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Do YOU Have What It Takes?

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  • Do YOU Have What It Takes?

    Okay BBU'rs... OhThisHouse had a great idea for us play along here it is

    Do YOU have what it takes to be a BB Houseguest? Could you live in the BB House all Summer with a dozen or so strangers competing for the big prize? Or are you part of the "no way in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks" crowd (like me)?

    Let's hear from you! Tell us why you would rock that house as a great HG or why you would/could never do BB!

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    I would play too hard or talk too much. I would be Da'Vonned!


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      Hells to the N-O! I have a very sarcastic sense of humor and I would use it in the DR like crazy. You guys would be calling me something worse than "mean girl" Then I would come back here and see all the stuff you guys said and then I would cry and cry and cry some more. Wah!


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        I'd like to think I'd be great at it. Buttttttt in reality not so much lol. I don't have the physical means nor or the memory. But I'd sooooo rock the social aspect...

        for a day. Then I'd be caught up in a Special Eviction just for me because I'd annoy the mess out of them 😵


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          I would NEVER leave my dogs for that long. 🐶


          • cutencuddly
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            That too. Couldn't leave the kitties.

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          I would be terrible both as a HG and at the game.


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            No, I consider myself relatively still young, 45, but as for BB, nope too old to deal with all them young 21 yr olds. Could not do physical comps, ants and I don't get along either. Sharing beds and shower nope. The main kicker for me however, would be the one toilet, I have Crohn's so that would not fly. I doubt I would make it to find out, would be booted for smacking someone.


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              Thanks BBFan. Now, been thinking about this and will list why I would be good, and why I couldn't do it.

              I would make like hou​se mother. Love to cook so would feed them all. They will love me. I am 4ft, 11 inches tall weighing 97 lbs. So would do well with hanging on the wall (small feet, childs size 4.).

              Reasons I could never do it. I would be more a drill sergeant than house mother. Have upper full denture and partial on bottom, and wonder how that would be with a camera showing me toothless. Did I mention I am 72 years young. Would tell Vanessa types to stick it. I would starve to death, as would be afraid of eating on camera. And biggest reason why I couldn't do BB is I take no medications. Seems you got to be on uppers and or downers.


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                Friends don't let friends go in the Big Brother house!!!! You just try it, and I'm over the wall to pull you out. I could never take it if someone I knew was vulnerable to all the crazies out here (like smee) picking their every move apart.


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                  There is no way I could go into the BB house. It is easy playing the game watching from home. I would trust everyone but the messy house would drive me crazy. I could not sleep as much as they do.


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