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BBU - Survivor 33 Fantasy Game - Round 9 (11/23/16) - Questions

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  • BBU - Survivor 33 Fantasy Game - Round 9 (11/23/16) - Questions

    Episode 10, Round 9: Million Dollar Gamble

    1- Which team, Purple (Bret, Zeke, Sunday, Hannah & Adam) or Orange (Ken, Jessica, Chris, David & Will), will win the *"FERRYMAN CHALLENGE* (the challenge where they pull themselves across water on wooden rafts)? (25 pts)

    2- Which survivor will win the *FIRST (or only?) INDIVIDUAL IMMUNITY*? (25 pts)

    3- Which castaway will say this week's episode 'title' ("Million Dollar Gamble")? (20 pts)

    4- Which survivor will be voted out *FIRST* this week? (20 pts)

    5- Which survivor will be voted out *SECOND* this week? (15 pts)

    6- Which survivor will Jeff *QUESTION FOURTH* during Tribal Council? (15 pts)

    7- Which castaway "throws another under the bus to build trust in the game"? (10 pts)

    Give your best answers/guesses and be sure to have them in before the show starts, TOMORROW NIGHT, Wednesday, 11/23/16 @ 8:00PM (EST). Results will be posted ASAP after show airs in all time zones Good luck all and have fun!!

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    1- Orange Team

    2- Chris Hammons

    3- Sunday Burquest

    4- Jessica Lewis

    5- Justin "Jay" Starrett

    6- David Wright

    7- Sunday Burquest


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      KennyERJ Looks like you possibly get all the points again this week ...with too much going on (as usual LOL) I forgot AGAIN to come back and put my answers in dang it! :/


      • KennyERJ
        KennyERJ commented
        Editing a comment
        Unless I got question 3 or 6 right, I think I got a big fat zero this week anyway. Jessica did get voted out, but she was the 2nd one voted out.

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