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  • How To Add An Avatar

    Hey guys,

    There's a little issue with the "edit avatar" button. ( Rob and the programmers are aware and are working to fix the issue)

    For now- here's a workaround that Kenny posted

    To add an avatar, go to "My Profile" using the drop down menu by your username at the very top of the board. Click on the place where the avatar goes and an "Edit Avatar" button should pop up. IF the "Edit Avatar" button won't stay there when you go to move your mouse to click on it then use your mouse to right click on where the avatar picture goes. A menu will pop up but just ignore that and move down and click on the "Edit Avatar" button.

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    - Avatars - to add an avatar photo, the member ***must first click on the registration email that is sent after creating your account.***

    Once the confirmation of registration email link is clickd on, only then will it allow you to add an avatar.

    -- iPads and avatars -- once the step above is done (and you are signed in) tap once on the generic avatar pic.
    -- a little blue box will appear under the generic avatar and to the right.
    -- tap 'edit avatar' (or 'add avatar')
    -- follow instructions.

    ---> if the pic you want to use way larger than 200x200 (even though it says you can adjust the centering / position of the pic) may have a problem, it will bounce you back out.

    -- using smart phone to add avatars -- for some reason, tapping on the generic avatar pic to get the 'add avatar' button to come up does not - always - work when using my Galaxy 6.

    - I don't know if it's just the Galaxy 6 or other smart phones.
    - when I finally got it to show, and clicked the blue box to select a pic off my phone, it bounced me back out to the main BBU profile page.

    - I suspect it's because the photos are well beyond the 200x200 size limit, even though it says you can adjust the centering of the pic.


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      I'm not sure if it's just the Galaxy either Kitty..but I didnt have a problem with the iPhone so maybe?


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        Could be, Shan. There are so many smart phones with so many Different operating systems out there that something may work for one and not another.


        • Shan
          Shan commented
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          so very true

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        Kindle didn't let me use the centering box either. So I went old school & used my computers picture editing program to resize to 200 pixels. Of course, Betty Boop' s cute face is now my avatar.


        • Lexie
          Lexie commented
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          Glad you worked it out BettyBoo : )

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        • KennyERJ
          KennyERJ commented
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          I see you baby, shakin' that a**, shakin' that a**, LOL

        • Luanne
          Luanne commented
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          Hi mudd, love seeing you dancing. I am still tying to get my blue eye back.

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