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  • Live Feeds/all access

    I tried to follow the links on the home page to get the live feeds but it comes back with an error saying

    The link you clicked on is malformed. Contact the editor of the originating page.

    I want to make sure the site gets the credit- so someone, PLEASE have pity on an old girl and tell me what I am doing wrong! LOL

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    Not sure what happened there. Try this link...
    Welcome to the new Big Brother Updates! We hope you enjoy our new look, new forums! We're so happy to spend another Big Brother season with you!
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      Thanks that worked... and now I am ready to go!


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        Glad you got it! Thanks for signing up through us!


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          grannykathy - Thanks for signing up for the Live Feeds using our links/banners.

          I tested all the banners on the Home page ( in fact I checked all the banners/links that we have here and they are working for me ) .... if anyone else gets an error, please let me know.

          BBU only gets credit for your sign up, if you click on a banner or link here first and then follow the sign up process.

          So, if you're having any trouble with the links and/or banners - please please let me know.

          You can also use the link that Kenny provided above if needed : )


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