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BBU - Survivor 35 Fantasy Game - Round 2 (10/18/17) - Questions

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  • BBU - Survivor 35 Fantasy Game - Round 2 (10/18/17) - Questions

    Episode 4, Round 2: I Don't Like Having Snakes Around

    1- Name at least *TWO* people from the Tribe that *LOSES* the Immunity/Reward Challenge? (30 pts)
    **Note: asking for names due to Tribe switching/not yet knowing who is on which Tribe**

    2- What is the Reward to be won by the *FIRST* Tribe to win in the Immunity/Reward Challenge (MUST BE SPECIFIC for full points to be awarded)? (25 pts)

    3- Which survivor will say this week's episode title ("I Don't Like Snakes Around")? (25 pts)

    4- Which survivor will be voted out this week? (20 pts)

    5- Whose name will Jeff *SAY THIRD* during this week's epi (not including recap of previous epi)? (20 pts)

    6- Who will Jeff *QUESTION LAST* during Tribal Council? (10 pts)

    7- Will a HII be used during this week's Tribal Council? (10 pts)

    Give your best answers/guesses and be sure to have them in before the show starts on Wednesday, 10/18/17 @ 8:00PM (EST). Results will be posted ASAP after show airs in all time zones Good luck all and have fun!!

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    ok, I'll jump into the pool first, though I must say, I have little to no clue how things will shake down this week. I may change my answers before tomorrow evening. A bunch.

    1. Alan, Lauren
    2. Picnic lunch
    3. Alan
    4. Joe
    5. Chrissie
    6. Desi
    7. no
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      1- Mike and Roark

      2- cooking spices and coffee

      3- Joe

      4- Lauren


      6- Ben

      7- No

      well...there’s my wild darts for the week 😁


      • ophelia__
        ophelia__ commented
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        good luck to us, Shan, it's a crap shoot this week, for sure

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      1. Alan, Lauren
      2. Food and cooking spices
      3. Roark
      4. Joe
      5. Chrissie
      6. Joe
      7. No

      Well, there you go, I threw those darts and this is where they landed. Whew, this is tough


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