Episode 1: I'm A Mental Giant

1- Which tribe (Chan Lo, Gondol or To Tang) will win the *Immunity Challenge* FIRST? Chan Loh (Brains) (25 pts)

2- Which survivor will say this week's episode "title" ('I'm A Mental Giant"')?
Alecia (25 pts)

3- Whose name will Jeff say *FIFTH* during this episode?
Darnell (20 pts)

4- Which survivor will be voted out this week?
Darnell (20 pts)

5- Which castaway will *VOTE FIRST* during Tribal Council?Darnell
(15 pts)

6- Which survivor will Jeff *QUESTION LAST* during Tribal Council?
Scot (15 pts)

7- Which castaway is the one who gets the bug stuck in their ear?
Jennifer (10 pts)

This brings us our Week/Round 1 scores which are:

kokomogirl = 90
KennyERJ = 20
Border57 = 20
psucolleen = 10

ophelia = 0
BBFanShan = 0
cutencuddly = 0

Running away with a great lead in our 1st Week/Round.... kokomogirl !! In 2nd place for this round, we have a tie.... KennyERJ & Border57 !! And last but not least, in 3rd for the week... psucolleen !! Nice work all!!

I hope you all enjoyed our 1st Round! Questions for Week/Round 2 coming right up!