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Live Feed Discussion - July 10

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  • Live Feed Discussion - July 10

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    Is it me, or can no one in this entire house keep any secrets at all?


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    That last post in yesterdays thread, WOW!!! Who in the world besides Jeff scumbucket would do something like that to a woman??? I mean that dude went from low class to no class in a hurry right there. How old is this critter anyways??? 12!!! I really don't think any unrespectable 12 year old would do something that vulgar even. This feller needs to go for sure!!!


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      What's going on 1954???


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        No fun lurking if people can see me...


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        Did you find it???


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          No, I wasn't really serious about hiding....


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            But, I do have to work sometimes while I am here at work...


            • BettyBoo
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              Hey, you're not supposed to use 4-letter words on this site! Please remember to spell that word as W*RK.

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            Why in the world would you want to do something like that???


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              That's the point - I never said I wanted to do something like that - it's just that I have become accustomed to the paycheck....


              • RUSSELL
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                I see. You know that we gonna get in all kinds of trouble posting up in here don't ya???

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              I guess he did!!!


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                Good morning BBU!

                Finally spending a bit of time with feeds this morning. It appears that James and Jeff are the targets.

                Austin, Van and Liz talking about a new alliance.... The Freaks and Geeks and would bring Steve in.

                The SMH, stomach churn moment this morning........... Austin in the bed with the bottom of his feet dirty black!


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                  Morning all! Russell and's like old times when I wake up and see you both posting. Yay! And HEY TWIRLY!!!!!!!
                  Kittyboo...NOBODY KEEPS A SECRET IN THIS HOUSE. It's not just you, no matter what cute RUSSELL says. Never seen a house like it, but I guess it fits in a BB cast where no alliance seems completely set in stone.

                  Going to go catch up and see what I missed, but two things that I've learned overnight from what I did see:

                  1. The bad: I don't care for Austin. Maybe he does suffer from some wrestling head injury issues like he said, but he seems sketchy to me. That's a base gut instinct that I can't point a finger at exactly why yet, but it has something to do with his ugly comments about Steve, calling others "nerd herd," and his insisting that he's one of the "good people" and the others not on his alliance are "the bad people." All while he openly makes male comments about Jackie (to the point where Vanessa tells him he's thinking with the wrong head.)

                  2. The even worse: My guy Johnny Mack being nominated again? Shoot. I've got to find him a real alliance.

                  Edited to add a question: Did the twins in Season 5 get to meet in the DR and discuss things even when they weren't switching? I was surprised when Liz said that she met with Julia in the DR even when they weren't switching. I thought they only had 15 minutes together every few days right before a switch.

                  And seriously...Vanessa and crew think they can fool these people with self-tanner and drawn on moles? If they can, shame on the rest of the HGs. (John knows how to tell them apart by Julia's fake tooth, so they won't fool him.)
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                  • KeninVA
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                    JMac volunteered!!!!! Who does that? BMC and Johnny using the same playbook, hopefully without the same result. Plus, the numbers are not that overwhelming that James would go home.

                  • nonobadfish
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                    That just makes no sense to me, KeninVA! And he knows the game. And he's WAY smarter than BMC. Is it because he hasn't been able to form a real alliance, so he's doing what he thinks he has to? (DON'T VOLUNTEER TO BE ON THE BLOCK, JMac!!!!!!!!!)
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                  Morning all,

                  No deep analysis today, but a small observation. Vanessa and Shelli are slowly putting rings into Austin and Clay's noses, and will be leading those boys to slaughter in the end game. JMO.


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                    Good morning all- I uses to stay up all night on Thursdays to see the talks but my body just will not cooperate. THANK YOU Lexie. How do you do it??? Going to send in a donation for all your hard work.

                    I need to do some flash backs before I can be sure, but I think it is looking like we may get a strong girl alliance before this game is over.


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