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BBU - Survivor 31 Fantasy Game - Week 5 - Results

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  • BBU - Survivor 31 Fantasy Game - Week 5 - Results

    Episode 5: A Snake in the Grass

    1- Which two tribes will win the *Immunity Challenge*? Angkor & Ta Keo (25 pts)

    2- Which survivor will say this week's episode "title" ("A Snake in the Grass")?
    Kimmi (25 pts)

    3- Whose name will Jeff *SAY SIXTH* during this episode (not including recap from previous epi)?
    Wiglesworth (Kelly) (20 pts)

    4- Which survivor will be voted out this week?
    Monica (20 pts)

    5- What reward will be won during the Challenge?
    comfort items (15 pts)

    **Note: ^^^ since technically the 1st tribe to win the Reward Challenge did get a 'snack' of sorts back at camp, I'm awarding half the points for that answer **

    6- Which survivor will *VOTE FIRST* during Tribal Council?
    Monica (15 pts)

    7- Will a HII *BE PLAYED* during this week's Tribal Council?
    No (5 pts)

    This gives us our Week/Round 5 scores which are:

    ophelia_ = 82.5
    kokomogirl = 82.5

    BBFanShan = 60
    KennyERJ = 52.5

    Border57 = 25
    cutencuddly = 25
    DeeAnneG = 25
    aprilshowers = 25
    psucolleen = 25

    Tied and running away with 1st place finish for this Round....ophelia_ & kokomogirl!! Grabbing 2nd for the week...little ole MOI ..hehe!! And right on my heels in 3rd for the week..KennyERJ!! Nice work all!!

    Bringing us our season totals so far, which are:

    kokomogirl = 232.5
    ophelia_ = 225
    Border57 = 215

    KennyERJ = 192.5
    RUSSELL = 170
    DeeAnneG = 162.5
    cutencuddly = 155
    aprilshowers = 155
    psucolleen = 140
    BBFanShan = 110
    beckyd30 = 85
    deniset = 75
    Kathyp = 25
    farmergurl = 25

    I hope you all enjoyed this Round! Questions for Week/Round 6 will be posted by Monday (10/26) evening!

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    High five kokomogirl, and thanks Shan for doing this


    • kokomogirl
      kokomogirl commented
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      Congrats to you too, ophelia!

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    I don't know how I missed playing??? I would have swore that I did it Tuesday night. I guess I must have been dreaming. That's all right because I would have not got any right. I do remember doing it but I must have forgot to hit post. Just like the dumbass that I am. King in fact. I will be back. With a vengeance. Even if I know how to spell it don't really mean that I really know what it means!!! But I will show you guys. Yes sireee Bob. Not really sure what that really means neither!!!

    Way to go koko!!!


    • ophelia__
      ophelia__ commented
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      ahem...sure, koko...not me. :-)

      RUSSELL commented
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      ophelia__ I guess I could maybe come up with a couple lame reasons for not mentioning you but I doubt that you would believe them anyways. So please accept my humble apologies and know I will never ever do it again. YEEEESSSSSSS ophelia__ Way to go darlin'!!!!!!!!!!

    • ophelia__
      ophelia__ commented
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      whew. now, *that* is what I call recognition!! :-)

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    I got participation points, huh?


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