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New Members - Returning Members - Do You Need Help Posting?

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  • New Members - Returning Members - Do You Need Help Posting?

    New Members ... Returning Members..

    Is there some where you want to post but can't figure out how to?

    It's a lot like the old BBU.... just type and click "post reply" ...

    If you're looking for the Live Feed Discussion threads.... they are HERE

    Or try HERE for the HOH winners, Nominations, etc.

    The BBU Cafe thread is HERE

    If you want to post on any of the threads....

    Just look at the bottom of the page where it says " write something" ..

    Type what you want... and then hit the "green" Post Reply button that's to the right ~~~ > ( you'll see it when you are typing)

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    I had to create a new account as it would not let me sign in or recognize my email address.


    • garricks
      garricks commented
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      Everyone had to create a new account. You're not alone.

    • KennyERJ
      KennyERJ commented
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      Hi & Welcome back, LisaCatt77!

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    Hi LisaCatt77 -Welcome to the new Big Brother Updates

    Like garricks said above ... everyone had to register again....we're happy you found us!


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