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Live Feed discussion - July 16

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  • Live Feed discussion - July 16

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    Morning, all! I've not even had time to see what happened overnight (I celebrated so hard for my birthday on Tuesday that I had to go to sleep early last night). BUT I have been trying to figure out what the HoH might be because I want someone to win who will put a scare into Shelli and Clay at the same time remind Vanessa that she's a strategist who works best when she quits talking and drops the paranoia. Actually, I'd like Jason to win....

    Do you think they'll listen to me? Jason, I'd like you to win, please. Clay and Shelli, I'd like you NOT to win, please.


    • LynBBisBliss
      LynBBisBliss commented
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      Happy belated! I have the same sentiments, Shlay needs to be knocked down a notch and I would loooove Jason as HOH.

    • psucolleen
      psucolleen commented
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      I'm not a huge fan of Jason but I would like him to win HOH tonight. Would like to see Becky win as well and take back control that she lost when she trusted Shelli.

    • Ladycop
      Ladycop commented
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      Happy Birthday nono....hope it was a good one.

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    Morning Kitty, Nono, and all who follow.

    Jeff will be going home tonight. Shelli and Vanessa continue to bond. Van picked up on Audrey trying to cast doubt on the next vote, pointed at Steve. Audrey will now not figure in Vanessa's go forward plans. Shelli and Clay are significant targets, along with Vanessa and Austin. The big news for me, is that Austin figured out that if the next comp is teacup, the large alliance can mitigate risk by throwing the comp if they are teamed with Meg, Jason or James.

    Not much to see today, but the HoH tonight is high stakes. Most at risk is Jason/James followed by Shelli/Clay with Audrey as the back up. Some chance of Vanessa being targeted, but only as a back up plan, IMO.


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      So I've been researching. Last year, we didn't get real endurance competitions until after the BoB ended. I assume that's because they can't take down endurance in time to set up BoB maybe? Or they don't like to have an endurance with two winners?

      1. Moving boiled eggs through chicken wire comp.
      This same week last year, they put them in pairs and did the chicken wire with eggs HoH. So they very well could do that one.
      Time of Lock-In for egg comp last year: Wednesday 4 pm. Time of Lock In this year: Wednesday 10 am. (This was a longer lock-in than you would think they would need for an egg comp, but it could be a more elaborate set-up, so hard to know.)

      2. Run down a lane and fill a jug (teacup) comp.
      They didn't do this one last year until AFTER BoB comps went away. BUT two years ago in Season 15, they divided them into teams of 2 and had a two team winner. So they could do that. (They didn't have two HoHs that year...they let the team that won decide who would be the HoH between the two of them. Jeremy let Aaryn have it.
      Time of Lock-In Well, last year they locked them in on Tuesday for the teacup comp, but two years ago they locked them in at 10:00 am on Wednesday, same as this year.

      3. Any dang thing they want to do. It's their circus and their monkeys.

      It is a perfect time to have a "Pairs" comp, though. KenInVA, I'm not surprised Austin figured out how to mitigate risk because he actually knows the show (have you seen his video analysis of BB15 game play?). Austin's main problem is that he's forgotten it's Big Brother and thinks he's on The Bachelor instead.

      But last year in the Boiled Eggs comp, they drew for teams, so I doubt that's in the HGs' control.

      I think I'm hoping for teacup comp. I really don't like the boiled eggs comp that much.
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      • NJRUBBfan
        NJRUBBfan commented
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        The have not food vote this week is between grunge cakes and Y2Kale. I think that shows the takeover theme could be back to the 2000's. Is it possible they do an endurance competition from one of the early seasons? And then as part of the 2000 theme, go back in time when they didn't have BOTB? One can only hope.

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      Good morning everyone. Lexie, thanks for the live feed updates. I do not know how you are able to get up and go to work. I appreciate all you do for BBU.

      Vanessa, Vanessa If she would just stop talking so much I would really pull for her. She is smart and sees everything in the house. She was right to get mad at Clay for the 90% remark. She wanted to get James out but let her alliance talk her into going for Jeff. Austin did throw the POV to Johnny which left the spot open for Jeff. She goes along with them and Clay tells her he is 90% sure. I would be pissed.

      Clay and Shellie have been working both sides but I think they will have to stop that as everyone is on to them. James has made a deal with everyone to not nominate them for a couple of weeks so he will NOT be trying to win HOH. I think Becky will try to win HOH not sure about Johnny. He should be tired of being nominated. Steve really does not want to win but will if he has to. Not sure Meg has the ability to win. Jason wants it. I am not sure who I want to win. I love when the house flips from side to side. I am just rambling this morning, sorry about that.

      Have a great day everyone.


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        The only one I can get excited about being final HOH is Jason, since I think his plays would be bold. Have a feeling most of them will be trying not to win, except for Becky and Jason. It will be interesting to see where her head is at, if she wins.

        I'm on the Johnny Reading Railway, but could transfer to Jason's B&O Line if it's a better ride. Maybe I'll land on Chance? Come on roll doubles tonight!!! Do not let Audrey land on Free Parking AGAIN. Vanessa it's time to pay for landing on the Park Place hotel. (Yes, I've exhausted my Monopoly references.)


        • Blogzie
          Blogzie commented
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          As long as Jeff goes directly to jail and does not pass go and does not collect $200.00, then I'm a happy camper.

        • ~smee~
          ~smee~ commented
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          BettyBoo, then you must "Go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200."

        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          Tee Hee, sounds like a normal day in BettyBooVille!

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        I am definitely on the Johnny Reading Railway, I find him funny. Although, I feel that an Audrey HOH would be interesting. Who would she target? I would like all the previous HOH's get nervous. I would also like to see Megan get the other one.

        As to the 90% comment made by Clay. I felt as though Vanessa was going to have a panic attack. I also don't like this you have to vote for who the hog wants out. You should be able to vote for who you want. And if it helps your game then more power to you.


        • TTOTambz2
          TTOTambz2 commented
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          I agree, people should vote how they want. The problem is the Jeff nomination came via Clay & Austin PUSHING for him to go up. (more so Austin but Clay was all about it b/c he was worried Jeff's mouth would blow up his side deals).

          Vanessa wanted James gone (like Shelli wanted Day gone) she only acquiesced for "her team".

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        Happy Eviction Day Everyone!

        Here's hoping Jeff leaves tonight. I find him creepy and not-very-bright. He's at the top of my don't like 'em list, so see ya, dude. I felt the same about Jace and was happy with his departure. Da'Vonne was the only eviction to date that I wasn't happy with. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

        My top three picks for HOH winners would be John, Steve and Jason. It's time for them to start playing the game and I'm curious where their heads are at. My fourth pick would be (gasp!) Audrey, simply because it would be so random and really create mucho drama in the house.

        I would love for the HOH competition to be endurance but my gut tells me it will be a mental comp. Bummer. does everyone else feel? What are you hoping happens tonight?

        Lurkers! Would love to hear from some of you with your thoughts... go for it!
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        • Border57
          Border57 commented
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          I think it's going to be one of those pick A or B comps. I want a split HOH tonight, so there's no one throwing the BOB.

          John and Audrey would be a fun match up for HOH.

        • Blogzie
          Blogzie commented
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          A true battle for the BOB would be a refreshing change...

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        Just read yesterday's post and then came here to read todays. Thank you all for your posts. Smart, Smart people posting here. I've always known that but am depending on ya'll more this year to help me figure out just what in the world is going on. I feel like this is the craziest year in the BB House I've ever watched. I've only missed one season in all the years it's been on. Do ya"ll feel the same or am I just sleep deprived ? I wish the house guest would go to bed at night so I can.


        • Sheryll
          Sheryll commented
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          Smee, I have found myself laughing out loud , almost waking my husband up in the wee hours of the morning. So there are funny moments but then in the next room all chaos is breaking loose. It's that up & down that is keeping me crazy.

        • nonobadfish
          nonobadfish commented
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          You can laugh at/with Johnny Mac, but you have to find him on the feeds first.

          His best line so far:
          The other HGs were talking about movie quotes. Johnny Mac chimes in, "You know what movie I quote all the time? Fantasia."

          (for those of you who are too young to remember...Fantasia had no dialogue. Gotta love the guy.)

          He's got tons of funny quotes....I just can't remember them all. One line last night on the show made me laugh out loud for real, but I've already forgotten. John is subtle, smart and dry wit funny like Kevin, smee. Adore.

        • ~smee~
          ~smee~ commented
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          Thanks for sharing that nonobadfish. I really did laugh out loud when I read that quote -- and that was before I saw your disclaimer -- because I am more than old enough to remember. I am really intrigued by JohnnyMac -- he actually reminds me a lot of my son-in-law (whom I love dearly, even if he does drive me crazy at times). It's really weird, but the hubs and I agree that they have the same eyes, and nose, and mouth, and facial expressions (their smiles are uncannily similar) -- but they actually do not look alike, if that makes any sense. Haven't watched last night's show yet, but will watch for his funny comment. Also haven't watched the feeds much at all - was annoyed that CBS All Access does not allow streaming in my area through my Roku - not fair - they should either offer it through Roku or not, not just get my hopes up like that. Ok, rant over - I'm straying from the topic. I'll make time for feed-watching so I can get a real feel for these hamsters.

      • #10
        I don't like Jeff, but it would sure put the house into a tizzy if he stays, though it's not likely. At best I see him w/3 votes. On other hand, I don't like James lazy view of his nom, though to be kind guess he was just keeping out if the line of fire.


        • Blogzie
          Blogzie commented
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          A tizzy is always good. I agree about James...

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        Hi Sheryll,

        I absolutely feel the same way. I decided about a week ago that I'm never going to figure out this season, so I'm doing my best to get into it and enjoy it, as crazy as it is. I've seen every season from start to finish and I know I will continue to do so as long as it is on the air.
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          I would like to see Jeff go home tonight - and then James needs to step up his game - I like him - but he needs to get into the game! HOH - would love to see Jason or JMac. take thepower away from Shelli/Clay/Vanessa and see what shakes out!!


          • #13
            I hope Johnny Mac wins HOH and asks/tells Vanessa & Shelli to be the pawns.


            • Blogzie
              Blogzie commented
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              Ha! Perfect...karma can be a wonderful thing...

            • Livzee
              Livzee commented
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              That would be epic!!!

            • psucolleen
              psucolleen commented
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              Oh I'd LOVE that!!!

          • #14
            Yes, sf35772, I agree with all of the above! I'm really just over it with Shelli, Clay and Vanessa. Seeing any of them on the block would be very enjoyable.


            • #15
              Blogzie, Thank You !!! I thought I could be losing it. "This House These People" There is no way I could ever survive in the BB House. I'm going crazy just watching them.

              I'm waiting on someone to join me on my Shelli/Clay Island. I understand I'm alone and that's OK. LOL


              • RUSSELL
                RUSSELL commented
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                The one thing about here is we like people like you who don't go with the rest of the house. So when the time comes we can come pick on you!!! Not really I'm just kidding but we do love everybody being different. Because that's the most common thing with us people and that' we're different!!!

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