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Live Feed Discussion - July 1

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  • Live Feed Discussion - July 1

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    Good Morning!
    A LOT happened yeterday...
    You can catch up HERE and HERE and by reading the live feed updates HERE
    I hope you guys are enjoying the new website. We're so happy you're here with us for another Big Brother season!


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      Good morning--

      Lexie you are right, a lot happened yesterday. Thanks for the articles- great recap. Thank you and the other live feed posters. I was on early last night, no one was around so left. Had a lot of reading to do this morning.

      I do not like Jace and will not miss him if he leaves. However, I do not want a large alliance like last year. If the larger alliance stays all the ones I like will be picked off one by one. A divided house would make a better game. Not sure how the power would flip week to week because of the BOB. If house is divided and the HOH winners are from each side , what a BOB we would have.

      Off to do some viewing of the events from yesterday and last night.


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        Good morning! To continue about Jace and Steve, yes, Jace didn't come off well in that haranguing he gave him (to get his vote? Are you kidding?) But I do wonder about Steve. Anything in the press I've read does not have him coming off quite like the mouse he is being in the house, and at this point I think he's faking a lot of the social awkwardness. Yes, he's probably has more social problems than others, but I think a good share of what we are seeing is strategy to keep a very low profile "I'm not the droid you're looking for" behaviour. Which I think is great because I like him. So he may not have been as bullied by Jace as it looks like. I hope not because it was nasty.

        I think Jace will be going home and he should be. No matter what, he's a competitor and you want them out when you can get them. You don't want to take out the Jackies when you have a Jace sitting beside her. He also is whiny and a cry baby and doesn't even seem to have a thought for what Jackie is going through at all. It's all Jace, Jace, Jace with him. Boot his butt out the door. This is Big Brother, not Kumbaya time.


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          i don't like bullies, and no matter how Steve took it, I don't like the way Jace dished it out.


          • #6
            The whole "bro" thing that lasted 12 seconds on the last show, and you know they did it more than that! Arrgghh!!

            And yep, seems Audrey blew up her game big time. There isn't any reason to do what she's been doing and so much! Waaaay too fast for this early in the game. It seems like she doesn't even really remember what she's saying and to whom she has (and is!) saying it to. Too many lies.

            As for the twin twist, I caught on Sunday, I think it was Sunday afternoon... That one twin was wearing nail polish. Then right after the DR, no nail polish, then a short time later, back to nail polish after the DR. Sloppy!!


            • ElizaJ
              ElizaJ commented
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              I missed the twin thing. Who is the house guest that has the twin? TIA

          • #7
            Just watched Jace and Stephen. It lasted 20 mins. What a bully. I think Steve is trying to play up his social problems. I do think he has a little more confidence than he is showing. He knew going in he would not fit in with most of the house guest and decided to play the social misfit. I feel for him as I am sure he will be the go to nominee each week along with John. I hope he is able to build something with someone to help him stay.

            Audrey is really good and could have went a long way in the house. Knowing everything I know she stills makes me believe her. If she had not played so hard she could have won the game. There are several in the large alliance that will flip according to who wins HOH. I hope none of the "8" that were in control this week wins. I like several of them but do not want this season to be like last season.


            • #8
              So is there really an allianceforming with clay, austin Jeff and others. Is Jace really going home? I am so confused and the season just started.


              • Luanne
                Luanne commented
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                I do not know. Jeff is a little like Audrey. He talks too much. He was telling Meg and James that Clay was playing both sides and he is doing that also. I just do not like Jeff.

            • #9
              Steve may be playing up his social misfit side but what Jace did - how he talked to him - went far beyond what he needed to do. I liked Jace from the beginng, but I don't know if I can feel anything but disgust after hearing/seeing this. Wow!


              • #10
                Just an out of left field query - how come we don't see drones invading the backyard? Seems like it wouldn't be that hard to do. Loved the days when Boogie yelled over the wall or planes w/banners flew over. The powers that be control too much now.


                • joebourg62
                  joebourg62 commented
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                  Drones will happen sooner than later, for sure.
                  According to ED, CBS has "bird dogs" at the local airports to let them know if a banner plane takes off.
                  Personally, knowing what I know now about the influence of the DR, I am no longer anti-banner plane/megaphone/drone to even the playing field.
                  Last edited by joebourg62; 07-01-2015, 11:22 AM.

                • BettyBoo
                  BettyBoo commented
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                  I know they'd chase the HGs out of the yard when there were planes, but would love to see if a drone could sneak through their defense shields. I do think the producers do so much to gin up the show, that they miss the best nature of it with us just getting to watch the hamsters. This year there sure doesn't seem to be much of the personal discussions that made other season so interesting. Its all game game game and no getting to know each other as people.

              • #11
                So is Austin on Jace's side or not? Everyone in this house is confusing to me.


                • Shan
                  Shan commented
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                  I'm with you purr! I can't make heads nor tails of things so far ..perpetually confused I am 😳

                • herms is here
                  herms is here commented
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                  My thoughts are that he is. But outwardly showing it would put a big target on his back. What do you all think.

              • #12
                I could be wrong but I think that Austin and Vanessa are with him for sure. As for anyone else it is still kind of up in the air...


                • #13
                  Thanks RUSSELL. Listening to Austin talking, it's hard to tell. Funny how they are talking about past HG's that have been on The Bold and Beautiful.


                  • #14
                    Yea, especially because that Soap Opera really sucks!!!


                    • #15
                      What a difference 24 hours makes..the house is as unexciting today as is was exciting yesterday-which is actually a good thing so I can get my homework done!


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