Episode 11: It's Not Easy Beating Green

1- Which team will come in *FIRST* for this leg of the race? Logan & Chris [COLOR=#1d225a](25 pts)

2- Which team will come in *LAST* for this leg of the race?Tiffany & Krista (25 pts)

3-Which team will come in *SECOND* for the leg of the race?
Kelsey & Joey (20 pts)

4- Who will say the "title" of this episode ("It's Not Easy Beating Green")?
Krista (20 pts)

6- What is the "Amazing Race shocker" that might see Justin & Diana's streak/run 'come crashing down'?
they received a 55 minute penalty for taking wrong ferry (15 pts)

This brings us our Week 11 scores which are:

psucolleen = 85
aprilshowers = 40
KennyERJ = 15

Everyone 'placed' again this round!! Running away with 1st place....psucolleen!! Grabbing that 2nd place spot for this round...aprilshowers!! And in the 3rd place spot for the Round...KennyERJ!! Way to go everyone

Which brings our season totals so far to:

psucolleen = 365
aprilshowers = 305
KennyERJ = 245

ophelia_ = 230
cutencuddly = 190
kokomogirl = 165
BBFanShan = 65

I hope you all enjoyed this Round! Questions for tomorrow night's FINALE episode coming right up!!