Episode 9, Round 8: Still Throwin' Punches

1- Which team, Purple (Chris, Bret, Ken David, Sunday & Taylor) or Orange (Hannah, Adam, Will, Zeke, Justin "Jay" & Jessica), will win the *REWARD CHALLENGE*? Purple Team (25 pts)

2- Which survivor will win *INDIVIDUAL IMMUNITY*?
Ken (25 pts)

3- Which castaway will say this week's episode 'title' ("Still Throwin' Punches")?
Justin "Jay" (20 pts)

4- Which survivor will be voted out this week?
Taylor (20 pts)

5- Which castaway will Jeff *QUESTION SECOND* during Tribal Council?
Justin "Jay" (15 pts)

6- Which survivor will *VOTE FIRST* during Tribal Council?
Adam (15 pts)

7- Will a HII *BE USED* during this Tribal Council?
No (10 pts)

This brings us our 8th Round scores, which are:

KennyERJ = 60

Way to go KennyERJ only one to remember to play this Round AND did well racking up some awesome points! woot!

This gives us our Season Totals so far, which are:

KennyERJ = 362.5
BBFanShan = 267.5
kokomogirl = 252.5
Border57 = 225
ophelia__ = 222.5
psucolleen = 135