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Live Feed Discussion - June 28

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  • Live Feed Discussion - June 28

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      I may not be able to find that it says you are online anywhere but I can feel your presence 1954!!!


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        Holy Moly. Audrey never stops. I wake up to her in the HoH with James and Jason and she seems to be throwing almost everyone under the bus, Day, Vanessa, Jeff, Clay, Jackie, etc. LOL

        Ohh, now she's going to get Shelli to shore up her loyalty. At least Jason and James seem to be able to think through it logically.


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          The irony of Audrey saying there has been a lot of weird behavior from a lot of people. Most of the other people have seemed to be behaving pretty normally, She is straight up nuts. She never seems to tall about anything but game with anyone.

          Why is Vanessa on her radar all of a sudden?


          • #6
            Now Jeff is on the hotplate. Audrey is going down to get him. When will these people internalize that all of this is coming from Audrey? LOL


            • #7
              That person behind the scenes causing the chaos is you Audrey. OMG, this is sooooo hilarious. Please Jeff tell her it is her.

              Jeff, Jeff, Jeff you may have signed your death warrant. Caliing Audrey's theory ridiculous. Accusing her of interrogating him, admitting he asked Clay if Audrey could be trusted, basically telling her they're being ridiculous.

              I am running out of adjectives. This stuff is nuts. They may have driven Jeff away from them.


              • #8
                Does Jason not remember that Audrey started the whole Vanessa and Jackie, girls alliance rumor in a conversation with him early in the day. Wow, they have to be pumping something in to that house.


                • #9
                  I think Jeff is not buying what they are selling. He's coming across as thinking they are bat****.

                  James is also funny (in a not funny way). They go round and round about people being dangerous and turning people against them, yet all he can say when they ask what are they going to do is "Stick to the Plan". I think they could tell him that anyone else would definitely put him up and out and he would still go with the Jace plan. I hope we find out why he hates Jace so bad.


                  • #10
                    Is Audrey really going to convince all these people that Vanessa started the girls alliance rumor when Audrey and Jason came up with that? With Jason sitting right there? I have to believe that Audrey is just trying to deflect so she doesn't get caught, otherwise I have to believe she is a sociopath.


                    • #11
                      My head is spinning so much from trying to figure out these HGs and keep track of alliances on the feeds. I gave up early and instead read updates which just makes me appreciate everyone who did the updates even more, so a BIG THANKS to you! I know we like HGs who come to play, I just think with these HGs, it's too convoluted and way too soon. Most importantly, I don't like Audrey. Her s***-stirring ways is coming between me and my getting to know the HGs. She's got her hand in every cookie jar and not in a good way. I don't get her rationale. If she ruins everyone's game, she won't have any allies left. However, because she seems to drive the drama, so I don't want her gone. Maybe just being outed will do it. I want to see her scrambling. On the other hand, so far I think like Steve and Vanessa.


                      • #12
                        Oh good. Jeff and Jason are outside talking and both realize that Audrey is stirring up all the drama and then trying to deflect. I guess they can't say anything yet because Audrey has James' ear and he hasn't made his replacement nom. I have no clue how this is going to go. Audrey could be in trouble sooner rather than later.

                        Of course Audrey comes out. She wants to wake up Meg and Clay now. ROFLMAO. Let's just have a house meeting.


                        • #13
                          I'm really liking Jeff and Jason together. They have Audrey pegged. Jason said she goes on about they're going to draw a line next week when she is the one drawing the line.


                          • #14
                            Common denominator in all of it is Audrey. BINGO!


                            • #15
                              Julia (as opposed to Liz) has a small light mole nearly in the middle of her left cheek.
                              Something to remember when looking to see who is who.
                              Their noses are different, and they do (at least sometimes) part their hair differently.


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