Episode 7, Round 6: I Will Destroy You

1-Which TWO Tribes will win the *IMMUNITY Challenge*? Takali and Vanua (25 pts)

2- Which Tribe will be *FIRST* to win the *REWARD Challenge*?
Vanua (25 pts)

3- Which survivor will be voted out this week?
Michaela (25 pts)

4- Which castaway "feels the heat when they’re interrogated about their true profession"?
JBret (20 pts)

5- Whose name will Jeff *SAY EIGHTH* this episode?
Adam (20 pts)

6- Which survivor will Jeff *QUESTION LAST* during Tribal Council?
Michaela (20 pts)

7- What will be the *REWARD* won by the FIRST Tribe to win the Challenge?
Chef comes to camp to cook for them (chicken, shrimp, salad & cheesecake) (5 pts)

This brings us our Round 6 scores, which are:

Border57 = 72.5
ophelia__ = 37.5
KennyERJ = 37.5

kokomogirl = 32.5
BBFanShan = 12.5

Running away with that 1st place spot for this Round... Border57 .. Way to go! In a tie for 2nd place for the week... ophelia__ and KennyERJ ...Nice work! And right behind them in the 3rd place spot for Round 6.... kokomogirl ... Great job!

This gives us our Season Totals so far, which are:

KennyERJ = 277.5
BBFanShan = 222.5
ophelia__ = 222.5
kokomogirl = 207.5
Border57 = 200
psucolleen = 135