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Help Needed To Get Us To The Big Brother Season

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  • Help Needed To Get Us To The Big Brother Season

    For those of you who might just be checking in, we are in desperate need of help with paying for the server and looking at doing the updates that we need to do, in order to get ready for the busy Big Brother 18 season.

    We appreciate the handful of you guys, who have helped so far during this off-season.

    If anyone can help, we would truly appreciate it. The updates need to be done, BEFORE we get into the BB season, so that the website is ready for you guys when the traffic here is heavy. We always seem like we have to wait until the last moment to start the updates and then, of course, waiting sometimes means that things are "just right" and there are glitches here and there. We really, really want to avoid any of those "glitches" this time around, so we're trying to be proactive and get things moving forward now for you.

    And, of course, the server expenses roll around month after month for the website.

    Again, any help is MUCH APPRECIATED ...

    Lexie and the BBU Crew

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    Just bumping this thread up .. because we really do need the help ...


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      I just wanted to say thanks to Livzee for her donation today and her continued support of BBU : ) It really does help!

      Thanks also to nonobadfish for her donation today and continued support of BBU : )


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        We MORE THAN YOU KNOW appreciate our Off~Season Donators, but we don't like that it seems to fall on just a handful of you guys all the time.

        Here are the Off~Season Buttons that will hopefully help us get to Season 18

        So hey, it's been a long cold winter and we're trying to gear up for a hotter than hot summer inside the Big Brother 18 house.

        We've made it this far, but ONLY with the help of a handful of supportive BBU members ... You will see them wearing this button ....

        We have 3 more months to get to the Season Premiere of everyone's obsession - Big Brother 18 on June 22nd

        Here's the catch, we need to be able to get the website ready for all of you who will be returning to spend the summer with us.

        So, here's how you can help!

        ~~~> Climb the Off-Season Button Ladder with your BBU Buddies....

        Make your first donation and get this one...

        Off-Season Donator -

        Make a second donation and get this one...

        Super Off-Season Donator

        Make a third donation and get this one...

        Super Hero Off~Season Donator

        Make more and end up with this button that you will wear all season long, right beside any other donation buttons you earn during the BB 18 season.

        We TRULY appreciate you guys and we'll work harder than ever to bring you the best of the best of Big Brother News and Updates all season long...

        We just have to actually make it there!

        I'd love to pop this button on a BUNCH of you ....

        So join in and help out if you can.

        Thanks to those of you who have helped already and I am really, really, really hoping that others will come along and help us out during this time so that we are actually able to be ready for the new season.


        Thanks for any help : )


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          Donations are needed to get us through to the new season of Big Brother USA, which starts in June. Any help, no matter how small, is much appreciated.


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