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Live Feed Discussion-September 11

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  • Live Feed Discussion-September 11

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  • #2
    Morning all!

    Well one thing I will say about a Vanessa HoH, it's certainly entertaining in a multi-car pile up sort of way. I still don't understand why she does what she does. I think she could achieve the same results without all the drama and fakery, but hey at least she keep all of them on their toes (or knees).

    I really don't know what she is going to do, but I really want her to put Austin up.

    and no kidding Steve doesn't have all the facts for his math, Austin doesn't have all the facts for his math either. Only Vanessa has the "facts" rattling around in that drug addled brain.


    • #3
      Good Morning all.. Not the outcome I wanted from last night's HOH comp but whatcha going to do.

      Any idea why the feeds are going to be down all day today? I know they usually cut them for the special taped eviction but that shouldn't be until next week right?


      • #4
        I'm a Vanessa fan and was also a James fan. As much as people complain about Vanessa, imagine how boring this year would have been without her. The rest of the cast just laid around while the game was played around them. Last year I wasn't a Derrick fan while others loved him. Vanessa is playing the same manipulation game but is more vocal about it. We need a woman to win for a change and I will be team Vanessa until the end.


        • #5
          Morning geo and all who follow,

          Vanessa ensures her final 4 spot, Jmac throws one competition too many, and Austin moves up the totem pole of Vanessa's manic imagination.

          Vanessa won her 4th HoH, forcing all her reluctant children to run back to her. As MrsKeninVA said to me last night "This may not be a record number of HoH's, but Vanessa has to have the record for forcing the most people to be in an alliance with her, whether they want to or not."

          I expect Jmac/Steve to go up on the block. Her primary target is Jmac, her back up, in the wings is probably Liz. But, Liz is a very poor second choice (IMO).

          Jmac has been playing too cute, and now has turned himself into a tempting goat to take to the F3. When Vanessa and Jmac hooked up, at the F8, part of the deal was Jmac able to win comps. He has not held up his end of that bargain, and now is one VETO away from being sent to jury. One of my sayings, in previous years, "losing becomes a habit." Jmac has the losing habit in spades now.

          Vanessa is playing a threat based game. She needs people to have someone more threatening then her, in each round of play. Jmac no longer looks like a strong threat, and so his time has come.

          I don't have time this morning to detail all the analysis of why this is Vanessa's best boot, but she is doing it to maximize her odds of being in F3. With Jmac gone, only a Steve HOH, and Liz POV win, lead to her likely eviction. With any other combination of outcomes, with those 4 players, Vanessa gets pulled into F3. In straight random odds, that occurrence is only likely 8 Percent of the time. So, for a gambler/game theory expert, getting Jmac out of the game, gives her a 92 percent chance of making it into the F3 round. That is a pretty powerful inducement.

          So, expect that when we see them tomorrow, Jmac/Steve will be on the block, unless PoV also gets played in the blackout period.

          Nothing to see on feeds today. Which is too bad, since manic, mile a minute Vanessa is actually funny to watch, especially when Austin is forced to endure his bi-weekly groveling routine.


          • MrsVee
            MrsVee commented
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            Wow , KeninVA you are good ! But I just don't see Austin or Steve taking her to the F2 . but then again she might be able to convince them ..

          • ManaDee
            ManaDee commented
            Editing a comment
            I honestly don't think that Austin and Liz want to take Vanessa to F3. I think Vanessa best odds at F2 would be getting rid of one of Liztin this week. A Liz/Vanessa/Steve F3 gets Vanessa to F2 as both of them would take her. An Austin/Vanessa/Steve Final 3 would also get her to F2, as I think Austin would rather play the loyal card at the end and Steve wouldn't want to go in knowing that Twins and Vanessa will vote for Austin. A Liz/Jmac/Vanessa F3 would also get Vanessa to F2 because I believe both would take her. Jmac won't want to take Liz, because she was a Twin, in a showmance, won a bunch of comps and was a target the whole game. He will see that as a big resume. Liz would want to go against a girl I think. Only in an Austin/Vanessa/Jmac F3 or a Steve/Jmac/Vanessa F3 would Vanessa have a little bit of a harder time being brought if she didn't win. Austin might still take her to play the loyalty card, and since they worked together so long and had a lot of the same strategy, but he made friends where Vanessa made enemies. Jmac would probably still take Vanessa over Austin, because he believes the hype about bitter jury voting, and he wouldn't want to take Austin or Liz, because of their showmance and comp performance. Jmac might take Steve, and Steve would be smart to take Jmac, so in that scenario I think Vanessa would have to win out.

            A Liz/Austin/Vanessa F3 would be worst case for Vanessa. She believes Austin when he tells her he can't beat Liz in F2 - but I don't believe that, and I don't believe that HE believes it either. He knows BB, so he knows about jury arguments and against Liz, he only really WONT have Julias vote. He has made more deals, and more game relationships with people in the house than she did. He feels like he did a lot to "protect" her and her sister, and had to do a lot of maneuvering in order to do so, which she didn't but reaped the benefit of. He has led lots of people to believe that he controlled the twins' votes.

            Liz could possibly be swayed to bring Vanessa instead of Austin, but I don't think she will. I think to her, she will buy what Austin sells about her beating him, and she will want to be even more "recognized" as being part of a showmance that made it to F2.

            So Liz or Austin going this week is still her best bet, because whoever stays would still fall to her, IMO. She would then hope that either Steve or Jmac goes next week.

            Maybe I haven't thought it through enough. But I just don't see the logic and Vanessa is usually good with logic. I think she is letting her personal feelings about Austin cloud her judgement here.

          • Ladychef
            Ladychef commented
            Editing a comment
            KeninVA- thank you so much! I knew you would explain it so even I could understand it.

        • #6
          LOL, I was thinking about the groveling Ken. Vanessa does seem to use this to make Austin and Liz grovel and come crawling back to her. I think that may be one of the reasons also that she sticks with Liz and Austin. She knows that she can manipulate them more easily than Steve and John. Every time they start wandering off and thinking on their own she reels them back in with a good grovel.

          LOL, Vanessa arguing with the DR about doing her session because she wants to go to bed since she has to do Noms at about 9:30. Since when so the HGs dictate stuff, This is Big Brother.


          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
            Editing a comment
            But, she's gonna be their next STAR!!

        • #7
          Good morning BBU

          Vanessa is just damn good. She doesn't have the finesse we've seen in the past, but, she has a way of convincing people. Right down to convincing them to completely grovel.

          I hate that we are going to miss all of the lead up and immediate response to veto! In my best twin voice....... It's not faaaaiiiirrr!


          • #8
            Morning, friends!
            My guess is that they will do nominations AND play POV while the feeds are down today. Then they will have the PoV Ceremony tomorrow since the eviction is Monday.

            The other possibility that I'm wondering about is a possible jury luxury competition like they did last year. They might do that today and PoV tomorrow.

            But last year at this time of the season, they played the F5 PoV on Friday (like today). That makes sense to me since they've got to get it all done in 4 days instead of 7, and the nominees need time to campaign.

            Obviously I'm just guessing, but that's what I think. I might change my mind.


            • Ladychef
              Ladychef commented
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              Nono, do we know when the houseguests find out Monday is an eviction day?

            • nonobadfish
              nonobadfish commented
              Editing a comment
              I think they already know, Ladychef. Well, I say that because the other day Steve said something about a shortened HoH and early eviction (I think he was talking to JMac). But they may not have told the other three. They SHOULD know because it's the same schedule that TPTB have followed for several years.

          • #9
            Once again nobody is able to slay the Dragon. And once again I'm frustrated. My problem last year and this year is not that there's a masterful player, it's that nobody is willing or able to take them out. Derrick had more stealth, but Vanessa is right there in front of them and THEY know it. They buy her crap, ignoring the old warning, caveat emptor.

            This season has been counterintuitive, such as allowing the twins in and letting them stay so long in the game. Now Vanessa is going to the Final Four and Three with that pair? She's playing against the odds and winning. So I'm resigned for another disappointing end to the season. If somebody finally wakes up and takes her out one of the next two rounds, we'll have a real game. Till then she's just shooting goldfish in the barrel.

            Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy men, since only Becky had the balls to take a real shot at her.

            Come on, Johnny, win the dang POV and save yourself. Then win HOH and be George and slay the Dragon. But I'm sure you'll shoot at the hairy meat shield pair instead. That's what she's counting on. We already lost Jon Snow this year. Not you too! If you go on Tuesday, there's nobody left for me to cheer for. Just four annoying obnoxious people.

            Clue to Vanessa' s girlfriend or future business associates. When her eyebrows go up above her nose, she gets teary eyed, and you can see all the whites of her eyes around the iris, SHE IS PLAYING YOU! When she says, she's doing THIS FOR YOU, she means it what Vanessa needs. When she says, how can you question my integrity, she means I'm gonna take you out for seeing the real me. When she shakes your hand on a deal, count your fingers.

            Oh well, not the end of my world. It's the anniversary of 9/11 and we know you can leave for work one day and then become just a memory in a moment. So enjoy this brief gift of life and give what you can to others. As the old song goes, 'Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, it's later than you think.'


            • ROB281
              ROB281 commented
              Editing a comment
              What blows me away is she talks to the people about how "their" moves are going to help her win, and they still fall in line with it!

            • BBhead
              BBhead commented
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              Ladycop, I don't think Jmac sleeps as much as the hg's think...I think he's studying, and then downplays that to the hg's. Since early this week, I've had a gut feeling Steve was the one going. Jmac is winning that veto!

            • Ladycop
              Ladycop commented
              Editing a comment
              BBhead, I so hope you are right and JMac wins that veto.....I so want him to win but each time I think he is in game mode he comes up short and then we find out he threw it. I am hoping that Austin remembers that John threw that POV to him so he could save himself last week. John has been very generous with allowing Steve and Austin to win over him.

          • #10
            Last night I was sorta sad I didn't have the feeds anymore. But after reading updates this morning, I'm glad to leave you guys to Vanessa's "integrity" show and me just get the cliff notes.


            • Ladycop
              Ladycop commented
              Editing a comment
              Yes, cutencuddly, it was a train wreck and I am taking your lead and going to cut my feeds as I am so tired of watching through spread fingers Austin and Liz at any time in that house or listening to Vanessa. I feel for Lexie having to listen and catch what she is saying. I just feel like I have more, and better, things to do with my time. This year has been brutal for me with LFU.

            • kokomogirl
              kokomogirl commented
              Editing a comment
              I cancelled my feeds in the wee hours this morning. I just don't want to watch the people that are left. There's not a single player that I care about. I am behind JMac by default. It's a matter of I dislike him the least. I can't say I like him because I don't understand him just sleeping away and don't think (or haven't seen) any kind of game plan from him. The others - well, they are just a waste of space on my computer and I don't want to waste my time watching people I have no interest in. I'll continue to watch the show and hang out here 'cause I am an addict and want to see this thing through and I like hanging with all my BBU family. But, in all honesty, the season is over for me. Just want to know who wins the $500,000. James for AFP!

          • #11
            Why does Vanessa keep talking about Dan being hated?

            Yes, Vanessa, you're going to be hated more than Dan. There is no contest. None in the slightest, and you're very strange for remembering Dan that way. Just because Ian was liked doesn't mean Dan was hated. But you are. Enjoy.

            And you're not even someone that people love to hate. You're not a good villain. Enjoy the rest of your life. And get help for your controlling ways.
            Last edited by cutencuddly; 09-11-2015, 08:10 AM.


            • Ladycop
              Ladycop commented
              Editing a comment
              Once again, I agree with you....I liked Dan. Vanessa isn't a student of BB and so she only goes by what she has researched or someone has told her. She is mad at Dan because she wanted to write a book about how to win BB and found out that Dan has beat her to the punch. I'm sure she thinks we hate Dr. Will.....wait a minute she probably doesn't know who he is.

            • KeninVA
              KeninVA commented
              Editing a comment

              Dan was not liked by the jury, on voting night. Even Jenn, who Dan worked very hard to preserve, voted against him in the end. She is trying to paint herself as unwinnable. She is not refereeing to the viewing public, just the jury.

            • BettyBoo
              BettyBoo commented
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              Dan wasn't liked in his 2nd coming, so Ian won. But frankly, the Dan funeral is a top classic BB move of all time. So deliciously wicked and effective.

          • #12
            The more I watch this season of Big Brother, the more I shake my head. I agree with KeninVA, Vanessa plays a fear driven game. We all know there are few behavioral rules in the game of Big Brother, but at what point does Vanessa cross the line from a driving the house with fear to becoming a Bully? She brow beats people, she gets in their face, she makes her own interpretation of other people's words. How many times has Vanessa actually kept her word?

            My opinion is the casting department missed the mark this season. DeVonne, Vanessa and possibly Jason are the only players this season with a cut throat, at any cost personality. Austin on paper should be that way but his real personality is a lot softer than casting realized. Whether we want to admit it or not and despite his short comings, Austin apparently was raised to respect women. Honestly I believe Austin is a romantic at heart keeping his real personality hidden, as best he can, to protect himself and those he holds dear.

            JMac is playing a losers game. Throwing competitions is no way to win the game of Big Brother. Steve is a mama's boy trying to grow a set on Television. As for Liz, she seems to be the wild card. Now that Julia is gone maybe we can see what Liz can do. Probably not, but I do like to dream at times.


            • PipelinersWife
              PipelinersWife commented
              Editing a comment
              You lost me at Austin raised to respect women. Embarrassing girlfriend at home to hook up with Liz. Doing things to Liz on camera that shouldn't be done. Granted she's as much to blame but that doesn't show respect IMO. Everything else I'm with you, lol.

          • #13
            "Vanessa to Austin - My integrity means the world to me.... I have not broken my word in this game"

            LOLOL ... well, at least she gave me a laugh. On that note, I think I'll unplug for the day before I go back to just being annoyed at her. Got better things to fret about today. LOLOLOL


            • Itssummer
              Itssummer commented
              Editing a comment
              Maybe the word "integrity" means "the world" in another language. Yes. It's Venessian.

            • cutencuddly
              cutencuddly commented
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              Ah, that makes sense now, Itssummer. She's teaching us her language.

          • #14
            I just don't care for Vanessa's brand of integrity. She looks for loopholes and rationalizes going after people for stupid reasons. At least other players say - I just said what I had to say, I'm not going to keep the deal! But she contorts herself until she can find the right reason to fit her plan. Just own it, you're playing people! It's BB. You're supposed to! But don't scream integrity while playing dirty and manipulating. I really don't get her at all. And I don't know how this will come off when she re-enters the real world. So many players have played and maintained they were lying, cheating and stealing all in the name of gameplay. But this false integrity stuff with the baby girl voice and batting eyelashes is so old. Play the game and claim responsibility for playing others. But don't try to convince us that you're doing it all on the up and up. We're watching you, we see with our own eyes what you are doing.

            Ugh, this house!


            • Walleye
              Walleye commented
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              I agree with Ladycop. ( well I'm afraid of ladycop😜) I think the thing some of us hate the most is Vanessa not ''owning it''. I am convinced she believes everything she says. Most of the rest of the world hates lawyers because of the same double talk thing.

            • misscmm
              misscmm commented
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              There is no softness to Van in her game play. The tears, the poor me, all about me is soooo over the top. There is a hard core shell around her and many of the players have said she is scary and intimidating and yet dazzles them with BS. She wears them down with political communication skills. This is such a bullying tactic. You have to wonder about her childhood to have learned these behaviors. She married a much older man and now is with a woman. She wants everyone to be her friend and yet sets them up to fail. We don't know for sure if she is bi-polar, (I think the med is a for anxiety) based on our interpretation of med time, but there is something going on behind those spinning eyes. People who feel out of control tend to become controllers. Deep down, they’re afraid of falling apart, so they micromanage to bind anxiety. They might have had chaotic childhoods, alcoholic parents, or experienced early abandonment, making it hard to trust or relinquish control to others, or to a higher power. Some controllers have a machismo drive to be top dog in both business and personal matters--a mask for their feeling of inadequacy and lack of inner power. To assert territorial prowess, they may get right up in your face when they talk. Even if you take a few steps away, they’ll inch forward again into your space. start sentences with, “You know what you need?”…then proceed to tell you.

            • Ladycop
              Ladycop commented
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              @wWalleye, you should be afraid, be very, very afraid. But remember, Ladycop loves you so you are safe. You can come stay with me whenever you and Mrs. Walleye want to.

          • #15
            Good morning all. Austin is playing a good game. He should have been gone a long time ago, but he is still in the house.

            This is not going to be well received and I am sure the majority will disagree with me. That is ok with me. I wish Vanassa would talk less. I think she is a careing person. I think she loves playing the game but not hurting people. I think she has played with integrity. She connected with Austin on day two. He is still in the game. She befriended Steve when everyone else was trashing him. She brought him in her alliance. He is still in the house.

            She was the one that embraced the twins. I think she liked Julia more. Julia is not in the house, but she did not leave at Vanessa's hand. Liz is still in the house. She even helped Liz and Austin this last week. Telling Liz that Austin really cared for her was not game. It would have helped Vanessa's game if Liz hated Austin.

            The only members of her alliance not in the house are Clay and Shelli. Again they did not leave by her hand. In fact I was impressed that when she was on the block with Shelli, she did not throw her under the bus. She did not say anything against Shelli.

            She made her alliance and worked hard to keep them together. Was it pretty, maybe not, but impressive in my mind. She did not have an alliance with any of the ones she helped eliminate. Did she lie, mislead, maybe but that is the game of BB. Many say she should own her game. What should she be saying in the DR? I think in her eyes actions speaks llouder. She is sitting in the final 5 and four are alliance members.


            • Ellee1
              Ellee1 commented
              Editing a comment
              This will sound strange but I've felt for a while now that Vanessa is not only playing to win for herself but also, if she were to get evicted/lose, she has an order of picks of who she would want to win.

              This might be the 'sap' coming out in me. I also believe that Vanessa will try to help Jason and others after the game regardless of what was said/done in the game because it is just a game. Vanessa's talk with Jason just rang true to me.

            • sea513
              sea513 commented
              Editing a comment
              Thank you, Luanne and Ken, for your defense of Vanessa-my favorite player.

            • Ladycop
              Ladycop commented
              Editing a comment
              Wait, don't think she had a hand in evicting Julia? I have to respectfully disagreed with that statement as I think she decided to open that door and gently shove Julia out because she wanted to have two couples in the game with her as the only single. She used that very strategy last night when she was talking with the ''duos''. She pointed out to Austin/Liz that they were a couple and then she turned around and said that Steve/John were also a couple. She couldn't have made that same case if Julia had stayed instead of Liz.

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