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Live Feed Discussion - July 3

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  • Live Feed Discussion - July 3

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    Missed the Live Show last night? You can CLICK HERE for an update.

    The new Heads of Households made their nominations and we have new Have Nots for the week - CLICK HERE for that update


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      Catching up with late night events (this Detroiter can't stay up w/the CA night owls) and I'm bummed. Looks like the too cool for school kids are running the house, knocking out the outsiders. Steve and John will be weekly fodder for noms, along w/James and Jason. If they only could have all bonded. Mama Da & Audrey came to play, but totally misread the house, so their playbook isn't working. And sadly, once again the girls are turning on each other, allowing the dudes to rise to the top. Maybe the weekly twists will help keep the game in balance, but....

      Just as a viewer I wish there were more witty HG s. I'd even take so dumb they're funny. I'll be getting BBOD w/Comcast install next week so hopefully I'll get a better feel for the players. Meanwhile thx for all the hard work of the updaters!!


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        Shelli strikes me as someone who holds a grudge. She has been on the out with Da since she wasn't picked to fast forward. As much as I think the whole argument with Clay and Jeff over walking around the rooms was poorly handled by Da (she was way too emotional over something so trivial), I can't help but feel like Shelli somewhat started it. If she wasn't mad with Da over not being picked, she wouldn't have asked Jeff to go check on Da in the first place, and the entire argument wouldn't have happened. Every season female HGs talk the big talk about Girls alliance, but then end up doing the guy's job of tearing said alliance apart first chance they get.


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          Good morning- we shall see how this week will play out. Da will not handle being on the block. Audrey will kill Shelli and Clay's game. Jason really thinks Johnny is a twin and switching out. He is going to start having conversations with him to catch differences. lol lol


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            That is so funny. I think he is doing it with a purpose though. If noms remain the same after PoV he wants John to go instead of Day.


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              I really hope John doesn't throw the competition. That's bad gameplay IMO when he doesn't have any real allies. He could very well end up going home.


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                This new twist could be to Da's advantage depending on who answers that phone. You need 7 votes to stay this week but with the twist 3 people won't be able to vote meaning she will only need 4. So as long as Becky, James, Meg, and Jason get to vote she will stay. If John threw the BOB then he may have threw himself right out of the game if the nominations stay the same.


                • KennyERJ
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                  Hi & Welcome to the new site, deniset.

                • Myragirl
                  Myragirl commented
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                  Good point. I think the new twist could be a game changer as long as TPTB don't interfere. I hope everyone is the room when the phone rings. If some are in the DR, that won't be a random draw. A small part of me would have preferred the twist later in the season. But it could still totally change the game depending on who the nominees are and who picks up.

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                Morning everyone, I'm so happy to be off today. It's officially my catch up on BB day. I've been out of the loop for 4 days now except for quick glances at the updates by this site (thanks for your hardwork). Any flashback recommendations?
                I am eager to see the house splinter. Best case scenario, Shelli is dethroned. Lines get drawn. I hope Becky finds out the Shelli is aligned with Audrey. Maybe this will teach them to stop including everyone in talks. If Becky is dethroned, I worry that Clay will control Shelli's HoH. Though there are a ton of possibilities for Shelli too. First Da is targeted. Second Becky is targeted for targeting Audrey. I just don't want a huge alliance picking off the outsiders because my favs haven't changed since the first couple of days and happen to be outsiders (Steve and Vanessa).


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                  Hi, everyone. I'm hoping that they tell the HGs that in order for the twist to be valid, it has to be kept secret from everyone, and be revealed only next Thursday on the show. So no one knows who got the twist and they only know they can't vote right there live when Julie says "X, Y, and Z cannot vote this week because of the twist." Heads would explode!.

                  What do you want to bet the 7th call comes when Audrey is sitting right next to the phone? I'm sure AG wants her to stay in for awhile because she makes good TV.


                  • Livzee
                    Livzee commented
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                    My thought too that this will be given to Audrey, which I can't stand about production.

                  • ^Tamz^
                    ^Tamz^ commented
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                    That is the first thing I said to hubby when the twist was announced. Audrey will "just happen" to be sitting by the phone when it rings.

                  • ~2much~
                    ~2much~ commented
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                    I think production knew that she was on everyone's radar.. It will be shady if she gets the call.

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                  Good morning all! I just tuned in to the live feeds about 20 minutes ago and Da seems like she is having a little melt down. I'm still trying to get a whole picture of whats been going on, but judging from the posts above she may not make it much farther in this game.


                  • BettyBoo
                    BettyBoo commented
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                    She's already shown herself to be too emotional by the way she reacted to Clay. She thought she was bein sneaky doing the counting & didn't like it when she found out (even though the dufuses didn't realize she WAS counting-tee hee). She has 2 chances to pull herself off the block, but can she stay calm enough to win?

                  • CobaltChameleon
                    CobaltChameleon commented
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                    I guess we'll see but I doubt it!

                  • BettyBoo
                    BettyBoo commented
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                    Just read that Jason & Steve won BOB so Da & John still noms. I predict tears & rage for the Fourth.

                • #12
                  I do get so frustrated that the chicks can't get good alliances together like the dudes do. Most female winners made it by being the least unliked person at the end. Only Survivor had a great female alliance that pulled off one blind side after another by flirting with the guys (like the dope who gave up his immunity just to be voted out). Girls underestimate themselves. Watch Jeff, Clay & Austin be the final three.


                  • #13
                    What exactly is the twist?
                    The person that answers the 7th call can pick 3 people whose votes don't count?
                    Or pick 3 who don't get to vote at all?
                    The first option would be much more dramatic,as it could be announced that the 3 votes are null & void AFTER everyone has had their say to Julie!!!


                    • CobaltChameleon
                      CobaltChameleon commented
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                      Ooh that would be good! But the way I understood it (and I could be wrong) the 7th call person gets to pick 3 who don't vote at all.

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                    So this turn of events makes me grumpy. I'm not grumpy about Day being nominated (I like Day and pulled for her, but I'm not at all surprised that she's in a bad spot because she lacks the subtlety needed at this point in the game. Strong personalities like Day's don't usually work this early in BB because it makes one an easy target.)

                    But I AM grumpy about three things.

                    First thing that makes me grumpy:

                    Why, oh why, is everyone letting the cool kids Shelly and Clay (aka Barbie and Ken) run everything? The Alliance of 8 had already disintegrated, so now Barbie/Ken have started an all new huge alliance to run things. Last I heard, they want EVERYONE in this one except for Day. Well, okay...that may be a nono exaggeration, but it looks like (to me) that we went from one big alliance running things to another big alliance running things. And it looks like to me we had TWO female HoHs and then Clay ran in and took over Shelly's HoH and now the two female HoHs will send home a female (that would only be acceptable if the female they were sending home was Audrey). Arrggghhhh.


                    • #15
                      Second thing that makes me grumpy:
                      Why did Johnny Mac listen to Clay's logic and throw that comp? I hate for people throw comps, but I sure hate for John to throw it due to Clay promising assurance that John won't go home. Clay promised to sacrifice himself rather than let John go home. How the heck is Clay going to sacrifice himself? Is he going to self-evict and take John's place if it looks like John goes home? Is there a BB Rule that Clay (who has never seen the show until 4 months ago) knows that I don't? And who cares about Clay using his goosebumps to prove to John how much he means it that he will save him. Yuck.

                      I actually really like John (the main reason I like him is because there are videos out there of him playing guitar and he's really a neat guy...we haven't seen that in the house). John also knows this game (he's been hiding that he knows it from the others). So I'm grumpy that Clay (who does NOT know this game) had that kind of power over Johnny Mac. I hope John has a plan that I don't know about.
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