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Live Feed Discussion-July 11

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 11

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  • #2
    I can't believe everyone is in bed. Wow, somebody took the air out of the ADC (After Dark Crew). Morning everyone.


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      Good morning sdkgeo and all who follow.....

      I've been a lurker on BBU for many years. This is my first post

      Out of all the years I've watched the live feeds, I've never logged more time than I have this season. IMO, this is a truly entertaining bunch of HGs. It also helps watching the feeds via the Roku 3 in glorious HD on a 50" screen!

      ​Awwww.....Jason just gave Day a kiss on the memory wall.

      I really enjoy reading everyone's posts here. Especially, KenInVA!!! If I'm having trouble reading the house, I just need a dose of KenInVA.

      Happy Saturday!!!


      • cutencuddly
        cutencuddly commented
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        Welcome, bobman

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      Morning geo, and all who follow,

      Vanessa is now the sole HoH, and wants James out. The rest of her alliance really wants Jeff gone, and seems to me to be the better boot, being better connected to the rest of the house, more "game social" than James, and who is actively targeting Austin, Vanessa, and Shelli. He also represents a potential parachute for Clay, and so I side with her alliance on this. If possible, put Jeff on the block, and use the new found alliance with Steve to force him out of the house now.

      Meanwhile, Vanessa has opened negotiations with Becky, to form a girl group, to get the strong guys out, and then clean up against Jason, Jmac, Steve, and eventually Audrey. What Becky does not realize that pursuing that puts her into the group of Van, Shel and Liz/Jul last, and her social game is not strong enough to pull those others away from Vanessa, IMO.

      PoV today, and if a hole opens up, Jeff will get a seat. It will be interesting to see if Clay/Shel/Austin can convince Vanessa to pull the trigger on the Jeff Boot.


      • DeeAnneG
        DeeAnneG commented
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        Great comments Ken! One thing I've never understood is the tendency of the house to blindly follow the HOH even after the POV has been played. If the house wants Jeff and Vanessa wants James, why does the house feel the need to vote for James? That is something that has fascinated me for years.

      • nonobadfish
        nonobadfish commented
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        Ken, I asked this below...but have they said what happens on the slight chance Jeff plays and wins PoV and pulls James off? Do they have another target? Vanessa plans so far surely she's thought about this even though the odds of this happening are small. But with Jason/Meg safe and the possibility of Jeff and James both safe (if Jeff wins PoV and pulls James off, who would go on the block against Johnny Mac? I don't want him to go home.

        And I agree. Jeff is a wildcard and for some reason the guys rally round him even when they're upset with him. Vanessa probably shouldn't evict James over him if the opportunity presents itself.

        Hey, Dee!

      • KeninVA
        KeninVA commented
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        I fell asleep way early last night, but MrsKeninVA reports that they talked all around scenario's but the worst case, Jeff wins and pulls James. If I was Vanessa, Jackie goes up and out, being not connected to them, in any real game sense, is a known ally of Jeff, and has the potential to win, coming in close to first a few times now.

        What mitigates against that is if Vanessa is trying to preserve girls, to eventually take all the guys out, and have a large pool of women playing the second half of the game (which would be a silly strategy, but I include for completeness.)

    • #5
      I'm playing catch up, but sounds like Vanessa and crew talked themselves out into exhaustion. I was tickled to see Steve is getting to play with the big kids.


      • #6
        I agree Betty. It was really good to see him upstairs talking with Vanessa, Austin, and Liz/Julia (I can't remember who is in the house now). He seemed so excited that he was finally included in an alliance. He spilled so much information about what was going on with the others.


        • #7
          Clay is going to be in so much trouble for talking game without Shelli present.

          Wait, wasn't Becky talking game with Jackie and Meg last night?

          I think some of the girls this year can really manipulate the guys. A few tears goes a long way.


          • #8
            Yet again Van is forming another alliance . That girl is going to get caught. If she brings Shelli in with the girls, she will tell Clay. But will convince him it's good for the both of them. He can work the boys & she the girls.

            Shelli was asleep when Clay was brought to the HOH so Shelli won't be mad.

            A lot of HOHs talk big until they have to follow through with their plan. That's what is happening to Van. She is scared to back door Jeff. This thing about I need a reason to put him up. She said what am I going to say "it's bad for my alliance " . Yes !!! How about it's bad for my game. I thought she was going to be better at this game.
            Shelli jumped right in & did what she said she was going to do in her HOH even tho she knew it could get her out of the house.

            This is one crazy season. Some are playing too hard too fast. Others like Johnny Mac are sitting back & letting the house explode. I think he will walk to the end.


            • #9
              Good morning everyone. I'm confused. Van puts up James and John with the hopes of James leaving. Then why would James tell Jeff he and John threw the BOTB? Especially after the house just voted Da out and the other two noms were Jason and Meg who are also in their group. the writing is on the wall for James, Jason and Meg IMO. Even though Jeff would be the replacement nom if James or John wins POV, James will still be out if he or John doesn't win POV. Those 3 need to start recruiting some hg to their side or they will be picked off 1 by 1.


              • #10
                Vanessa initially said she would take John off and replace him with Jeff, with the house voting to evict Jeff. I watched the feeds a lot yesterday and I still can't figure out how Vanessa changed her mind and now wants James out. Vanessa knows, as does Austin, Liz,Shelli, Clay, and Steve, that Jeff wants Austin gone. They all know Jeff is spreading a lot of rumors. After his drunken, disgusting sloppiness last night, everyone in the house should want him gone. Partying with the "Gronk" did him no favors. I'm on the "James win the POV train" so Vanessa will be forced to put Jeff up.


                • #11
                  Morning all! And bobman1966, I'm so glad you posted! Keep it up....we need you.

                  Okay, I'm officially confused. I was out of pocket all day and night yesterday, but my Big Brother Buddy app was notifying me and I knew the the nominees and the BoB winners.

                  But James and John threw the comp???? I knew John was going to throw it (his strategy seems to include this craziness for some reason), but WHY THE HECK DID JAMES THROW IT? That makes no sense and if he goes home, it's his dang fault. Who throws a comp when it's obvious that your own alliance is in trouble (hey...notice all the nominees are your friends?) AND the promise of backdooring Audrey didn't come to fruition last week, so James ought to be smart enough to recognize that means there's a good chance they're lying about it this week too. James, James, James. SMH.

                  And then next SMH moment: Why is Vanessa backing off Jeff? Between James and Jeff, Jeff is much more dangerous to Vanessa's game. That makes no sense to me.

                  I'm assuming they haven't picked PoV players yet? (I'm really behind). Do they have a plan for whom they put up if Jeff plays and wins PoV and pulls off James? (I know that's not high probability, but could happen.) Just curious how far down this road Vanessa has thought.

                  Last edited by nonobadfish; 07-11-2015, 11:08 AM. Reason: Edited to say that Da'Vonne is back on twitter at @daydavonne_bb17 if you're a fan and want to follow. She's still making me laugh.


                  • PumpkinPie
                    PumpkinPie commented
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                    nono: I don't really think James was trying to throw it. From what I have read, he was just slow - but not on purpose. He did say it probably looked like they threw it. I am going to try flashback and see the conversation he had with Jeff.

                  • nonobadfish
                    nonobadfish commented
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                    Thanks, PumpkinPie. That makes me feel better. I saw something at some point yesterday that reported James had asked John if he wanted to throw it because they knew who the target was anyway. But I didn't have time to read any more, so probably that was just a passing comment taken out of context. I'm headed out again, but let me know if you find anything more out. I wish they give them punishment when they throw these BoBs. Or make the losers have a punishment in addition to the block so they're not so happy to throw it.

                  • bluediamond
                    bluediamond commented
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                    Van talked yesterday with Clay Shelli Austin Liz said she would put up Jackie as Plan C if Jeff won and took James off. Noone agreed with her so she ended the conversation Shelli was very strongly against putting Jackie but they did not have an alternative replacement for her

                • #12
                  Austin and Vanessa talking in the HOH.

                  Austin is expressing to V that he is getting a vibe from Liz that is giving him doubt cuz she is not giving him affection like he is giving her.

                  V tells him about the Christine situation where she got boo’d cuz of the affection that she showed to Cody cuz she was in a relationship outside the house. The house knows that Austin has a GF outside the house and that is why Liz is trying to keep her distance.

                  Note – in case anyone missed it on BBAD last night, Austin told V that he has not watched S16. He said that he can’t tell her why in front of the camera’s, but it has nothing to do with the game and that he would tell her during the morning music.


                  • ceejay
                    ceejay commented
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                    Didn't Austin say in his pregame interviews that he is coming off of an injury and did not want the other house guests to see him as week and not want to align with him. I wonder if that is what he is referring to.

                    OT...Yeah for spell check. I don't have to google if I'm not sure of the spelling!

                • #13
                  Watching Austin & Liz conversing over sweet potato chips from last nites BBAD. I think Austin believes he's an astrological dark hole since he's trying to suck all the players into one big alliance. I just wanna shout thru the tv BB don't work that way.

                  Honestly, just got an image of them in the 1960's CIA sitting around a conference table trying to formulate ways to kill Castro. The favorite plot then was an exploding cigar. (Wow that's an antique reference)

                  Other times it's like high school with all gossip and he said/she said and judgement of each other. The game right now looks like one of those rope games that's twisted around an obstacle course. Up and down and around and around.

                  Saw Liz's Model Mahem page and she emphasized on there, no nudity. So when Jeff departs he still won't have his curiosity filled.

                  POV will be fun since Jeff could really be blindsided. Or James will realize he's on the adios list. Meanwhile Audrey sites back watching the other hamsters take each other out.

                  Ah, can we put dog collars on the HGs that would shock them every time they blurt LIKE!!!


                  • #14
                    Austin finally got his hug from Liz..happy now?

                    Liz called into the DR. Switch??


                    • #15
                      The reason Van wants to keep Jeff over James is because 1. She wants to keep another big physical guy in the house to take on Clay & Austin. Without Jeff in the house none of the other guys appear built for physical comps. 2. She wants Jeff to do her dirty work and get Austin out of the house. Once Austin is gone & Van realizes Jeff won't target Clay; he is expendable and will be shown the door by the ladies.

                      I believe John's strategy is to do whatever they ask, so he will be the last guy standing in the house. Then he will try to win out thru to the finale. Which is much easier thought than accomplished in this game.


                      • Sheryll
                        Sheryll commented
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                        Thx OutTheDarkness . That makes me feel better about Van. I just thought she was afraid to make the move to get Jeff out.

                      • *Pasha*
                        *Pasha* commented
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                        Oooooo...great point on the Jeff over James theory!

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