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The Challenge: USA- Discuss Episode 10- September 7, 2022

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  • The Challenge: USA- Discuss Episode 10- September 7, 2022

    Pledges of Allegiance- Episode 10 airs Wednesday, September 7, 2022 @ 9/8c PM on CBS

    The contestants compete against one another in different extreme individual challenges to earn money and avoid elimination.

    Note: Please do not post spoilers. Thanks!

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    Two-hour finale next week!

    I guess a guy is going home this week.


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      Time for the first Challenge of the night! It's called Code Crossing.

      Looks like a Fear Factor type competition!


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        Two people go head-to-head on a moving truck that has two giant peg boards back-to-back. First one to the top wins that round. They only have 3 minutes to try and get to the top. If no one makes it to the top the one closest to the top wins.

        Tyson & David going against each other first.

        Neither finished but I believe Tyson went further.
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          Alyssa & Sarah up next.

          Sarah fell and was disqualified.
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            Domenick & Danny up next.

            Domenick went the furthest but neither finished.
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              Cayla vs Justine.

              Cayla falls and is disqualified.

              I think Justine is in the lead for the women.


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                Enzo vs Ben up now.

                Neither finished.

                No one has finished the challenge so far.


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                  Desi vs Angela up now.


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                    Went to break and now back.

                    Angela is the first to make it to the top and wins that round!

                    She's the winner for the women too.


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                      The guy winner is Ben.

                      Angela & Ben split $10,000.

                      It's a male elimination challenge.

                      David is the loser of that challenge and has to go to the Elimination Challenge.

                      Now Angela & Ben have to pick a male to go against David.


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                        David tells Angela & Ben that he wants to go against either Tyson or Domenick in the Elimination Challenge.

                        Angela (to Ben) says she wants Enzo to go in. We know she's going to protect Tyson.

                        Ben doesn't want to say who he wants but Angela presses him. He says he thinks either Tyson or Domenick. Angela says Tyson is off the table for her. Then Ben says Enzo is off the table for him.

                        Angela says something about Ben going against their alliance (with the Survivor guys).


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                          Ok, no need in me posting to myself. I'll put the updates about the Elimination Challenge later tonight.


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                            Can I just vent what is up with these people. Why would you keep people that would be harder to beat.


                            • KennyERJ
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                              Yeah, they've made their little "high school clique" and are going to stick with that. I guess they'll say they wanted to compete and win against the "best". Forget that! I want that money in my pocket so the best strategy, IMO, is to get rid of the strong players! LOL

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                            Wondering if Angela and Tyson weren’t paired first would she have his back?


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