Episode 10, Round 9: Million Dollar Gamble

1-Which team, Purple (Bret, Zeke, Sunday, Hannah & Adam) or Orange (Ken, Jessica, Chris, David & Will), will win the *"FERRYMAN CHALLENGE* (the challenge where they pull themselves across water on wooden rafts)? Purple Team (25 pts)

2- Which survivor will win the *FIRST (or only?) INDIVIDUAL IMMUNITY*?
David (25 pts)

3- Which castaway will say this week's episode 'title' ("Million Dollar Gamble")?
Justin "Jay" (20 pts)

4- Which survivor will be voted out *FIRST* this week?
Chris (20 pts)

5- Which survivor will be voted out *SECOND* this week?
Jessica (by a rock no less!) (15 pts)

6- Which survivor will Jeff *QUESTION FOURTH* during Tribal Council?
Justin "Jay" (15 pts)

7- Which castaway "throws another under the bus to build trust in the game"?
Will (he told Zeke about Jay having a HII) (10 pts)

This brings us our 9th Round scores, which are:

KennyERJ = 25

KennyERJ ... even though you didnt "score" on questions...since you are once again the only one to remember to play this Round, you get a *BONUS* of 25 "just because" woot!

This gives us our Season Totals so far, which are:

KennyERJ = 387.5
BBFanShan = 267.5
kokomogirl = 252.5
Border57 = 225
ophelia__ = 222.5
psucolleen = 135