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BBU - Survivor 35 Fantasy Game - Round 6 (11/15/17) - Questions

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  • BBU - Survivor 35 Fantasy Game - Round 6 (11/15/17) - Questions

    Episode 8, Round 6: Playin' with the Devil'

    1- Which survivor will win *INDIVIDUAL IMMUNITY*? (30 pts)

    2- Which survivor will lose/fall out of the Immunity Challenge *THIRD*? (25 pts)

    3- Which survivor will say this week's episode title ("Playin' with the Devil")? (25 pts)

    4- What will the Reward be for the winners of the Reward Challenge (MUST be *specific* in order to be awarded FULL points)? (20 pts)

    5- Which survivor will be voted out this week? (20 pts)

    6- Who will *VOTE LAST* during Tribal Council? (10 pts)

    7- Will another HII be found during this episode? (10 pts)

    Give your best answers/guesses and be sure to have them in before the show starts *TOMORROW*, Wednesday night 11/15/17 @ 8:00PM (EST). Results will be posted ASAP after show airs in all time zones Good luck all and have fun!!

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    1. JP
    2. Mike
    3. Ben
    4. Spa day with showers, massages, feast
    5. Joe
    6. Devon
    7. Yes

    Wow!! Just realized I don't have any females listed. Hmmmmmm!

    You know, @Shan, if we're the only 2 playing the fantasy game, I'm okay with us just canceling it. Give yourself a break and not have to worry about this each week. I won't waste my time wildly throwing darts to continue staying in last place.


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      1 Devon
      2 Chrissy
      3 Devon
      4 Bath/shower supplies
      5 joe (can't even capitalize his name!)
      6 Ryan
      7 No

      But it was only one week, that I screwed up!! I actually had my answers typed out, but forgot to hit 'post'. I'd've wiped the floor with y'all!!! hahaha. (Not really, I think I had two right answers, tho...not much good they did me!)


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