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Live Feed Discussion-July 2

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 2

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  • #2
    Finally people are starting to talk with and get to know Steve. That makes me happy.


    • BettyBoo
      BettyBoo commented
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      Amazing what a sexy hair do can do for a guy. Actually, I think he's making an effort and he's probably a pleasant change of pace from all the uber-testosterone males. Also, I would think a trombonist would be a good kisser-giggle. Go Steve-a-rino!!

    • NinaSThompson
      NinaSThompson commented
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      Me too! Just caught up on last night and love the new hair style as well!

    • ladynascar88
      ladynascar88 commented
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      Liking Steve. Not sure of my favorite still but last night helped a lot in getting to know more about who Steve is........thunder and lightening here. Hope all can stay online. Good luck.

  • #3
    James and Jeff get up and James crawls along the hallway to the bathroom so he can eavesdrop. He scampers back and tells Jeff that Jace is in there campaigning.

    He's not really. He is telling Shelli about what his plans were and what he's not going to do now. He doesn't want to blow up anyones game. He was saying who he could possibly have had.

    Shelli says it's awfully quiet out there and they go out to see who is in the kitchen. Jace tells J&J that he got up because the Have not room is so umcomfortable. He says he's going back to bed because he has a date with Julie Chen tomorrow.

    J&J&Shelli go in hammock room and start talking about what they'll show on the live show and what questions they might ask.


    • #4
      Good morning everyone. Some house guest stay up all night.

      sdkgeo- I see you are an early riser also.

      It was a fun night last night in the BB house. Today will be about getting ready for the live show so I think I will do the same. Clean house and go grocery shopping.

      Will check back in later.


      • #5
        I think the problem between Da and Audrey is because they are so much alike. D"Vonne was trying to play the same game as Audrey and a clash was inevitable. If/when Audrey goes, D'Vonne will act just like A was acting.

        I don't think Steve brings anything special to this game. He's probably a great kid on the outside but SO FAR he has brought nothing to the game. He's not one of my favorites. His claim to fame is being able to spell Trombonist. Same with Jackie minus a trombonist. And Doctor John is.....icky. Not sure why I get taht vibe from him but I do. Boogers???? Does he know Mike?

        Right now, I'm liking Jeff. He will probably get on my last nerve soon. But right now, I like him. And I like Austin. I'm not sure why yet. He IS playing the game, but I'm not sure how good a game he's playing. Time will tell.

        Jace just needs to go on home. Zip it Jace! He can take Audrey with him.
        Last edited by ~Linden~; 07-02-2015, 08:17 AM.


        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          I like Steve. To me he's the turtle in a house full of jack rabbit's. But if he doesn't link up with a partner, he will become an easy target like Donny was, always fighting to stay. I would think he & John could pair, since Dr. J also appears to be isolated and not part of the Jace/Audrey drama. I think he is learning that watching the show & playing the game are not the same.

      • #6
        NazcarLover & Russell, the toothbrush incident was season two (Dr Will won, Chilltown 1st big alliance name). Shannon used Hardy's toothbrush to clean the toilet when nommed w/Will by Hardy. Not surprising, she was voted out. Real mean girl.

        Note: Wikipedia has an excellent site w/detailed pages for all Big Brother shows. So helpful for me since I have trouble remembering names, but images like the toothbrush or knife at the neck (same year) are not forgotten.


        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          I actually stopped watching for a couple years since I got tired of the frat boy drunken antics & hooking up, so never saw Nerd Herd or Evil Dick years. The Dan season brought me back to the fold, since it became about game play again (knew he was a fellow Detroiter so was curious to see how he'd do).

          My fave moment of all time is when little Jordan chest bumped bully Russell.

        • NazcarLover24
          NazcarLover24 commented
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          Ty Mz. Boo lol

          Even tho I have been with y'all for several years, I feel like a newbie... Maybe it's cause of the remodel lol.
          I don't even know if anyone remembers me but I am the sweetest person I know so I'm sure you will love me if you don't remember me and if you DO remember me.... You'll remember what a sweet adorably lovable person I still am!

          I was really hoping Audry would get further in this game, I liked her ALOT in the beginning but she needs to chill for a smidge before it's too late!
          I am NOT a fan of Da... She gets on her high horse and complains about people who lie and how she ain't got no time for liars BUT didn't this poker dealer go into the house and say she was a 2nd grade teacher?
          Jason is just getting on my last nerve as is Liz, I don't know why but their voices are like fingernails down a chalkboard and I ended up buying a bottle of Tylenol for the headaches they've both given me.
          Stevie reminds me of Ian.... Likable and could possibly end up lickable if the girls keep transforming him lol
          Austin irritated me to no end in the beginning but he's not so bad as of this moment in time.
          I love Meg's & Shelli!!
          CLAY= ZACK MORRIS (I renamed him on 7-2-2015 at 6:11pm.... Put it on your BB calendar!)
          Becky, James, & Doogie Dentist are bla for me so far. Jury is still out on Vanessa as of now. Did I forget anyone?

        • RUSSELL
          RUSSELL commented
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          NazcarLover24 you forgot Jackie, Jace and Jeff!!! Everybody remembers who you are so you're not getting out of it that easy.....
          Last edited by RUSSELL; 07-02-2015, 06:50 PM.

      • #7
        I am completely confused by Audrey. Did she stay in her room all yesterday (Wed, July 1st) and not talk to anyone except Jace? Is this her plan to stay in the bedroom until she's evicted? Or is she just going to bail? What's up with her? I don't get it?
        Last edited by pburnsie; 07-02-2015, 01:55 PM.


        • NinaSThompson
          NinaSThompson commented
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          I think you are correct and she stayed in bed all day. I'm hoping that she is just trying to pull herself together so she can rally for the next week. She played the game hard (obviously too hard b/c it's all coming back on her) so it would be a shame to see her totally give up with a week until the next eviction. Especially b/c things change so quickly in the BB House--exactly why I love it.

        • pburnsie
          pburnsie commented
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          I agree - I would like to see her fight back. She can talk a good game, she just got caught too soon. Now she needs to recover and move on.

      • #8
        I have a quick Liz is a Have Not. But it was really her twin Julia who was a Have Not the first few days. So when Julia was in the house eating slop, did they make Liz eat slop in her sequestered place? Because now Liz is back in the house and if she didn't have to eat slop for the week, she's at a greater advantage than the other Have Nots. Not that I really care at all either way...I'm just wondering. Things that make you go, "Hmmmmmmm." (Maybe they should have made the twin in sequester sleep in a dentist chair too!)

        By the way...I can tell those twins apart and I haven't even been able to watch the feeds much. I'm really surprised that someone like Austin (who spends a lot of time with them) hasn't noticed.

        Be back later when I can. ❤️


        • joebourg62
          joebourg62 commented
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          We have the advantage of seeing the two together outside the house and being able to pick apart their differences.
          The HG's don't.....although, based on other reports, they have made a couple of mistakes that no body has caught yet.

      • #9
        Bunch of questions re: the twin twist:

        Do we have any idea what the sequester place for the other twin looks like?
        Does she have access at all to video feeds (like in the HOH room) so that she can watch what is going on while not in the house?
        Do they have time to brief each other on things when they are trading places?


        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          We should get answers tonight on network show since they're finally going to show the twins. But, I remember the previous season and the twins would share info in the DR before switching. It appeared then that they had to rush thru it, so must be a time restraint (to keep normal DR call appearance?). Not surprised those folks haven't clued in since they're so busy chasing their own tails right now.

        • ~Linden~
          ~Linden~ commented
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          If I remember correctly, when it was Natalie and Adria, they were not allowed to see any feeds. They did have a very few minutes to speak in DR before switching to clue each other in on some goings on. Don't remember if Nat/Adr were on slop or were have nots but I would think they would have to agree to be subject to the same things if they wanted to be on the show. Dentist chair and all.

      • #10
        not much going on now...John is flossing and cams keep zooming in and out on that.
        Audrey was crying in the HOH


        • #11
          With the technology available today you would think they could give the twin who is not in the house at least an audio feed from the mic from the twin in the house


          • #12
            Is flossing all that Dr J does? All his clips on network shows only seem to have him doing that (when he's not screaming in DR).


            • #13
     on jeff loops. could be a while.
              i think they have new HN's?


              • Darlin214
                Darlin214 commented
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                Since this is their first Live Eviction Show, I think they are just rehearsing.

            • #14
              Tonight should be interesting, got things caught up around the house so I can devote my full attention to BB17 live show and aftermath. Chilling the wine and going to take a nap now!!!!


              • #15
                Liz blows it, but no one catches it.

                Cam 1, 10:19am

                James, Da and Liz talking at the dining room table and looking at the memory wall –

                James – You look totally different in that picture.

                L – Me?

                Da – Yes

                L – Well, I didn’t have these roots, first of all.

                Da – did you request dye?

                L – Yes, I brought dye. I knew. That’s how fast my hair grows. That was like 2-3 weeks ago.

                Da – We’re gonna see pictures of you as a brunette.

                L – That’s funny though. I started dying it at a young age. We used to….I used to put that stuff called “sun in” and it’s so bad for you.


                • BettyBoo
                  BettyBoo commented
                  Editing a comment
                  I don't think it'll get past Lady Da. She seems to know when to keep her mouth shut, but I bet she's mulling it over to herself. I'm trying to remember if Julie told the HG s there's a third twist? If she did Lady Da will solve it. Wonder who she'll share info with- who does she really trust?

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