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BBU - Survivor 35 Fantasy Game - Round 1 - Results

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  • BBU - Survivor 35 Fantasy Game - Round 1 - Results

    Episode 3, Round 1: My Kisses Are Very Private

    1- Which tribe -Levu (Heroes), Soko (Healers) or Yawa (Hustlers) will *LOSE* at the Immunity/Reward Challenge? Yawa (Hustlers) (30 pts)

    2- Which tribe (Levu, Soko or Yawa) will be *FIRST* to win the Immunity/Reward Challenge?
    Levu (Heroes) (25 pts)

    3- Whose name will Jeff say *FIRST* during this episode (not including recap from last epi)?
    Mike (25 pts)

    4- Which survivor will say this week's episode title ("My Kisses Are Very Private")?
    Jessica (20 pts)

    5- Which survivor will be voted out this week?
    Patrick (20 pts)

    6- Who will Jeff *QUESTION FIRST* during Tribal Council?
    Lauren (10 pts)

    7- Which survivor will *VOTE FIRST* during Tribal Council?
    Lauren (10 pts)

    This brings us our Round 1 scores, which are:

    ophelia__ = 75
    Shan = 50
    ~smee~ = 20
    kokomogirl = 10

    Grabbing our 1st place spot for the Round... ophelia__ ! Nice work! In our 2nd place spot for the week... little ole moi! And in 3rd place for Round 1... ~smee~ !Great job!

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    Whoa! 3rd place???/ I am in way over my head!!!! Congrats ophelia__ Shan and kokomogirl (hey, 4th place is nothing to sneeze at!)


    • ophelia__
      ophelia__ commented
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      hahaha. thanks ~smee~ I actually only got three out of seven answers looking at it that way, I'm not doing so well either...thanks for putting the game together Shan

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