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Live Feed Discussion Thread 6/25

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  • Live Feed Discussion Thread 6/25

    Here's where you can discuss what's happening on the Live Feeds.
    Please note that this forum will contain SPOILERS.
    Please stay on topic

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    What time do these go live tonight?


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      The Live Feeds go "live" tonight after the show airs on the West Coast - 9 PM PT - 12 AM ET.

      We'll start talking about what's happening on the live feeds here then!


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        If you haven't signed up for the Big Brother 17 Live Feeds ( CBS All Access ) what are you waiting for? We have FISH

        2:30 PM BBT

        The first screen shot of the new Big Brother 17 Season

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        It's going to be a great season!


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          Sneak Peek from the Live Feeds...


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            We couldn't really tell if Jason or James is the final HoH. Both were in the HoH bathroom...maybe they're still sharing? Maybe they haven't done BoB yet? Or maybe they're just both in there. I can't remember last year if BoB had already been done when the feeds cut on.

            Another interesting thing....Luanne pointed out that at the top of the feeds it said something like "don't move an inch, Feeders, cause you never know when the cameras will roll." That message isn't there anymore, so I guess they did it on purpose to give us a treat? I wonder why? Maybe they were testing them.
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              Just to get the party started...

              For the Clay fans...


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                Will need all the info as us north of the border can't get the live feeds....


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                  Cute butt


                  • #10
                    Looks like my kind of party.


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                      Clay describes himself as a Super Fan. He's been watching BB for 4 months now. But he IS a cutie...


                      • Kpercyman
                        Kpercyman commented
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                        DH has a feeling he is going to tell everyone that he went to Texas A&M in every interview. Still like that he is a homegrown boy. I even know where Dickenson is.

                        But yeah....nice to look at.

                      • nonobadfish
                        nonobadfish commented
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                        Hey, Blogzie and Kpercyman!

                      • crissykins
                        crissykins commented
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                        Kpercyman - that's what aggies do. they are verrrrry proud to be aggies. i live in texas and work with several of them. you can spot them right away with their big rings.

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                      If you want to see the few minutes the feeds were on, Flashback to 4:33 pm BBT on the Live Feeds. (while we're waiting on them to come back!)
                      Last edited by nonobadfish; 06-25-2015, 10:05 PM. Reason: Updated the feed leak time.


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                        Still fish! I'm so impatient!


                        • #14
                          9 minutes and counting. They really need some different music. I'm sure the fish are tired of the same tune, I know I am LOLOL


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                            Been listening to fish music for the past 10 minutes...don't know why lol

                            I thought the feeds were on at least I have time to shower now Hopefully it will be an interesting night!


                            • Norry02
                              Norry02 commented
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                              I thought they were supposed to come on as soon as the show was over on the West Coast. That should be in a few minutes

                            • Briana887
                              Briana887 commented
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                              Exactly that's what I it's an hour after the show airs I guess if they are showing it at 7pm

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