Episode 13: With Me or Not With Me

1- Which survivor will win *INDIVIDUAL IMMUNITY*? No Immunity Challenge (Joe was pulled from game ) (25 pts)

2- Which survivor will say this week's episode title ("With Me or Not With Me")?
Tai (25 pts)

3- Which survivor will win the *REWARD CHALLENGE*?
Joe (20 pts)

4-Which survivor will be voted out this week?
No TC (Joe medically pulled) (20 pts)

5- Aside from the actual winner, who comes closest to winning the *REWARD CHALLENGE*?
Aubry (15 pts)

6- Which survivor will *VOTE FIRST* during Tribal Council?
No TC (15 pts)

7- Which survivor will Jeff *QUESTION SECOND* during Tribal Council?
No TC (10 pts)

This brings us our Week/Round 13 scores which are:

ophelia__ = 60
Border57 = 40
kokomogirl = 40
KennyERJ = 25

psucolleen = 20

Grabbing 1st place again this Round... ophelia__!! Finishing in a tie for the 2nd place spot for the week... Border57 and kokomogirl!! And last but certainly not least, grabbing 3rd for the Round... KennyERJ!! Nicely done all!

Giving us our Season Totals so far, which are:

ophelia = 700
kokomogirl = 670
psucolleen = 592.5

KennyERJ = 532.5
Border57 = 362.5
beckyd30 = 320
cutencuddly = 165
BBFanShan = 80

I hope you all enjoyed this Round! Questions for our FINALE Round coming up shortly!