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Live Feed Discussion-July 12

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 12

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  • #2
    OMG, these people (Vanessa and Austin) are taking game advice from Audrey? Really?

    Wow, They're trying to talk Austin in to confronting Jeff. He's really going to do it Nooooo Austin, let Vanessa hang herself with all this. Don't go down with the ship.

    These people wear me out with the constant game talk.


    • #3
      Morning geo, and all who follow,

      The house has exploded in paranoia, the target on Audrey grows, and Shelli and Clay rise in the ranks.

      The house is now aware that Audrey is not likely to be the nominee tomorrow, and it is causing massive angst. The real fallout is that Jeff has identified the real problem “Audrey is a witch. She is preying on the weak minded, and Vanessa is so emotional, she is easy prey.” While not an ideal position, being perceived as weak is not a bad strategic spot to be in.

      Vanessa’s flaw in this, is that she has raised her profile, and now is not confident on her place of the affinity lists for Clay/Shel/Austin/Liz and therefore is not confident she survives a trip to the block. After noms, assuming she sticks to her guns and puts Jeff up, Jeff will go out of the house (IMO). The survivors of the ADC will be focused on Audrey, with Vanessa as a backdoor option, or as a pawn, with Liz and Audrey as the likely targets. And Vanessa has cemented a deal with Audrey to try to ride to the end, talking about a Shelli, Audrey, Vanessa final 3 scenario, and getting Audrey commitment to take her over Shelli.

      Clay and Shelli have been playing the After Dark Crew masterfully. They are being included in deliberations, and Clay particularly, has been totally sympathetic to Jeff, while hiding his prime motivator role of pushing the Jeff boot, along with Austin and Shelli. I expect, with Jeff on the block, Clay and Shell sink to the bottom of the target list, for the near term. I have been impressed with both of them in the last day of play.

      The “House” is going to attempt to get Vanessa to see “reason” and burn the witch now, rather than one of them. But, what ADC don’t know, is that half the house is actually working with Vanessa, and are colluding with each other to get Jeff up, and minimize blow back to the Silent Six and Freaks and Geeks.

      I expect the battle to get Audrey nominated is going to be the major distraction of the day.


      • #4
        There';s about to be a blow up.


        • #5
          The feeds are phenomenal right now.


          • #6
            Austin confronting James, and now Jeff. Meg and Jason freaking out and stress eating, and now Vanessa starting to yell.


            • #7
              Jeff is watching his game implode. And now he realizes he can't count on Shelli and Clay,


              • #8
                And now he is throwing Jason under the bus to Shelli and Clay.


                • TTOTambz2
                  TTOTambz2 commented
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                  Jason? How so? I could see him throwing James or Austin under the bus but Jason??? I"m confused

              • #9
                I woke up at just the right time!


                • #10
                  This really is amazing. I don't know which feed to watch. I also want to see what James, James. and Meg are doing and saying.


                  • #11
                    At times like this, with four cameras, why doesn't BB give us ALL the convos....grrrr!!


                    • #12
                      Audrey celebration 4:25 BBT camera 3. I don't know how to get videos or screencaps.

                      ETA: The Queen of chaos. We really need her to stay around a long time.


                      • #13
                        Meg already eulogizing Jeff. Jeff is done. I don't think he even gets Jackie's vote, who made sure to get upstairs and distance herself Jackie. And Clay/Shel/Vanessa are still hidden. It will be interesting to see if Jason picks up on it.


                        • #14
                          Well, the plan from 3 hours ago to work to get Audrey up is done. No one is going to try to dissuade Vanessa from putting Jeff up now, and risk the crazy lady from upstairs shooting at them now.


                          • #15
                            Any other year people seeing a "couple" come into the house would cause instant suspicion: Why didn't Vanessa simply say "you're part of a couple" and call it a day, instead of going absolutely nuts over the last 24 hours or so "needing a reason" to get rid of him? I am simply amazed at this point, at how fast the hamsters can go crazy.


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