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Survivor 43- Information

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  • Survivor 43- Information

    Season 43 will air this Fall, probably starting in September!

    Watch the teaser for Season 43 below!

    You can click the PLAY button and watch right here:

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    This article contains rumors/spoilers but not major ones. It only gives the information about the cast (names, ages, occupations) and the beginning tribe names. Also lets us know Season 43 will basically follow the same pattern as Seasons 41 & 42, which is 18 castaways for 26 days.

    Survivor: Everything To Know About Season 43 Cast & Tribe Divisions


    Survivor season 42 is wrapping up and fans are already eager to know more about season 43's cast. Here's what to know about the new cast and tribes.

    As Survivor season 42 nears its end, fans are already looking forward to a brand new cast for season 43, and want to know what each tribe will look like. While Survivor 41 disappointed some fans with its editing, 42 has been seen as a big improvement. This next season will have big shoes to fill, and fans are eager to see how similar Survivor 43 will be to the past few seasons.

    The main complaint about modern seasons of Survivor is that the show spends too much time focusing on the many advantages and not enough time on each player's strategy. From Shot in the Dark to Knowledge is Power, many fans have trouble keeping up with the constantly circulating idols and advantages, as well as which player has each. Survivor 41 was dubbed the start of a new era by host Jeff Probst and one of the biggest changes was the shortened number of days castaways are competing, from 39 to 26. Survivor 43 is set to follow the same schedule as the previous two seasons, with 18 new castaways competing for 26 days.

    According to Inside Survivor, Survivor 43 will divide the castaways into three tribes, with six people on each tribe. The Baka tribe is rumored to feature 31-year-old psychologist Elie Scott, 24-year-old user experience designer Jeanine Zheng, 50-year-old heart valve specialist Mike Gabler, 28-year-old content creator Morriah Young, 29-year-old admission counselor Owen Knight and 19-year-old student Sam Layadi. Sam is the youngest cast member on Survivor 43, and Baka is set to have the largest age gap between castaways, with over 30 years between Mike and Sam.

    Koka tribe on Survivor 43 will include 25-year-old fashion merchandising student Cassidy Clark, 35-year-old web designer Geo Bustamente, 37-year-old event curator Jay Jones, 28-year-old educator Karla Godoy, 42-year-old pediatric nurse Lindsay Carmine, and 24-year-old fitness instructor Ryan Medrano. Survivor is known for having contestants of all ages and from all over the country. This tribe represents that, with an 18-year age difference, and castaways coming from Texas, D.C., and even Hawaii. Some seasons of Survivor have tribes divided based on age, types of occupation, or fans vs returning players, but this season does not appear to have such a theme based on these tribes.

    The final tribe on Survivor 43 is Vessi. On the tribe is 35-year-old account manager Cody Assenmacher, 22-year-old computer science student Dwight Moore, 26-year-old PhD student Jesse Lopez, 29-year-old sales manager Justine Brennan, 42-year-old director of operations Nneka Ejere, and 25-year-old Paralympian Noelle Lambert.

    Survivor fans are excited to learn even more about the new players of season 43 once it gets an official release date.


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