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Live Feed Discussion-September 10

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  • Live Feed Discussion-September 10

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  • #2
    Morning all. Happy eviction day!


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      Good morning! Thought Thursday would never get here! Finally a twin is heading out the door. Personally, I still think Liz should be the one going. Don't understand why they keep the stronger player in at this point. Letting the twins decide whose going is ridiculous. Steve really doesn't have a clue how to play this game. He really didn't know Austin and Liz were the two to put up. Both JMac and Vanessa had to convince him. Well that's done. Glad he enjoyed wearing his HoH robe 😛 and got his Cocoa bear.


      • Luanne
        Luanne commented
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        I agree, Liz is the one that should be leaving tonight not Julia. Big mistake.

      • BBhead
        BBhead commented
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        Agreed. Vanessa screwed the pooch on this one.

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      Morning everyone....
      Not much to say except I agree with you, Lynette....letting the people on the block decide which one stays and which one goes is not normal Big Brother. Yet they did the same thing with Shelly and Clay, so I guess it's normal BB this year.

      This time next week, we'll have our F3 and someone will have already won Part 1 of the Final HoH. That's amazing and bittersweet. My hope is that whatever happens, Liz and Austin are not together in the F3 because we seriously are overdue for Austin/Liz-Free Feeds. That means I'm cheering for a JMac/Steve/Austin or JMac/Steve/Vanessa F3. I could live with a JMac/Vanessa/Austin or JMac/Vanessa/Liz F3. (I'd prefer JMac/Steve as F2, but I'm not going to be upset if that doesn't happen).

      Tonight is my friend Sister Nono's birthday celebration, so I won't be around for the show....but Go JMac!!!!!


      • Ladycop
        Ladycop commented
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        Enjoy Sister Nono's birthday but remember not too much wine as you need to get caught up when you get home.
        I agree with both you and Lynette but I really don't think they are ''letting'' them decide who is staying.....they talked about who they thought should stay and Johnny Mac actually told Steve he thought he could win the shovel comp against Liz easier than Julia since Julia had better balance. They were watching them in the POV comp as well as when they work out with Austin. Steve and JMac also talked about how Julia has come so close in the last few comps to winning. So even though Liz and Julia ''think'' they are getting to choose, I don't think so.
        Also, I think leaving Liz in is a STUPID move, but I think I am colored by wanting to split up Liztin so I don't have to watch on feeds and to get Liz into jury so those girls in there can talk some sense into her. Oh well.

    • #5
      Morning all,

      No change from yesterday. Julia is still planned to go home, Steve is still in mortal danger, Vanessa is still a second choice to boot, and if Julia goes home, any of the five players left have a shot at the win, though I think Jmac is smallest of all. Jmac cannot argue the jury won't be bitter, but they would award an evicted houseguest the win, who had at most 1 HoH, plus potentially the final, over 4 other players that maneuvered through the game without being evicted, and with more significant PoV and HoH wins. I know she told Steve yesterday, early morning, Jmac, after Julia leaves, should be the number one choice to get out of the game. If he throws this next HoH, he needs to be careful. If Vanessa is HoH, she is just as incentivized to boot Jmac, as she is to boot Steve or Austin. In fact, booting Jmac or Steve, actually makes more sense for her game, since at Final 4, the survivor has to team up with her, and in the F4 PoV, would have to eliminate Austin or Liz, over her, to avoid the bonded pair.

      I wonder if we will see that play out tonight.


      • Ladycop
        Ladycop commented
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        Good comments KeninVA. I have been watching John on feeds this past week (well, when they will let us) and he seems focused on working out and ''thinking'' alone. He spent so much time in the backyard working with a ball and kicking it around objects and against the house so I am thinking he is at least getting himself limber and ready for a physical comp. I agree that if Vanessa can win this comp, but if it's physical I don't think she will have a chance, she will want to take out JMac or Steve. If JMac doesn't win this HOH and Liztin wins Steve will be on the block and I think Vanessa will be sitting right next to him unless she can mist those two. I think Liz is seeing through her and both twins are rather tired of her manipulations if you can believe what you hear on the feeds. I think JMac goes hard for this HOH as he has repeatedly told Steve that they need to win this HOH and the POVs going forward.

      • TTOTambz2
        TTOTambz2 commented
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        Picking apart all the different stories Vanessa tells are difficult as she has a plan in place with each player. The reason I think JMac is either Vanessa's 1A or 1B F2 partner is when she was bargaining with Liztin to keep Liz (by the way those demands were seriously out of control & hurt her with Liz) the fact she asked to be able to pick who stays between the Rock Stars was telling. She's already indicated to Austin & Liz separately that Steve can't get to F2 so her preference is JMac in that scenario. Though she has a story she can sell regarding Liz (she was the originator of keeping the twins secrets & bringing them into the house) I doubt she wants to go into F2 with 2 solid votes against her in Julia/Austin (also with Austin being a capable persuader of jury votes with Meg, James and others in jury for Liz).

        The other reason I believe she wants to take JMac is how insanely calm she is when talking to him. There is no manic talk (like she has with Austin/twins) no sarcasm, mothering or frustration over a lack of information sharing like she has with Steve. She is simply calm (and the Vanessa I enjoy hearing TBH).

        I doubt she really trusts that Austin will take her to F2 or will throw the final HOH so they can decide as he proved in the POV this past week. If one of Liztin win she'll definitely remind them of their deal & try to work with them, but I think her preference would be to get to F3 with JMac and just one of Liztin & then have the choice to bring JMac. JMHO

    • #6
      Good morning BBU,

      I originally thought Julia should stay and Liz go. However, I've flipped and flopped.... it's contagious, I tell you! This is the way I see it at this moment...

      Julia gone does leave a strong pair with Liz and Austin. However, that is exactly why Vanessa, Steve and JMac are doing it, it's a shield. It is three on two going into the next HoH and PoV. I heard Steve muttering that next is Liz, then Vanessa. Julia is too big of a wild card in who she sides with, imo. JMac noted how easily Vanessa was able to sway her to choose Austin in the comp. I think it just showed how unpredictable Julia is so why take a chance with her.

      The entire house is onto Vanessa's game. Last night in DR Steve said he is not taking her to F2. JMac was so impressed at her manipulation skills that I can't see him taking her as he is afraid the jury will also see it that way and award her the win. At this point, I think Vanessa doesn't make the F2. She overplayed her hand and her bluff is going to be called. She'll have to go all in hoping that she pulls the ace of spades on the river to complete the royal flush.

      Personally, I will be disappointed if she doesn't make the F2. I think she has really played the GAME. But, I also believe after tonight it really will be like a new game. We'll see what any of them have left up their sleeves.


      • #7
        Yesterday was a boring day for the feeds. But, I did make a few observations.

        Vanessa has started reading the bible again. She's either looking for answers from a higher power or she's worried about her game going into next week.

        John has started planting seeds very subtly. He confessed to Austin that if Vanessa is F2 she beats everyone. If he wins HOH, I think he will take a shot at her. At this point in the game he knows he's got to do something to win or he's just playing for 50k.

        I'm surprised that Steve has just now figured out Vanessa and Austin are closer than he thought. 84 days in and it's just now clicked. It took the spy screen and them to be in the bathroom together to figure it out. I have been most surprised at this cast for not observing who was hanging out in the HOH room together. Steve should have seen that coming.

        Austin and his t.v. time has gotten on my last nerve. His inflated ego has him convinced he is running the house. When John told him about Becky the information he took back to Liz was not that Vanessa was going to win if she was in the F2 but was that Becky was smart and after she left was trying to get Vanessa out. After Steve talked about Vanessa to him, he said he was the center of the house. He has no clue that Steve was painting that target to save himself next week. He believes that the only one that can beat him in the F2 is Liz.

        Liz accepted the deal from Steve but will not follow thru. This decision is made from entitlement. All her talk of getting Steve out this week if she had won the HOH has long been forgotten because she got got before she could get. It's now personal with Steve because she and Julia were a shoe in for F2, in her mind.

        I hope Julia is better at throwing Vanessa under the bus than she is with speeches.


        • Ladycop
          Ladycop commented
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          I agree @Tjeffy....Austin does think he is running the house. We are most loved, you are AFP, we will leave this house and I will have a big contract and I need a beautiful woman on my arm, etc. Yuck! I guess it is very good to have a healthy ego and if that is really true he is a healthy man. I can see him using all the ''hate'' on-line as a pitch to WWE to make him a villain. Unfortunately for him, you also have to have some skill to be in the majors as well.

        • ManaDee
          ManaDee commented
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          Totally agree! John is also someone who thinks making big moves is what wins you the game, and would have shifted his vote just about any time the last few weeks just to do so. So if he gets HOH, I wouldn't be surprised at all if he ends up targeting Vanessa, to boost his resume.

          Also about Steve. Blows my mind that anyone doesn't know that Vanessa and Austin are close, that ANYONE in the house wouldn't know that. In fact, I'm seriously annoyed that no one seems to be worried about Austin at all. I can't stand him (for all of the reasons you mentioned), but he has a good case to win in F2, and needs to go before he has the chance to sweep F4 comps (with the possible help of Liz, now that she is staying).

          Still think Liz or Austin should have been the target this week. Liz won't honor the deal with Steve anyway, Austin would probably use him as a nomination, target or not, without a second thought. Same thing with Johnny Mac. Jmac should def be wanting Liz to go this week. A little pressure from Steve and Jmac and Vanessa could flip, she could still possibly pull in Julia with a sincere promise of F2 and a come clean about her deal with Steve and Jmac and the pressure she got to vote out Liz. With a little Vanessa Vapor she could make Austin everyone's target for next week, making him have to win or go home, backup target being Steve, should Austwin win. That could leave her with a Steve Jmac Julia F4 or an Austin Julia Jmac F4 unless Steve wins Veto and Jmac goes (which I would personally prefer).

          I just don't want to see Austin or Liz in the F2. I feel like Julia and Jmac are playing for second anyway, and that only leaves Vanessa and Steve. At this point, that's what I want to see happen, so Austliz has to go.

      • #8
        The twins have been like Twinkies, their shelf life far exceeded their expiration date. And there's no reason for them to exist, since there's no nutritional value and only taste like nasty chemicals. But tonight one finally departs. But who's game will be helped by the twin who leaves?

        John's vote doesn't matter, since looks like Vanessa and Austin will vote out Julia, so he will go with what he perceives as the trend for a unanimous vote. Keeping Liz straightens Austin with a true partner, but Vanessa is banking on them then being the biggest target. If John sits out the HOH, then Vanessa only has a 33% chance to win HOH and if she doesn't, then Austin or Liz will win and she will be on the block.

        Then she only has a 20% chance of winning the POV. And Austin and Liz control the vote and you best believe they will be remembering how she played Julia at the last Veto game and we could see how its bugged Austin and reinforced his distrust of her. So she could go next Wed. even though she thinks she can aim them at Steve.

        BUT if she wins HOH, she can no longer hide behind another player. I can see her putting up Steve and Austin or Liz, using the POV outcome to pick her target. If she survives to Final Four, then her numbers dwindle to 25% of making it through to Final Three. And the longer Austin and Liz survive together the better chance at least one will survive to the Final Two.

        I also have to recognize that she's wily and a survivor so may make it to the end. In the original Survivor analogy, she is the snake. And, yes, she does speak with forked tongue.

        For Steve, John and Vanessa the ideal Jury situation is to get Austin and Liz both to Jury to neutralize their vote, but the odds are that won't happen. So again, another important HOH and POV coming up. John is the only one without a bullseye tee shirt on, but could be unlikely collateral damage.

        Yep, my tee shirt says DUMP VANESSA while I ride the Rubber Ducky Boy Express. Go, Johnny Mac.


        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          Sure make me a darn Ben and Jerry crackhead. I do chuckle when I see a whole aisle devoted to nothing but ice cream. We are a nation of addicts.

        • cpamama
          cpamama commented
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          It may have been around for a long time, but I recently discovered Magnum ice cream bars made with Belgian chocolate. They are seriously to die for. They have regular sized bars and also something called Magnum Minis. If you can be disciplined enough, the Minis are six small bars, so you can have 6 days without to many calories and too much expense. TO DIE FOR! 3 Flavors in the mini-dark chocolate, white chocolate, almond chocolate.

        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          Instead of Opium Dens or Hookah Bars, they should set up couches and just hand us tubs of ice cream. Even Miss Whiskers is addicted and has to have her teaspoon's worth with me.

      • #9
        I think that JMac understands that he and Steve need to win out to make it to F2 and he will be gunning for this HOH. He has said as much. He threw the last HOH to Steve (as his puzzle was finished and he just stood and waited) because he knew that he needed to be available for this HOH. He wouldn't have done that if he was planning on throwing it...he knows he needs to win at least one to make a plea for the win.


        • #10
          Just as a side point - why did February feel like a 100 days long and I blinked and a third of September happened. As that genius writer Joni Mitchell said, "Pleasure moves on too early and trouble leaves too slow."


          • #11
            so should we expect the seed saw tonight?


            • BettyBoo
              BettyBoo commented
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              That would be good one to watch, since it take balance and skill. And easy to throw? I'm sure Liz and Austin want it to protect them as a pair, but will either John or Vanessa let it go to shoot for POV and next HOH. The Windows are open, place your bets. Which game, which winner?

          • #12
            Steve blew it. Shot himself in the foot and has zero hope -- no path whatsoever to the end. Likely to be the next to go. The more I thought about it, the more I thought making a deal to enhance his relative safety with the twins next week and sending Vanessa out should have been an easy call.


            • aprilshowers
              aprilshowers commented
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              What did Steve do? Can't see feeds right now.

          • #13
            I do like that Steve will be smacking himself in the head sooner or later when he finds out Vanessa really did have an F2 with JMac.



            • #14
              Austin was apparently complaining he was injured. What happened?


              • Lynette
                Lynette commented
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                He was complaining of a lump in his arm pit yesterday that hurt.

            • #15
              Originally posted by Ladychef View Post
              Austin was apparently complaining he was injured. What happened?
              OMG did he get near his Kriptonite?

              S O A P !!!!!

              Caution, if ingested can cause - SOAP BLINDNESS.


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