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  • New Chat Room Available

    Rob has created a new CHAT ROOM for us.

    It's brand new and it's a alternative to using the Episode Discussion threads for talking about the show... since we've been experiencing refreshing issues on fast moving threads like those.

    You can still discuss the show on those threads, of course, or you can join others in the chat room, or you can do both!

    Just click the CHATROOM tab on the navigation bar above. You do not need a password to get in, simply type in your BBU nickname to enter.

    Thanks to those of you who joined us in the Chat Room for the Live Show, we know it was a very "last minute" announcement, but Rob wanted everyone to be happy and have a place to discuss the show.

    It is an added cost for BBU, so if anyone would like to donate to help, just click the PayPal button.

    They do have a "fix" for the refreshing issues and we'll update as soon as it's ready to add to the website. But again, Rob just wanted everyone to be happy.

    ** if you are using the chat room -- helpful hints below

    If you are using Chrome, we've found that later versions of Chrome do not support Java - so select Flash if you have it installed on your computer.

    There is an HTML/Mobile option - ( we learned last night that it wasn't working correctly and we're on that - when it does work, it's very basic ( for phones/tablets ) so it doesn't show all the bells and whistles that are available... but it will let you chat.

    If you are using Internet Explorer - all options should work, as long as you have Java and/or Flash installed on your computer.

    We haven't had time to test Safari or any other browsers - so you can let us know how those work if you try them

    Again, thanks to those of you who "chatted" last night during the airing of the show on the East Coast.

    If you'd like to keep the Chat Room up and running any donations would be greatly appreciated : )

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