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Live Feed Discussion-June 30

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  • Live Feed Discussion-June 30

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  • #2
    Holy cow, these people! If I wasn't working, my whole day would be turned upside down. All the drama goes on in the wee hours.

    Jeff has tipped off Clay and Shelli about Audrey. The guy has a serious bromance going with Clay.

    Jace is campaigning. As he should.

    Audrey is in full paranoia mode and thinks it's all because Jace may out the Five Alive Alliance, so she wants to do a preemptive strike to put it out to everyone (Becky, Steve, John, Vanessa) so she doesn't look sketcky. She wants to call a house meeting and basically makes sure everyone is up.

    Audrey has told Jace that everyone knew the plan from day one was to backdoor him. Basically threw her whole alliance under the bus.

    More comparing stories going on with Clay, Shelly, Day,and Jeff in the bedroom.

    Audrey, Jason, Meg, Jace, and probably others are outside.

    Darn it, I have to go to work.


    • #3
      GOOD MORNING everyone. I have not been able to watch the feeds at night. I get up early (just can not sleep in). I log in and they are always still up. Thanks to everyone that do watch at night, it helps keep me caught up. Is Jeff the new Audrey? It sounds like he is going around to everyone. At first they did not want her to know they were on to her but now it is out in the open. They all have told Jace they are on to her. He will share that with Audrey. She will not sit back and take it. This group does not know how to sit back, look and listen. I hope that all the big guns (talkers) take each other out and Steve and John gets to float by. I think they will be the two of the four nominated every week.


      • ~smee~
        ~smee~ commented
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        ITA with your assessment, Luanne. While I was reading the LFU from overnight, I kept thinking Jeff was the new Audrey. Boy can't keep his mouth shut. I'm also hoping Steve and John sneak through, but I am afraid that they are going to be the "goto" noms each week.

    • #4
      I just want Liz to make it through to week 5, so the twin twist will come out. I'm finding myself liking Vanessa too, unfortunately she is on the radar.

      My goodness, Audrey is full on paranoid.


      • #5

        They're all afraid to go in the room because Audrey will interrogate them. Noone wants to deal with her.

        uh oh, Audrey is talking to Shelli


        • #6
          Now they think she is getting information from the diary room. Da still wants to know who told her about Da, Liz and Austin's conversation. Maybe they will think that. Now they are talking about the twins in the house and how Audrey was asking about it. Crazy BB house. lol, lol


          • #7
            Lots of fish, since they are talking about her getting information from diary room.


            • #8
              Yep, that was pretty interesting Luanne. Shelli was telling them about Audrey telling her that she was getting questions about twins in the DR. When she said that the feeds went to fish.

              I can't believe that Audrey hasn't gotten out of bed. Noone wants to go in the bedroom because she interrogates them.


              • #9
                What a house of cards Audrey has built. They are all falling down around her. I think Jace will still go home.


                • #10
                  Poor Shelli, she is going to have a hard time playing this game. She can not lie.


                  • #11
                    Jace did this to himself. If not for my dislike of Audrey, I'd be happy he's going home because I don't think I would like him very much. Admittedly I have not been able to watch a lot of feeds but it seems to me that Jace is spending more time pouting than fighting to stay. And I hate that in a player.

                    And, is it just me or does Jeff seem like the lost Baldwin brother to anyone else?


                    • fista-79
                      fista-79 commented
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                      Jeff is (to me) what a Will Wheaton and Baldwin brother offspring would look like 😂

                  • #12
                    what is it with Audrey and house meetings? she's been trying to have a house meeting since day 1..or at least since the feeds went live. every day she says they should have a house meeting. that seems like the last thing she would want!


                    • #13
                      IKR Crissykins! I keep answering her by saying outloud, "Are you crazy? Have you see how those things turn out?" I'm thinking she must have a huge plan to throw someone under the bus and run it back and forth over them during one of those "house meetings".

                      And I want to whisper in her ear, "I don't think that means what you think it means". lol


                      • #14
                        Good morning, everyone. Yep, these are some nutty hamsters!

                        Can someone list the HGs that are really superfans? I know Steve is, I know I have heard Austin discuss people from past seasons, not recent seasons, eithe, so I think he may be. So many say they are superfans and they mean that they've crammed the last two seasons in the last two months kind of thing.


                        • #15
                          I know Jason is. I think Jason and Steve are the biggest. I read somewhere that John was but he did not want the house to know. He has been really laying low. Da is not a SUPER fan but has been watching a long time with her Grandmother.(I think I am right about Da) Austin is and even did a podcast last year I think.


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