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BBU - Survivor 35 Fantasy Game - Round 4 - Results

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  • BBU - Survivor 35 Fantasy Game - Round 4 - Results

    Episode 6, Round 4: This Is Why You Play Survivor

    1- Which tribe (Levu, Soko or Yawa) will *WIN* the *REWARD* Challenge *FIRST*? Soko (30 pts)

    2- Which tribe will be *FIRST* to win the *IMMUNITY* Challenge?
    Yawa (25 pts)

    3- Which survivor will say this week's episode title ("This Is Why You Play Survivor")?
    Joe (25 pts)

    4- Whose name will Jeff *SAY SIXTH* during this episode (not including recap from previous epi)?
    Desi (20 pts)

    5- Which survivor will be voted out this week?
    Ali (20 pts)

    6- Who will Jeff *QUESTION LAST* during Tribal Council?
    Chrissy (10 pts)

    7- Will a HII be used during this week's Tribal Council?
    No (10 pts)

    This brings us our Round 4 scores, which are:

    ~smee~ = 65
    Shan = 45
    ophelia__ = 30
    kokomogirl = 10

    Hey hey...look at you ~smee~ ! taking that 1st place spot for the week!! Nice job! And grabbing 2nd for this round... Yours Truly!! And last, but definitely not least, in 3rd for the week... ophelia__ Great job!

    This gives us our Season Totals, which are:

    ophelia__ = 162.5
    Shan = 95
    kokomogirl = 85
    ~smee~ = 65

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    OK, I obviously was way over my head for this week, and it took some time for me to come down from the high. Maybe I'll try again this week. Thanks, Shan


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