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Live Feed Discussion - September 23 - Finale Night

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  • Live Feed Discussion - September 23 - Finale Night

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    I can't think about this too much or I'll get all weepy, wordy and my mascara will run.

    But...I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed reading the discussions here this season. It's so bittersweet, like Steve, I'm not good with endings. So, I'm not going to look at it as and ending.. I'm looking at it as the beginning of a new quest to be here again next season for Big Brother 18.

    I truly hope you guys will stick around and bring your amazing discussions to Survivor and/or the Amazing Race.

    Thank you so much for being a part of another Big Brother Season here at BBU.

    You all mean so incredibly much to me

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    • nonobadfish
      nonobadfish commented
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      Lexie and Rob, you one word....wonderful. Thank you so very much for all you do, and hugs to you both. (You too, fabulous mods!)

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    Morning Lexie, and all who follow,

    A week of no real game has the been the end to the most surprising season of all. Liz is going to end up in a final 2 chair, the only question being who takes her there.

    This has been a fantastic season, and with a final three who could all win, and all had great impact on the game, each in their own ways. For a season that spun and turned at each HoH, and with every competition an opportunity to take the game in another direction, this final 3 all had a hand in driving the game to this conclusion, and for the first time since season 7, there are no goats at the end.

    This season broke down into two halves, divided by the creation and destruction of Dark Moon, in a 48 hour period. The first half was dominated by Vanessa and Shelly, and had Austin been the F13 boot, instead of Jason, the game would have taken a very different path.

    With Jason's boot, and James resolve to punish Shelly and Clay, the games second half was set. Had James kept Shelli and Clay, they would have remained loyal to him, I believe, and the outcome of the game would also be totally different.

    In the event, Vanessa dominated competitions, and strategies, while Liz's superior social game, and unquestioning loyalty to Scamper Squad brought her to the end. Steve has tried to play the villain, but never got power, or the gumption, to actually betray Vanessa, until now. He has one last chance to pull the trigger, and put his "game Mommy" out of the house. But, even if he does, will he carry the day? We won't know until the show tonight.

    I want to thank everyone who interacted with me, whether we agreed or not. My fun with this show, is driven by my own version of fantasy BB, where I try to figure out the strategies and drivers of the major players in the game. This year has been especially fun for me, as the player I most identify as my "Archetype", Vanessa, continually surprised me, from the beginning of the show to the end. But, what makes me happiest, is when others will interact with me, forcing me to defend my views, or change them. It is a great gift that BBU gives, a place that others can talk about the strategy of the game, and respect that we all see things differently.

    Lastly, to Lexie, Rob, and all the mods, thank you for all the effort you put in. I know this is a dedication of love, and I want you all to know how much I appreciate your efforts. I encourage anyone reading this to make a donation tomorrow, when the show is over, but the need remains. I will be making my off season donation by the weekend, to help keep this place alive until next summer, and I hope all of you will join me.

    And so, the end is here, the outcome uncertain, and three good players are going to be happy or sad, like many of us, as our favorites, or favorite to hate, face the last few obstacles.


    • Livzee
      Livzee commented
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      Thanks for your thoughts each day... You are my summertime morning paper.

    • farmergurl
      farmergurl commented
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      KeninVA......As always, you said it best!

    • herms is here
      herms is here commented
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      I agree. I to always enjoy reading your analysis.

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    Lexie, everyone here is like my therapy. With my walking problems due to vertigo and hip and knee issues, I don't get out and about as much as I'd like. So thoroughly enjoy the conversations that range from downright delightfully silly to mind expanding analytical. Plus it's fun that we are from so many places in US and Canada and would never run into each other in the non-computer age. I wish I could give more, but it's tough with a tight budget.

    I am looking forward to the premier of Survivor AND (finally) the end of BB. Those people have worn me out. Then the Race begins on Friday (Sgt B will watch that one only, since its more skill than wiles and doesn't get in the way if his football-grin, since its not on Sunday now.)

    The new format works great with my Kindle, so that makes me happy too. Don't have to be chained to a a computer on a desk.

    Its not over till it's over. Adios, Yogi Bera. I'm sure St. Peter will shout when you arrive, 'Play Ball!' Go, Pope Francis. What a wonderful man, true saint on earth.

    And may Vanessa get got by Steve, so I can say, it's about time. (Sorry Vanessa lovers, but she'll be back if she does lose.) Then Steve should win, but we still aren't 100% sure. They keep us confused to the end.


    • #5

      It is a testament to this season, that some things are still up in the air this late in the game. I am giddy with excitement and fraught with trepidation for the finale tonight. This is the first time in a very long time that my personal favorite from when cast bios were released made it all the way to the end, so it has been a particularly enjoyable season for me. That, and this new website full of the smartest, most passionate, and all-around awesome BB fans. Will make a donation later tonight. It has been an amazing ride, and for that, I am grateful to every single one of you.

      I can't believe Vanessa has not checked in with Steve that he is taking her to F2 if he wins. She is making an assumption that he is logical about the locked votes in Liz's favor. This is her worst read on a HG all season long (I guess the incentives have been cast aside). Here's hoping Vanessa wins the Final HoH, 1. she gets into BB book of records with the most HoH wins, and 2. most importantly, she earns the much deserved win which she would have gotten by her own hard work in the game. If Steve wins, and evicts her, here's hoping Liz wins the $500K prize. Any other outcome will ruin this season for me.

      Looking forward to our final #BB17 hangout later tonight.


      • PumpkinPie
        PumpkinPie commented
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        I will be bitter if Vanessa doesn't win. I can't help it. I've enjoyed being on the Vanessa train with you!!

      • Luanne
        Luanne commented
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        I have been on the Vanessa train all year. I so hope she wins.

    • #6
      So hoping for a Steve to win it all. I don't like the women at all. Johnny Mac was my fav to win, James I voted for FF. I surely hope that do not ever again put someone on that is a multi millionaire! aka Vanessa.


      • Livzee
        Livzee commented
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        Ditto my friend.

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      Well, a finale night where about the only thing we know is that Austin won't be America's Favorite. I would guess the suspense will end on the winner if Vanessa wins part 3. If Steve does, it should leave at least a little more drama until the end of the show. It has been another fun year of Big Brother. Looking forward to Survivor and the Amazing Race.


      • crissykins
        crissykins commented
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        yay Survivor!!

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      A big thank you to the members of BBU for letting me join you this year. The bad news is this is the last night of BB. The good news for me is it shouldn't be too much longer and my husband will be home from the job in WV. BBU has been a sanity saver for me with him gone the last 6 weeks. My 3.5lb chihuahua yorkie mix doesn't talk back and my 16 year old son is well a 16 yr old, lol. Excited for tonight but for now nap time since up half the night.


      • Livzee
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        Been nice to have you... Stick around for survivor and amazing race... The shows not as intense on here but same great BBU people!

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      There is a good article by Dr. Will on TV insider. He talks about hosting this years round table and about the Jury members. He is very sneaky. He said he wasn't hosting it this year.


      • Myragirl
        Myragirl commented
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        I was just coming over to talk about that. He is the quintessential host for the jury round table, and I am glad I get to see him again this year. When he turns the gig down, we might see Dan or Derrick step in.

        I loved the shade he threw at Austin. Nobody likes you Austin. Get over it already, and please go away.

      • Tina182
        Tina182 commented
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        Thanks I will have to go read that. He had tweeted not to long ago that CBS went a different route this year and he wouldn't be doing it. Then I heard a rumor from the rumor guy that it would be Will Derrick and Dan. Never did see a photo leak like years past. So looking forward to tonight.

      • Cher51
        Cher51 commented
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        Good Article, thanks for the heads up! Looks like it could be a cliffhanger ending.

    • #10
      Hey all,

      Just watching last nights BBAD while I write my daily NBA pieces and couldn't help but laugh at Vanessa/Steve calling Liz "Grabby FINGERS" during pot ball comp. If only she knew!

      They all seemed pretty hyped last night as they can't wait to get out of the BB house & are speculating on lots of things. Funny they weren't aware they were on POP last night and perhaps that's why we got a bit of vitriol out of Steve (towards Jason), Liz (towards Meg's entitlement... had to laugh over that b/c although I understand Liz's statement she certainly should look in a mirror). Funny for as much as Vanessa has handled people this season she really didn't have much negative to say about anyone.

      Some other points I found amusing:

      *Group discussing JMac making a mistake on F4 POV b/c he's NOT a fan of the show. LOL
      * Discussion on DaVonne: (2 separate items) Steve saying Day outed his alliance so he knew she couldn't be trusted (of note I think Audrey overheard and told Jace who told Steve) and Liz worrying about what type of reaction she would get from DaVonne for the nasty goodbye message she left.
      * Vanessa's face in response to Steve saying James made a big mistake going after Clelli and again by evicting Shelli instead of Vanessa. NOTE: it's obvious Vanessa knows Steve will evict her, I wonder if she's worried at all.
      * Liz kept going on and on about her parents & how her Mom/Grandma would be talking about the twins non-stop to anyone who'll listen. I'm sure they are proud parents, but I wonder if they are actually avoiding those conversations with "everyone" given how her daughter has been shown to be and what ALL the live feeders, Youtubers and social media know about Ms. Grabby Fingers!

      Moving ahead to the finale tonight as much as I hope for a good outcome for Luanne and Ken who've pulled for Vanessa all season I'm really more excited to see:

      *jury clips
      *Jason & DaVonne back on the stage (hope they ask them questions instead of Audrey)
      * who wins Fan Favorite.......... praying TPTB actually give it to both JMac & James based on all the technical issues
      * Vanessa being worth millions and one of the top poker players in the world at one time
      * Whether anyone in the audience yells out anything at Austin or Liz re: their "antics"
      * How the audience reacts to each introduced hamster & the look on the others faces as they realize who was REALLY liked this season
      * And obviously the reaction of the Austwins as it becomes very clear via the top 3 Fan Favorite vote getters that they weren't loved at all.

      I'm also very excited to see what clips they'll show everyone once the votes are locked in and the responses, such as:
      * Liz and Steve being the votes to keep Jeff
      * DaVonne being the one who won the comp to nullify the votes (NOT Jason as everyone kept saying & Vanessa KNEW to be true)
      * Clay & Meg getting cozy in the bathroom

      I'm hoping someone will YouTube the interviews as the one sadness I've had this season is the snubbing of Canada from the feeds and interviews. I hope they choose to rectify that next season.

      Above all I'm sad to be saying goodbye to my daily fix of Ken, NoNo, Cute, Livzee, Russell, Luanne, Colleen, Walleye, Crissy, Betty, Head, Kenny, Geo, BBFanShan, Rainey (congrats again on your novel), Slyone, Pipe, Pumpkin and all of you wonderful BBUers (if I left someone out I interact with my apologies).

      YOU are my summer treat and even when things don't go my way on the actual show it matters little because I have you all to interact, commiserate, debate, rant and above all share with.

      Wishing you all a wonderful off season and look forward to next summer when we shall all convene again.

      Tamberlyn aka TTOTambz xoxo
      Last edited by TTOTambz2; 09-23-2015, 10:15 AM.


      • PumpkinPie
        PumpkinPie commented
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        It's always nice reading your thoughtful posts. I will miss this morning ritual. See you next year (or maybe sooner if we post on Survivor/TAR.) Have a great NBA season.

      • Walleye
        Walleye commented
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        Thanks to you Ttot and Ken for my morning BB briefing.😀

      • TTOTambz2
        TTOTambz2 commented
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        My pleasure. I'll try to get over to the Survivor thread, but you can get a daily fix of me either via Twitter or Raptors Republic or Space City Scoop . And for those of you who don't think you like NBA you should know most of my female friends have become fans because I approach it from a more emotional standpoint than my counterparts. One of my BFF's just recently shocked a room full of male BBall addicts b/c of how much she knew. Her husband said 'I've been trying to get you to like BBall for years... wtf .... lol' She said 'yes, but Tamberlyn explained it to me' Gotta love it!

    • #11
      I don't even know what to say. Everyone knows I'm rooting for the most chaotic result because I'm on #TeamKarma and in the #BitterJuryAlliance. But I don't want to say anything snarky against anyone's favorite player ... not today ... *sniff* ... this last day ... *sniff* ... of us all being together for the summer.

      Heck, I even like Liz today ... and probably America would have liked both twins so much better if Austin hadn't dragged them down. (Though Liz went into that play-mode wide-eyed, so maybe she would have done it with someone else ... but as long as it wasn't Austin.) Liz seemed nearly sweet in these last few days. And how hilarious would it be (#TeamChaos) if Ken was right about the jury and Liz walked away with the money ... and Liz's family walked away with the twins and left Austin standing on the curb with no shared contact info.



      • #12
        As someone who's been lurking on here for many years, I've come out of the shadows some this year. Thank you for this welcoming place . Certainly this season has been weird in a good way, and go Steve!!! I'll be checking in all year, so I hope some of you will be also. In addition to seeing the house guests, we get to see rivalry of ideas among BBU peeps, and I for one just love that.
        I can't wait til the the Austwits trio see how much we have been shanked out by them, how weird Clelli as a relationship was, and how much we loved the mice tho game wise they were blind. And Jmac tho I like him is the great unknowable of this season on a personal level.
        See you all on here tonight, well on the episode discussion! 😋❤️


        • Walleye
          Walleye commented
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          Yes. The TBM made the feeds a lot better this season. They were truly blind.😎

        • TTOTambz2
          TTOTambz2 commented
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          I'm with you all. the three blind mice, the two blind mice and my favorite James blind mouse made BBAD worth sifting through 2 to 3 hours a night just so see them do something silly.

          As much as there may have been alliances the mice were true to their name and were blindly loyal to each other. Many pondered if only they could have looked outside their own mouse hole they could possibly have found a way to trap the others. I prefer to look at it like it was the FACT they were so blindly loyal that we loved them. 😋❤️

        • Lynette
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          Glad this season brought you out of lurkdom! I almost didn't come here this season but made it here a month in. Glad I came and got to 'meet' you and other new BBU members and see old friends.

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        Has anyone read the article by Dr. Will regarding the jury round-table? Very interesting. Let me know if you want a link to it. According to him, we have a pissed off jury.


        • Livzee
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          I just read it... Interesting he thinks Steve may win... Tells me Vanessa's mechanical manipulation and bombast about integrity may blow up in her face.

      • #14
        Link please! Thanks in advance!!!!


        • Livzee
          Livzee commented
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          Google TV insider. Then you will see the article listed on the right

      • #15
        Thanks augie33 and BBhead for the heads up regarding the TV Insider interview with Dr. Will. He is certainly spot on regarding all the players and he thinks Steve will win! Yes!

        In an ideal world;

        Vanessa wins Part 3 of the Final HOH and takes Steve to the final. Steve wins. OR
        Steve wins Part 3 of the Final HOH and takes Liz to the final. Steve wins. OR
        Vanessa takes Liz. Liz wins. OR
        Steve takes Vanessa. Steve wins.

        Is anyone seeing a pattern here...?


        • cutencuddly
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        • Blogzie
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        • Walleye
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's coming to me.............nope, I don't see a pattern at all.😆

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