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  • BB17 Interviews

    This is the place to find interviews of some of your favorite (and not so favorite) houseguests. Everyone wants to edit and make them all pretty for you, so some have said they won't be up until the first of next week. Please keep checking here for the newest uploaded videos.

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    To listen to Rob Cesternino podcast click HERE
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    The Hollywood Reporter Interviews Steve
    SEPTEMBER 24, 2015 12:41pm PT by Brian Porreca
    'Big Brother 17' Winner Talks Being Bullied By Vanessa and What Fans Didn't See

    Steve Moses CBS "Know who your character is, know who you want to portray," Steve Moses tells THR about his winning strategy.
    One of Big Brother's biggest fans walked away with the ultimate prize Wednesday.
    "I won by one question tonight and that would have been the difference between winning and third place," Steve Mosestold The Hollywood Reporter after he was crowned Big Brother 17's winner.
    This season saw a mix of recruits and super fans like Austin and Steve who dreamt of the day they would step inside the Big Brother house. "You get too many super fans in there it just gets nerdy and bad," fan favorite Johnny Mac told THR. "They should recruit a good amount of people." Luckily for die-hard followers, one of their own made it to the end and took home the $500,000 prize. Moses spoke with THRabout taking out Vanessa, whether or not she bullied him, and if he's returning to the game anytime soon.

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      The Hollywood Reporter Interviews Liz
      SEPTEMBER 24, 2015 10:41am PT by Brian Porreca
      'Big Brother 17' Runner-Up Talks "Twin Twist" and Skipping "Have-Not" Punishments

      CBS THR talked to the twin from Miami who almost won the game.
      Liz Nolan came up short on winning Big Brother 17, but her runner-up status was still a feat considering she and her twin sister weren't even supposed to be on the CBS reality competition.
      "We were supposed to be on another show. They told us you're auditioning for a show it's kind of like Big Brother, Amazing Race, and Survivor," Big Brother 17 runner-up Liz's twin sister Julia Nolan told The Hollywood Reporter at Wednesday's live season finale.
      So, did the "Twin Twist" come to the two blondes from Miami or did they land in front of the Big Brotherproducers as a golden opportunity to bring back season five's memorable twist. Julia adds, "It was called The Twins Project, but I literally just found out that wasn't a real show. I'm so happy that they liked us! We made it onto Big Brother that is pretty amazing." THR talked to Liz about her move to Los Angeles, and why she didn't stick to "Have-Not" punishments.

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        The Hollywood Reporter Interviews Vanessa
        SEPTEMBER 24, 2015 8:50am PT by Brian Porreca
        'Big Brother 17': Professional Poker Player Talks Crying, Deals and Intimidation

        CBS Vanessa Rousso, who was pegged by many to be the winner this season, came up short. THR spoke to her moments after this season's live finale.
        "I was never going to be America's favorite. I'm not funny. I'm not entertaining. I'm a strategist; that's not really fun to watch," Vanessa Rousso told The Hollywood Reporter moments after this season's Big Brother finale. The professional poker player and Las Vegas resident cried her way through the season, liked to spit the word "deal" and, many argue, used intimidation along the way. Here, Rousso talks to THR moments after Stevemade the biggest move of the summer, leaving the gambler with no extra money in her pocket.

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          Video Interviews from Ed Brophe:




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