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Live Feed Discussion- June 27

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  • Live Feed Discussion- June 27

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    Lexie, just wanted to say I really enjoy your articles on the front page. Thanks for bringing me up to date..


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      Thanks.. I'll do my best this season

      I also updated today's Live Feed Updates thread, with a quick update of convos that happened after I stopped transcribing last night.


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        Austin and Van talking in the BY. he was just about to spill the beans to V about Da being a card dealer, but she started talking about catching Steve in a lie about some software the isn't compatable with Apple, but Steve said he has it on his apple.
        When Austin started picking up where he left off, V gets called into the DR and FISH.
        Austin is just briefing V about the happenings of yesterday regarding Audrey and Da. Not sure if this will hurt his game or if V really is in the dark about stuff.

        Seems lke V has finally woke up to play the game.....and, of course, Audrey made yet another "we can go far together to the end" deal with V.


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          I seriously can not tell who is being sincere with who. So many of them have multiple alliances. I'm not sure how sincere Vanessa was with Austin, but she seemed to be leading him to figure some things out. I think she was more sincere than she was with Audrey last night, but who knows.

          Please let Audrey get busted for all the deals she has and all the mess she is spreading. Everybody sees it, but noone seems inclined to do anything about it. Of course, she does seem to be bringing the drama which is a good thing for us.


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            POV scrabble-type word game confirmation??

            Posted a link instead of the actual pic. Are we still not allowed to embed pics off of the official CBS LF's??


            • KennyERJ
              KennyERJ commented
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              Joe, Lexie will have to confirm this but I think it's only pics that have been altered or pics that contain nudity.

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            Pictures of the Live Feeds can be posted here.

            As Kenny said, per CBS guidelines, we just can't have any nude pictures or pictures that have been altered.

            Other than that, any pictures from the live feeds or CBS can be posted here.

            Were you having trouble posting it?


            • joebourg62
              joebourg62 commented
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              No trouble posting it. Just wasn't sure of what the rules were. I thought that only the mods were able to post CBS stuff. I am just checking.

            • Lexie
              Lexie commented
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              Thanks for checking and thanks for posting : )

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            I don 't have the feeds this year but from what I am reading Audrey seems like a s**t stirrer.


            • ladynascar88
              ladynascar88 commented
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              But to hear her talk from the little I've seen or read so far it seems she's putting it all on everyone else and she's done no wrong - just going by what I've heard her say.

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            At least one set of Cam's are on either LiJu or Audrey. It sure seems like Audrey is like Andy on Steroids as far as constantly bouncing around the house and Helen on steroids not being able to STFU.


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              Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates - "Feeling the Pinch"

              Big Brother 17 Austin Matelson and Jace Agolli are becoming increasingly more aware that Jace may be in trouble this week. The drama inside the Big Brother


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                3:30 pm, Cam 3

                Shelli and Clay

                S (Crying) – “This Jace thing is breaking my heart. I don’t want to send him home…there are some people who have not been kind to me and I would be OK with them being gone.”


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                  3:50 pm

                  I was wondering why the house has been quiet. Audrey just woke up from a 3+ hour nap, now she is "making the rounds"

                  Also, anther reason is that for the past several hours, the Feeds have been on only 2 cams instead of 4.


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                    Shelli and Clay


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                      Who exactly does want Jace gone, other than James and Audrey? I don't get why they are so adamant that he has to go.


                      • joebourg62
                        joebourg62 commented
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                        I believe that Jace wants Jason gone....which is why literally the whole house is leading him to believe that Jason is gonna be the renom. But it is just the blindside set up for when Jace gets the renom.

                        Oopps, misunderstood your post. The "High Rollers", I think because he aligned early with Austin.

                        Also, this being the first week, we can't "flash Back" to when they entered the house to see exactly what Jace did to get on peoples nerves in the house.
                        Last edited by joebourg62; 06-27-2015, 06:30 PM.

                      • BettyBoo
                        BettyBoo commented
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                        It's kinda funny, but I've only seen Jace on the 2 network shows and I want him gone. Kinda loud & hyper - could get on your nerves 24/7 if he's all way all the time.

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                      • joebourg62
                        joebourg62 commented
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                        Hard to keep track with her. She is in the "High Rollers", she has "F2/I have your back to the end, trust me" agreements with the whole house, a loose deal with Clay and Shelli as Clay was kicked out of the "High Rollers". F2 with Da, even though she wants her out next week. Who knows what else she has going on.

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