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BBU - Survivor 31 Fantasy Game - Week 2 - Results

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  • BBU - Survivor 31 Fantasy Game - Week 2 - Results

    Episode 2: Survivor MacGyver

    1- Which tribe (Bayon or Ta Keo) will win the *Immunity Challenge*? Bayon (25 pts)

    2- Which survivor will say this week's episode "title" ("Survivor MacGyver")?
    Stephen (25 pts)

    3- Whose name will Jeff say *SIXTH* during this episode (not including recap from previous epi)?
    Spencer (20 pts)

    4- Which survivor will be voted out this week?
    Shirin (20 pts)

    5- Which castaway will *VOTE FIRST* during Tribal Council?
    Kelly (Wiglesworth) (15 pts)

    6- Which survivor will Jeff *QUESTION THIRD* during Tribal Council?
    Shirin (15 pts)

    7- Will another HII (Hidden Immunity Idol) be found during this episode?
    No (5 pts)

    This gives us our Week/Round 2 scores which are:

    RUSSELL = 50
    aprilshowers = 45
    psucolleen = 45
    ophelia_ = 40

    deniset = 30
    cutencuddly = 25
    KennyERJ = 25
    beckyd30 = 25
    kokomogirl = 25
    Border57 = 25
    DeeAnneG = 5

    In the 1st place spot for the week.....RUSSELL!! Right on his heels, in a tie for 2nd place...aprilshowers & psucolleen!! And right behind them placing 3rd for the week...opehlia_!! Nice work all!!

    Bringing us our season totals so far, which are:

    Border57 = 85
    deniset = 75
    cutencuddly = 70

    psucolleen = 70
    KennyERJ = 50
    RUSSELL = 50
    DeeAnneG = 45
    aprilshowers = 45
    ophelia_ = 40
    Kathyp = 25
    farmergurl = 25
    beckyd30 = 25
    kokomogirl = 25
    BBFanShan = 0

    I hope you all enjoyed this Round! Questions for Week/Round 3 will be up by Monday (10/05) evening!
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    Well waddaya know about that Bert!!! From zero to fifty in a week.Thing is that it's the same thing season after season. Sometimes a bit of a slow start but usually right up there with the front runners. Then comes that damn merge and I start choking to wind up with the fat guys way in the back that need help just to get to the finish line. Well except for one season. I think I tied with Kenny for second place. But don't quote me on that because my thinker has done thunked itself out.....


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      So Shanny you gonna have to explain this one to me twice I think. I am wondering how psu psu (psucolleen) can get 45 for the week but only has 25 for season total??? Now you went and got my two half dead brain cells really cornfuzed!!!


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        RUSSELL!!! WOOT WOOT for Week 2!!! (and thanks for the mention on my total; I just noticed that, too.)


        • RUSSELL
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          Glad you got your points and all. But it also put you ahead of me. Shouldn't there be some kind of reward??? Okay but next time ya see me psu psu you are gonna have to give me a big ole' kiss right here on my jaw bone!!!

        • psucolleen
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          You've got it, Russell! In the meantime, I'm sending you a big ol' virtual *smooch*.

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        why, whatever are you two talkin about


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