't think. (Let me clarify...that's my opinion, and I'm often wrong). At one time they were very closely tied to Vanessa, but that's dropped off quite a bit and they have even said recently (privately to each other) that they don't want to be sitting with Vanessa at the end. Their two votes would save Austin if it's Austin/Vanessa on the block. And for sure they'd save Austin if it's Austin/JMac.

          My gut tells me that IF Julia wins PoV and takes Liz off, Steve renoms Vanessa and she goes home. He will have to decide whether he loses JMac or he loses Vanessa, and I simply don't believe he wants to be sitting next to Vanessa in the end. He's given every indication that he thinks he can beat JMac, but not Vanessa.

          THIS IS A BIG POV DAY. Liz and Julia realize their power and are already talking about Liz throwing the PoV to Julia. I wonder if Austin will realize the benefit in that and will throw PoV to Julia as well?


          • nonobadfish
            nonobadfish commented
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            (((((((((Raineyc))))))))) It'd be a definitely fun turnaround, wouldn't it!

          • Raineyc
            Raineyc commented
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            Yes!! Sorry Ken, but let's be honest we are never on the same side!! Tee hee However, you're still awesome Ken! 😘

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          Originally posted by nonobadfish

          Houseguests listed with my favorites first and least favorites last:
          1. John (I loved him due to his excellent guitar skills before he ever started, and he KNOWS the game and is playing it smart)
          2. Steve (He DEFINITELY knows the game...and I'm hoping he'll form a real alliance with Johnny Mac and Vanessa)
          3. Vanessa (I'm not sure she knows the game, but she knows the theory, and that's fun to watch)
          4. Jason (He DEFINITELY knows the game, and he makes me laugh).
          5. Becky
          6. Liz/Julia (only because I'm intrigued with the Twin Twist. I don't know if I enjoy them on a personal level yet)
          7. Meg
          8. James
          9. Jackie
          10. Austin
          11. Audrey
          12. Shelli
          13. Jeff
          14. Clay

          I'd love a Final 4 of John/Steve/Vanessa/Jason, but don't see how those dots can ever connect.....
          That quote is from very early July! Because my football team is beating the heck out of the other team, I'm a bit bored so searched for early references to my favorites.

          My original take on each HG was posted on the old BBU before we transitioned to this new one, so they're gone (I loved JMac even before we started). But this one is from right after Da'Vonne's eviction, and amazingly my top 3 are all still in the house now (and are the F3 I'd be happy with) and they're maybe working together. That NEVER happens to me, so I'm afraid something's about to jinx it.


          • RUSSELL
            RUSSELL commented
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          Austin is using the flat iron. Does that mean he actually washed his hair?


          • kokomogirl
            kokomogirl commented
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            If he did that might just be the first time all season! But that flat iron really doesn't do much for that mop head.

          • RUSSELL
            RUSSELL commented
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            I say he needs to get a big bucket and fill it up with water. Then stick his whole head in it for about 30 minutes. That would take care of it!!!

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          IF Julia wins PoV, that sets up the Battle of BBU: Either my favorite JMac or KeninVA's favorite Vanessa will be evicted. It's the first head to head match-up between us that I can remember. Who will win? I think I have the odds in my favor (Steve wants to keep JMac over Vanessa), but Vanessa is very persuasive.

          Could be fun.

          Of course, the odds of Julia winning PoV are low (unless it's that Count to Two Comp that Walleye mentioned). Back to football....we're about to switch from our alma mater Ole Miss to our home state Razorbacks. Be back after while.


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          Watching last night's BBAD. Was just wondering if they ever show Liz and Austin, you know, getting cozy, anyway sure enough there they are.......finally the camera moved to Vanessa and Steve sorting clothes and Julia rereading her moms letter to Liz. Anyway up pops a question for us:

          What would you rather watch instead of Austin and Liz's PDA?
          John eat? 27%
          Steve pace? 21%
          Julia complain? 7%
          Vanessa Fret? 49%
          Bwahaaaaaaaaaa 😈😈😈😈


          • cpamama
            cpamama commented
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            Vanessa least for a while. I get to the point she drives me crazy, but I like to see her crazy pretty much.

          • ElizaJ
            ElizaJ commented
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            I would rather watch the ants in the kitchen marching one by one .....

        • #45
          I love how everybody seems to be in a nasty kind of a get em' mood this beautiful Saturday. I hope it stays that way!!!


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