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    I have a suggestion.

    During the Big Brother off-season we still have some people dropping in for other shows. However, the threads seem to be limited to discussion of episodes. Then people leave for the night and don't come back until the next week. It would be nice to have a pinned thread for people to have continued discussions about the shows. Like a Survivor discussion thread where people could come in and make random rants about different cast members between episodes.

    I don't always get to be active in the episodes threads because my computer and my television are in different rooms so I usually only check in at commercial time. But I still would like to talk about things with my friends here. I sometimes make comments after the show but there's no one else around to hear them. Just Kenny posting the links to the episodes and interviews.

    I bet other people would like to check in at off times and catch up with the thoughts of their BB friends about the other shows. Like last season -- weighing the pros and cons of Mike Holloway and talking about production's winner's edit of him. Stuff like that.

    In conclusion, I expect that a pinned thread for ongoing show discussion would get more people to drop in more often, which could encourage more off-season donations.

    Thank you!
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