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How Do I? (I need advice)

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  • How Do I? (I need advice)

    If you need help with something, please post your question here.

    You can always tag a member or Moderator to get their attention by using the @ sign (shift + 2 usually) and their name.

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    Originally posted by grannykathy
    Do we have a thread for "HOW DO I ...?"

    I am still trying to figure out how to make the page go to where I left off the last time I read a topic. I have never found the dots that (I think ) Kenny told me about.

    This is what I am doing:
    1. Open bookmarked page to
    2. At the top left I click FORUMS
    3. I click on Big Brother 17 Discussions and Spoilers (it has symbol like you put the words in for a drawing/cartoon speaking)
    4. Then it has a list of Topics- so for this scenario- I click on "Who is your favorite Big Brother 17 House Guest So Far?" (It has a whitish symbol that looks like a piece of paper with the top right corner folded down)
    5. When it opens it goes to page 1.

    I may just be in a panic because I KNOW that shortly there will be many many pages on here.

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      It will be in the list of topics, not on the main forum page.

      Will be right next to that symbol that looks like a piece of paper IF and ONLY IF there are actually new posts in that thread that you haven't already viewed.


      • grannykathy
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        KittyBoodles - Thanks for the thread!!! Hopefully I won't be the only one to use it. LOL

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      Until we get the Refresh issue resolved, some of the higher traffic forums will have a link for you to click on at the bottom of the page that says, "There may be additional replies. Click here to view them" to refresh the page with any new posts. Just click on that link when you want/need to refresh. See photo below (click on the thumbnail to see the full photo).


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        KennyERJ - I really Really REALLY want to make myself a copy of your HG cheat sheet- Can/would you email it to me or tell me how to print it out?


        • KennyERJ
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          I sent one without the writing on it (except the names) to the email you have on your profile.

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        You can right click on the picture, choose "save to" and save to your desktop (then print it that way).


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          Testing, one two three four.
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            I can't seem to send private messages even though it is enabled. Is that feature off or is it just me? Also I made a post the other day and it disappeared. Should I not be making new topic posts? I wasn't sure if what I posted was not allowed or something. I would appreciate any help! Thanks


            • KennyERJ
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              MeowMeowPurr First, Hi & Welcome to BBU. The Private Messaging system is off. I know you probably didn't know so no big deal but your topic was removed because it contained many links. ALL links have to be approved BEFORE posting (Use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page/forum for link approval). Also, the topic invited other members to post links to random websites/posts. The post was sent to Admin for review. Thanks for being a part of the BBU community. Hope you understand.

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