Episode 9: It's Always The Quiet Ones

1- Will the U-turn be used? Yes (5 pts) If yes, which team uses it and who do they use it on? Kelsey & Joey U-turned Tanner & Josh [COLOR=#1d225a](10 pts each)

2- Which team will come in *FIRST* for this leg of the race?Justin & Diana (20 pts)

3- What will be the prize that the 1st place teams wins?
a trip for two (10 pts) Bonus: If a trip, what destination? Honolulu, Hawaii (10 pts)

4- Which team will come in *LAST* for this leg of the race?
Tanner & Josh (15 pts)

5- Who will say the "title" of this episode ("It's Always The Quiet Ones!")?
Krista (10 pts)

6- Will any of the teams get lost during this leg?
No (5 pts)

This brings us our Week 9 scores which are:

cutencuddly = 35
aprilshowers = 35
kokomogirl = 35

ophelia_ = 25
psucolleen = 25
Kenny = 10

Everyone 'placed' this round!! In a three-way tie for 1st....cutencuddly, aprilshowers and kokomogirl!! And in another tie for 2nd...ophelia_ and psucolleen!! And last but not least, grabbing 3rd for the Round...KennyERJ!! Way to go everyone

This brought our season totals so far to:

aprilshowers = 245
psucolleen = 230
cutencuddly = 190

KennyERJ = 180
ophelia_ = 175
kokomogirl = 165
BBFanShan = 65

I hope you all enjoyed this Round! Results for Week/Round 10 coming right up!!