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(Help) - If you can see the forums, but can't post, please read here.

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  • (Help) - If you can see the forums, but can't post, please read here.

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome back to BBU for another Big Brother Summer.

    Please note that BBU is on a new server. The old database was unable to be saved and migrated over.

    This means at all members ('old' and new) must register again, here, on the new board.

    *** Important *** It's a two step process.

    Step 1

    - Click "Register"
    - fill out appropriate fields
    - double check spelling on your email address, use a working email address you can check
    - once done, click submit.

    Step 2
    - check your email ~ there will be an email from the board auto-generated to your email address.
    **** Important ****
    - click the verification link inside that auto generated email.
    ~~ this tells to the board software you have verified your email is working, and that a human made the account (as opposed to spam bots)
    ~~ if you do not click on the link in the email, your registration is not yet complete.

    Now, make sure you log in to the board and you are all set!
    You will be able to post as long as you have completed the registration steps and you are logged in.

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    Just a note to add in:

    If you'd completed the two step registration process - it may be simply that you are not logged in.
    To find the log in, it's all the way at the top right of any board page, above the banner at the top, right hand corner.

    Be sure you are logged in, (it may be easier to have your browser auto-save your info so you do not have to re-type) and that should open up the comment / post options for you.

    If you still have a problem, feel free to email me (click on my profile for my email) or any Moderator for help.
    Please be sure to include your board ID name and any steps you've completed.

    Thank you!


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