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    As requested.. a place to gather ... and discuss anything and everything your heart desires... even during the middle of an "Amazing Race" ...


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    Thank you so much Lexie! Look forward to driving in here soon!


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      I'll be sitting here in my sunhat, watching the racers chug by.


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        Vrooom...vrooom! Start your engines!


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          The race is on!!


          • BettyBoo
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            Oh, you've got a picture of my old office! Like Alice, have to run as fast as you can to stay in the same place.

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          so great. I love a good race


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            Hi everyone! Just a quick 'heads up'... The race is on!! The BBU TAR Fantasy Game race that is First round questions are up!

            I apologize for the delay...been fighting with the onset (late last night after all the excitement) and duration of a migraine.. still on the 'edge' of the tail end of it right now so trying to do things quickly as looking at this computer is no bueno

            You can throw your darts for this week/round --->>> HERE


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              Fantasy Game Players..don't forget to get those darts thrown you have just over 5 hours left to do so! You can get to the questions in the link in my post above


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                Originally posted by psucolleen View Post
                bummer... I wanted to see them play this season! They look like they're fun.

                That's what I hollered to my husband from the living room to the kitchen where he was cooking with no interest at all in what was happening on TAR.

                I was looking forward to a season of their snark.


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                  I'm so bummed cousins are out.


                  • cutencuddly
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                    I had mixed feelings. They were cute. But how competitive were they? They got the volleyball players to throw the game to them ... so that's using their noggins, but I had mixed feelings.

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                  disappointed that we lost Alex & Adam as well (I was lookin forward to their snark too cutencuddly)


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                    Be sure to get your answers in before the show starts at 8pm tonight...
           Episode 3: Where My Dogs At? *Note: Team List can be found HERE (http://www.bigbrotherupdates.


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                      I'm not playing the fantasy game very intelligently.

                      Of course I should have picked the cousins to be sent home. And after they were sent home, of course it made sense that Ernest and Jin were vulnerable.

                      It's a crap shoot for sure, but not as much of a crap shoot as I've been playing it to be.

                      Oh well.


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                        Hi everyone Sorry for the delay ( always, I'm always runnin to catch up ) ...but the TAR Fantasy Questions for this week are now up!
                        Throw those darts --->>> HERE


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                          Less than 20 minutes to get your answers in if you haven't already


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